When a Taurus Man Chooses You (20 Signs He Only Wants You)

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Not sure if a Taurus man wants to “claim” you as his?

Here’s what he does when a Taurus man chooses you:

  • He ignores every woman except for you
  • His masculine protective side comes out around you
  • He showers you with compliments and romantic gestures
  • He’s always trying to touch you (respectfully)
  • He creeps slowly toward a relationship, then waits for your reaction

You can’t be passive, or he’ll assume you’re not ready for a relationship.

But then you risk going into overdrive trying to prove yourself to him, just to convince him he’s not ready for a relationship with you.

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When a Taurus Man Chooses You: Sure Signs a Taurus Man Likes and Wants You

1. He hyper-focuses on you

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When a Taurus man chooses you, it’s hard not to notice all the nonstop attention he showers on you.

Usually, Taurus men are laidback.

But the prospect of love and romance lights a fire under them.

When a Taurus man wants you, he goes from chill and nonchalant to focused and intense.

Almost on a Scorpio level.

So if the Taurus guy regularly directs all of his attention on you, not glancing around at other hot women?

Just laser-focused on you like you’re the only one who exists?

That’s a good sign he’s chosen you as his sole romantic interest.

2. It’s in his eyes

couple making heart shape with their hands on a bed with a quote about taurus men staring at you when they like you

They say you can tell how much a Taurus man is into you by his gaze.

It’s true—his eyes do give him away.

There’s a softness and slight dreamy look as he fantasizes about a future with you.

And he’ll hold eye contact with you for way longer than usual.

Like, he’ll forget to talk and just stare into your eyes.

So yes, you should be able to tell a Taurus man has feelings for you by the way he looks at you.

It’s one of those subtle signs you might second-guess, but it’s actually pretty telling.

3. He won’t flirt with anyone else

An obvious sign of the way a Taurus man feels is how he treats you vs. how he treats other women.

Do you get special treatment?

Does he resist all temptation to flirt with anyone else?

Do you feel he’s making it a point to show you that he’s not interested in dating anyone else?

Then for sure, that Taurus man is so into you.

Taurus men don’t like playing jealousy games, trying to make you feel insecure like they’re out there collecting phone numbers.

On the contrary, he’ll show off just how trustworthy he is by ignoring other women’s advances and getting off dating apps.

If he’s giving you boyfriend vibes way early on, that’s a surefire sign he’s chosen you.

4. He becomes super protective of you

A subtle sign of the Taurus man’s affection is when his protective nature comes out.

He’ll become like a physical shield between you and a crowded room like your personal body guard.

He’ll ask how you’re getting home tonight and then make sure you made it safely back to your apartment.

Your safety is suddenly a top concern for him, and it shows.

You see, the chivalrous Taurus guy loves feeling needed as your protector—he sees it as an honorable role he’s destined to fulfill for his lady love.

If he wants to make you his, he’ll jump at any chance to be your knight in shining armor.

5. His body language shows he’s possessive of you

man hugging woman with a quote about taurus men being possessive when they want you

Have you noticed that the Taurus man seems to lean in closer when other guys are around?

Maybe he puts an arm around you to “claim” you and say to other men, “She’s with me.”

If this is going on, you are for sure the romantic “property” of the Taurus man.

At least, that’s what he’s putting out there.

Taurus men are crazy possessive and want the world to know whom they’ve chosen so that no man makes the mistake of muscling in on their territory.

So watch for body language signs with couple vibes when you’re together, or acting slightly jealous around other guys.

You can bet that he’s hoping you’re the one for him.

6. He gets defensive for you

If someone says something mean or critical of you, your Taurus guy will immediately

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go to battle for you.

He’ll defend you like he’s taken personal offense—that’s his loyalty showing through.

When you’re special to him, everybody better know that they can’t mess with you.

And he’ll always take your side, regardless of the circumstance.

He might make a snarky comment in return or call someone out for being rude to you.

But as long as you’re in his company, he’s not going to let anyone put you down.

7. He ramps up physical touch

For a Taurus, making physical contact is necessary to create a bond with you.

So he’ll use physical touch to express how he feels about you and that he wants to get closer to you.

Even the most innocent of touches, such as “accidentally” brushing your hand with his, is full of meaning to him.

He’ll find excuses to touch your hair and smell it, or grab your hand to get your attention.

If you’re open to hugs, he’ll definitely give you lots of hugs and cuddles.

And if you watch him closely, you’ll notice that he doesn’t do this with other women.

Just you.

8. He hates being called “just a friend”

man and woman laughing arm in arm with a quote about a taurus man showing he has feelings for you

Do you notice the Taurus guy cringe when you introduce him as “just a friend”?

And even if you do, it won’t stop him from attempting to show the world that you’re more than that through his touchy-feely, possessive behaviors.

Because for sure, he doesn’t feel that way.

You may also notice that he’s doubling down on his efforts to prove you wrong.

