20 Sex Tips With a Taurus Man (Do This in Bed and Blow His Mind)

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Want to blow your Taurus guy’s mind in bed?

Here are the top sex tips with a Taurus man you need to wow him:

  • Set the mood with candles, music and your softest sheets
  • Indulge all his senses (don’t forget the whipped cream!)
  • Tease him slowly—never rush it
  • Be gentle and romantic in bed
  • Tell him what you want him to do to you
  • Let him lead, but don’t be lazy

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Sex Tips With a Taurus Man

1. Set the mood

Before you can jump into bed with a Taurus man, you have to make it sex-worthy.

A Taurus man is very sensitive to his environment, so mood matters.

Soft lighting (candles if you’ve got them), good-smelling incense and your softest, prettiest sheets all matter to the Bull.

Create an environment that’s comfortable, but also erotic and beautiful.

And you’ll see, this Venus-ruled zodiac sign will be down to get busy.

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2. Visuals matter

Don’t come to bed in your granny panties!

Put on your sexy lingerie with the lace-up corset that he can untie slowly.

Taurus men are very visual.

In other words, they’ll be a lot less into it if you climb into bed wearing that giant, stained t-shirt you wear lounging around the house.

3. Appeal to his senses

While you’re getting all dolled up for a romp with your Taurus man, don’t forget to appeal to all his senses. 

Get him love-drunk on your perfume—dab some on first.

Make your hair shiny, soft and touchable for him.

Smell good, look good, feel good, taste good—invite him into bed with some whipped cream and let him lick it off your body.

Give him a full sensory experience that he’ll never forget.

4. Let go of your inhibitions

Taurus men love sex. Like, really love it.

They love everything about the physical pleasure of sex, the domination and submission, the aesthetics of it.

But they can’t fully enjoy themselves if you’re constantly worried about what you look like.

Or about what your moans sound like, or about any of the million little things women worry about in bed that stop them from getting buck wild.

The Taurus man’s fetish is bringing you so much pleasure you can hardly stand it.

So let go of your insecurities in bed with him.

If you want to practice restraint, get the actual restraints out and tie each other up.

Kidding, sort of.

Just don’t let your self-consciousness get in the way of your pleasure, or his.

5. Get the blindfold and feathers

Speaking of tying each other up…do!

Blindfold the Taurus guy and use soft, silky ties to tie his hands to the bed.

Then using a feather tickler, tease him mercilessly.

The Taurus zodiac sign has a fined-tuned sensory system, and blindfolding him will make his other senses more heightened.

Trust me, it will drive him absolutely wild.

Feed him chocolate-dipped fruit while he’s blindfolded.

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Here’s another tip: Giving a Taurus man oral while he’s blindfolded will intensify the experience for him and make him worship you.

6. Take your time

The gold rule for a Taurus in bed? Don’t rush it!

He takes his sweet time doing anything, but especially in bed.

He’s super indulgent, liking to maximize the pleasure both you and he are feeling.

So leave the quickies for when there’s no time for anything else.

Better yet, make sure you have hours of uninterrupted hanky-panky time when you invite the Taurus man over.

7. Go for more foreplay

When in doubt, do more foreplay.

Tauruses live for teasing and anticipation just as much as the main act.

And you definitely need more than a 10 minute warm-up.

We’re talking 45 minutes of foreplay, if not more.

Most women want more, not less, which is one reason why Taurus guys are kings in the sack.

So let him go down on you just as long as you go down on him.

Let your hands wander over each other’s bodies.

Don’t stop until you bring each other to the brink of orgasm.

8. Romance him

Taurus guys are true romantics.

And they like sex to be magical.

To set a romantic tone, you can leave your Taurus man little love notes. 

Gaze into his eyes and hold eye contact.

Gently run your fingers through his hair and caress him all over.

The romance that you bring will make it more emotional for him and elevate sex to another level.

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9. Use face-to-face sex positions

On some level, sex for a Taurus man is always emotional.

He’s not a wham-bam, thank-you-ma’am type of guy, and he needs sex to feel intimate and real.

To make it feel this way for him, choose positions that bring you close and face-to-face.

Missionary, sitting in his lap or turning your head back while spooning are all good sexual positions with a Taurus man.

They allow you to create that soulful connection he craves, plus you can whisper naughty things in his ear.

10. Let him be in control

Taurus men like to feel like they’re always in control.

That’s why they enjoy being the dominant one in bed so much.

So let your Taurus man do his thing.