He may even go silent on you for a while because he’s taken aback and needs to reassess what’s happening between you to make sure he’s not investing his emotions where they’re not wanted.

Either way, his actions will prove that he feels anything but “just a friend.”

9. You can tell he’s developing romantic feelings

A hopeless romantic, Taurus gives himself away through all of his small romantic gestures.

Like bringing you a latte with a little heart in the foam on top.

Bringing you a box of chocolate treats when you’ve had a long day.

Strolling with you at sunset through the park, remarking on the beauty of it all and relishing being able to share it with you.

All Taurus men really want is to couple up with a woman they can unleash all of their mushy, lovey-dovey stuff on.

So he’ll start testing the romantic waters with you early on if he’s picked you to be his lady.

10. He takes a step forward, then waits

This is a Taurus man behavior that can drive women crazy.

It’s when the Taurus man seems ready to take a step toward a relationship…then nothing.

Maybe he hasn’t called all week after an amazing weekend together where you felt you really clicked.

Or you seem to be the only one initiating contact.

And while this can seem like a red flag, it’s not if the Taurus man is continuing to be responsive.

If he’s happy you’re calling him and making himself available to you, the fact is, he really likes you.

But now, he’s going to make you prove your feelings for him before he pursues you further.

Unfortunately, this is where a lot of women either pressure the Taurus man or try to cut him off, not understanding that he just needs to confirm what you have is real between you.

If you want to avoid a fatal mistake like this, we highly recommend learning how to handle him with Taurus Man Secrets.

11. He spends money on you

couple on a dinner date with a quote about taurus guys wanting to pay for you when they like you

An earth sign, Taurus is naturally materialistic.

His zodiac sign rules over personal finances and possessions, which makes Taurus prone to showing his affection through spending his dough on you.

He’ll buy you nice gifts, whatever his finances can afford.

He’ll want to pay the bill at dinner and show he can provide a comfortable life.

He may be stingy in his personal life trying to save money for his future, but he’ll pull out all the stops to make you feel pampered.

Keep in mind, only extremely important things can part a Taurus man from his money.

Which means that if he’s generous with you, it’s because he’s trying to woo you.

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12. He shows genuine interest in what you think

Do other men talk too much on dates, trying to impress you with their knowledge and achievements?

That’s not the Taurus man’s style.

Instead, he’ll try to prove to you that he values and respects your ideas.

He’ll give you the floor to talk, asking you questions about your views and beliefs.

Because if the Taurus man falls for you, it’ll be important to him to know who you are inside, and to be able to share your values.

13. He cares a lot about your feelings

Sensitive and caring, the Taurus man hates the thought of hurting your feelings.

He’s usually a pretty blunt sign, but he’ll be mindful of how he puts things so as to not offend you.

And he’ll apologize profusely for being anything less than the perfect gentleman.

When you’re unhappy, he’ll try to cheer you up with a card and a bottle of your favorite wine.

And although he’s not a big talker when it comes to his emotions, he’ll always be there for you to talk about yours any time you need.

If you feel like he takes your feelings very seriously, almost as if they personally affect him, that’s a sign he’s already started to see himself as your man.

14. He’s ridiculously sweet to you

shirtless man hugging a woman with a quote about taurus men treating you like a princess

If he’s a total sweetheart to you, chances are, that Taurus man is crushing on you pretty hard.

You see, self-assured Taurus men don’t care too much about what impression they make.

That is, if there isn’t something in it for them.

So if a Taurus treats you like a princess, he’s got an ulterior motive (to make you fall for him!).

He’ll constantly prove to you how thoughtful he is, preparing special dates he thinks you’ll enjoy and texting to check up on you.

He’ll smile his big, heart-melting smile, open doors for you and talk to you in a soft, gentle voice.

He may be playful and joke around too, but that’s not the main way he shows his interest in you.

No—the key signs a Taurus man likes you revolve around how kind, attentive and sincere he is.

So if he’s a serious sweetie, take note!

15. He compliments you constantly

Taurus men don’t give hollow compliments.

So if the Taurus guy is gushing over your intelligence and achievements, he must think you deserve it!

On the one hand, the Taurus man knows that every woman loves compliments.

So obviously, he’ll try to butter you up and get you to like him back.

But it doesn’t make his compliments any less genuine.

He calls you beautiful because he thinks your beauty is above that of all the other women around him.

When he praises your work, it’s because he deeply admires you and would be proud to stand by your side.

The compliments come from his heart, because he’s opening his heart up to you.

16. He spends quality time with you

Spending quality time with you is very important when a Taurus man falls for you.

That means getting plenty of one-on-one time where you make a real connection.

He’s not going to take you to clubs at 2 a.m. or busy bars where you have to shout to hear each other.

Rather, he’ll choose more intimate surroundings to get to know you better.

To him, hanging at his house can be the perfect setting to make that meaningful connection.

He’ll cook you dinner and have long conversations into the night with you on the couch.

No mutual friends around, no distractions. Just him paying attention to you.

17. He remembers everything you say

man feeding woman chocolate with a quote about taurus men trying to win your heart

A Taurus man who wants to be with you will remember tiny details from conversations you had weeks ago.

If you mentioned your favorite color is pink, he’ll get you pink roses on your next date.

Have a soft spot for the movie Avatar?

He’ll have it queued up on his TV next time you come over.

This man is determined to win you by doing all the things you like.

So he’ll listen intently and pick up on your interests, likes and dislikes so he can tailor your experiences with him and make everything perfect.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how good he is at this!

18. He tries to lock down plans with you

A Taurus man is not one to rush into any commitments.

So you know it means something when he wants to lock down a special date with you weeks or months in advance.

taurus man pull away square image

And it’s not an empty gesture, because Taurus men don’t make false promises.

In fact, a Taurus is very careful not to involve himself in anything that doesn’t give him exactly what he wants.

Which is why making future plans with you is such a clear sign of his intentions.

If he says he wants to take you to an upcoming holiday party, take note!

He wants to keep you close and build a relationship with you.

And maybe show you off a little.

19. He observes you

If you feel like you’re under analysis, that’s a good sign.

When he wants to be with you, the typical Taurus man will analyze every little thing about you.

Your Taurus guy will watch how you behave and observe you in conversations to make sure you’re trustworthy.

Not because he believes you’re untrustworthy. But simply because he needs reassurance to let you in.

And because he’s an earthy Taurus, he needs tangible “proof” to feel secure.

He’ll also dig up dirt on you.

He’ll lurk on your social media and and try to get a deeper sense of who you are and what your history is.

He’s vetting you to be his long-term girlfriend!

20. You feel profoundly respected by him

This is one of the subtle signs a Taurus man has picked you, and it shouldn’t go unnoticed.

You’ll get the sense that he has a deep respect for you as a woman and a human being.

Taurus men are a feminine sign, and they’re usually liked and surrounded by women because women feel appreciated by them.

But the woman a Taurus guy chooses to be his mate, he holds in special regard.

He’s gentlemanly, honest and trusts in your intelligence.

And he’s not afraid to ask for your advice.

He’s loyal, so he always takes your side. And he always will.

That’s what a Taurus man offers you, because he knows it’s much more valuable than all the compliments, flowers and gifts in the world.

Taurus Guy FAQ

How do you know if a Taurus man is serious about you?

There are several important ways a Taurus guy shows he’s serious about you:

  • He stays in touch with you. He doesn’t keep disappearing and reappearing in your life when it’s convenient for him.
  • You’ve met his friends and fam and everything went smoothly
  • Talks about staying together in the future, moving in together, etc. don’t freak him out.
  • He asks you to make a commitment to him. Or, he jumps to show he’s committed to you when you ask him.

What do Taurus men look for in a woman?

More than anything else, Taurus men want a woman with a good head on her shoulders.

A Taurus guy likes a lady who is mature enough to think about her future and super classy to boot.

At the same time, he dreams of being with a feminine goddess who makes a home a sensual haven of comfort and relaxation.

She should be loyal, yet independent, and ready to show that no one is above her Taurus man, ever.

If you want to know more about what Taurus men like, read What a Taurus Man Wants in a Woman.

How does a Taurus man express his feelings?

A Taurus man isn’t very verbal.

He expresses his feelings more through physical contact and actions.

Traditional romantic gestures like gifts and chocolates are ways of showing interest and desire.

But if he’s snuggling you tight on the couch while you’re watching a movie, that also demonstrates how he feels about you.

You can ask him to tell you, but you’ll probably find that he has a hard time putting it into words.

He’d much rather show you.

What zodiac sign is a Taurus man most compatible with?

A Taurus man is going to be most compatible with the other earth signs, Capricorn and Virgo.

Besides a fellow earth sign, Taurus is also highly compatible with water signs Cancer and Pisces.

The Scorpio sun sign can be hit or miss, though as the Taurean’s opposite sign, Scorpio usually holds an almost dangerous level of attraction for them.

As for Taurus, a woman of the same zodiac sign as the Taurus male can offer a relationship of extreme sensuality, bordering on hedonism—but the match is typically short-lived.

How does a Taurus man commit?

A Taurus man commits only when he feels sure that you’re independent, stable and can take care of your own financial well being.

But even then, it can take years for an actual commitment.

A Taurus man may feel that he’s shown his commitment by living together with you and maintaining a stable and happy relationship.

However, it may take encouragement from you, letting him know (gently) it’s time for him to make a choice.

But you have to know how to handle his fixed earth sign personality.

The best resource on Taurus males that we’ve found is Anna Kovach’s comprehensive guide Taurus Man Secrets (link below).

In it, you’ll find your top questions answered:

  • How to not accidentally offend a Taurus man and wreck your chances with him?
  • How do you get a Taurus man to speed things up and make a move?
  • What to do when he gets possessive? And,
  • How to show him you’re the right one for him?

Check out Taurus Man Secrets here.

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