Being submissive for him will also play up the masculine/feminine dynamics between you.

That’s sure to light his fire as the Taurus man thinks of himself as a manly man.

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11. Don’t be lazy!

Just because the Taurus man works so hard to please you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t return the favor!

Something he can’t stand is a selfish lover.

He’s generous, but only when he feels his partner is willing to reciprocate.

12. Do the reverse cowgirl

This is another great sex position for Taurus men.

They like it when you climb on top and steer for a while, allowing them to take a little rest without missing any of the enjoyment.

Plus, they get to stare at your booty.

13. Initiate

One thing Taurus guys wish you’d do is initiate more often.

They have a high libido, and they don’t like feeling like they’re constantly bothering you for sex.

So be the one to suggest some sexy time.

Take the burden off of them to feel like a total lech, and show that you’re lusting after them just as much.

You’ll find out, it’s a thing that most Taurus men feel gets neglected way too often.

14. Tell him what you like…and be direct 

A Taurus man can’t read your mind.

He’ll use his best, most tried-and-true moves to seduce you, but he’d prefer to know exactly how to make you scream.

So if there’s something he could be doing to crank up your pleasure, tell him.

Use direct language, and don’t worry if it sounds too commanding.

He likes that.

Tell him exactly what to do with his hands, tongue and, um, well, you know.

Then let him take over from there.

15. Try some light spanking

Want to turn up the heat?

Invite your Bull to do some light and playful spanking.

He worships your behind, and getting a little more tactile with it will send him over the edge.

It also gives him a chance to play out some more dominant fantasies, which he’ll love.

16. Give his neck and ears some love

Taurus rules the neck and shoulder area.

Naturally, then, these areas are extra sensitive for a Taurus man.

You’ll probably notice that he loves covering your neck in smooches, but he also likes the same.

Nibble on his ears, too. Do it softly and tenderly.

It’s a huge turn-on for him.

17. Do deep kissing

Save the little pecks for PDA.

In bed, a Taurus man wants deep, passionate kisses.

He likes a long, slow make-out session with full contact.

Foreplay is not complete without it.

18. He prefers gentle over rough stuff

While a Taurus man appreciates an animalistic round of sex, his favorite style is sweet and passionate.

When you touch him, do it gently—don’t scratch your nails down his back so hard that it leaves marks afterward.

Enjoy a little rougher style? He’s happy to indulge you, but you have to work up to it.

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If it doesn’t flow serenely, it’ll ruin the mood for the Taurus man.

19. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

One thing to keep in mind is that a Taurean will keep coming back to what works for them in bed.

If you noticed the last time you and your Taurus man were intimate that touching him in a certain way gave him immense pleasure, don’t be afraid to do it again next time.

You don’t have to press the same button every single time, but don’t worry too much that it will bore him.

Taurus likes whatever feels good and doesn’t care for too much change, anyway.

Now, does that mean you can’t introduce anything new in bed?

Of course not.

Just don’t get sidetracked trying to impress him with theatrics every time you have sex.

If he’s coming back for more, you’re doing it right, and he’s loving every second of it.

20. Cuddle after sex

Taurus men do enjoy cuddling after sex.

It’s a much-needed release of tension and a good way to build on that emotional connection he needs.

So don’t be in a rush to put your clothes on.

Lie there in each other’s arms and just breathe each other in.

You should know, a Taurus man is a bit insecure that you’re not as into him as he’s into you.

By showing him affection, he’ll know that you want him for more than just a good time.

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Taurus Men FAQ

Do Taurus men have high sex drives?

Oh yeah.

Taurus males have extremely high sex drives, and they often find it difficult to find a partner whose libido matches theirs.

They like to have sex often and go for multiple rounds.

So if you’re sleeping with a Taurus male, saddle up!

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How do you arouse a Taurus man?

You can turn on a Taurus man by indulging all his senses.

Pay attention to the details of how you look and smell.

Make sure the environment is romantic, comfortable and intoxicating with soft, silky sheets, scented candles and rose petals.

Wear your best lingerie and tease him slowly, maximizing every second of pleasure for him.

Heighten his senses, and he’ll be putty in your hands.

What does a Taurus man want in a woman?

Femininity is what a Taurus man wants in a woman.

He likes a woman who is nurturing and sensitive, yet motivated and goal-oriented.

He wants a woman who makes her own money and is financially secure, mature and wise.

He’d rather date a modest woman who knows what she wants in her future than a siren who’s just playing with his heart.

So if you want him, be sure to make him feel secure with you.

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