Taurus Man Possessive Traits (And How to Deal With His Jealousy)

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Got a possessive, jealous Taurus man on your hands? 

Here’s how to handle the notorious Taurus man possessive traits:

  • Avoid talking about your exes 
  • Set boundaries your Taurus man is not allowed to cross
  • Learn to speak his love language
  • Make communication and one-on-one time routine
  • If he’s jealous, don’t let him stew—be gentle, but direct

Before you read on, I have to warn you—the Taurus man’s possessive nature is a huge deal-breaker for many women.

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Is Taurus Man Possessive?

Yes, a Taurus man is definitely the possessive type.

Taurus guys are known for their possessive behavior—it’s kind of a hallmark of the sign.

You’ll notice in the beginning his extreme protectiveness.

He will literally use his body as a shield to keep you safe when you’re walking on the street, or to act as a barrier between you and other people.

It comes from a deeply rooted territorial aspect of the Taurus personality.

Tauruses are very black and white—something is, or is not. You are either theirs, or you are not.

If you’re “theirs,” Taurus males will feel possessive of you.

And they will defend what’s “theirs” from any and all threats, as they believe is their right.

Some women love the idea of being possessed and guarded, and having a man get jealous over them.

But beware, if you don’t think you can handle it, don’t date a Taurus man.

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Why Is Taurus Man Possessive?

If you’re wondering what causes this insane possessive streak in Taurus men, here are the main reasons:

  • Taurus man values possessions. His sign rules the second house of the zodiac wheel, the house of private possessions and finances. So of course, the Taurus male values having ownership of something, either literally or symbolically.
  • He equates possessiveness with love. The Taurus man truly believes that his possessiveness comes from real love. To him, it means he cares. It signals his partner’s value to him and his emotional vulnerability where she is concerned.
  • He secretly depends on you. This may come as a shock, considering how hot and cold Taurus men act in the beginning. But once you get past that, they reveal their dependence on you. Tauruses don’t have a very large inner circle of people they trust and rely on, so the few who make it that far end up carrying a heavier load since so much is at stake.

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How Do Taurus Act Possessive?

Are you dating a Taurus and wondering if you’ve seen signs of possessiveness?

Here’s what you need to prepare for.

Expecting you to check in immediately 

If you ever tell a Taurus you’ll text them to let them know you got home safe from a party, you’d better do it the second you set foot inside your apartment.

A Taurus will fret over your safety and imagine all sorts of terrible things happening to you because they weren’t there to save you.

It makes them very uncomfortable not knowing where you are.

You may think you have time to grab a snack first, but a Taurus will add up the exact number of minutes it should take you to get home and blow up your phone until you answer.

And then make you feel guilty about it.

Wanting you to call or text all the time

The amount of energy a Taurus expects you to put into your relationship is pretty high.

Part of that is in the form of texting, calling and staying in contact regularly.

Like every day. Sometimes multiple times a day.

For some, this is heaven. For others, it’s a little smothering.

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Even if the Taurus doesn’t text you for a few days, they’ll still expect you to reach out to them.

Especially if you usually talk every day at a certain time, and then they don’t hear from you.

That’s enough to send a security-craving Taurus over the edge.

Marking their “territory”

A Taurus makes no bones about marking their territory.

They claim what’s theirs, loud and clear, for all to see.

Take, for example, a Taurus putting their arm around you and pulling you in close when you’re out at a busy bar to show everyone that you’re taken.

Or hovering near you when you talk to other people and butting into your conversations to make their presence known.

They’re super obvious about it, but that’s the point.

They want everyone to understand, beyond a shadow of a doubt, who you’re going home with tonight.

Acting aggressive toward other people

Tauruses will outright treat anyone they think is moving in on their territory like crap.

Catch someone trying to flirt with you, and a Taurus will call them out to their face.

Even if someone is just looking at you, a Taurean is liable to give them eyeball daggers.

But their aggression is generally only for show.

They’re not actually looking for a fight. They simply expect others to back down.


As mentioned before, Tauruses come to rely quite heavily on those they care about.

They depend on you for emotional support, but also to help them feel grounded and stable.

Tauruses are very schedule-driven and will make you part of theirs.

This may mean talking regularly, doing your workout regimens together and, of course, spending every Tuesday night cooking at home together.

Unless, of course, the Taurus has errands to do.

But barring that, a Taurus can come across as quite clingy with the amount of regular attention they need.

And if they don’t get it, they can get pretty upset.

You can find out how to give a Taurus man what he wants in Taurus Man Secrets.

How Do Taurus Men Act When Jealous?

If you’re with a Taurus man, you’re going to see his jealousy monster come out from time to time.

Below are the ways he’ll behave when he’s jealous.

Bringing up guys from your past

Taurus men are touchy about your dating history.

They don’t like to think about you with other guys, which is understandable.

But if you happen to run into your ex while hanging out with your Taurus man, be ready for him to bring it up days later.

And if you try to laugh it off, it’ll only make him more jealous and defensive.

Claiming you flirt with other men

If your Taurus man ever accuses you of flirting with other guys, you know you’ve gotten him jealous.

If you are the flirtatious type, you’re definitely going to clash with your Taurus man.

To him, no flirting is harmless, and relationships where he feels constantly on the defensive don’t last long.

Be aware, any attention you pay to other men may be considered borderline flirting to a jealous Taurus man.

Giving you the silent treatment

When a Taurus man is jealous, he tends to go silent.

He’ll ignore you and treat you like you don’t exist when you’re in the same room together.

He may also act childish and like he’s frustrated with you, but refuse to talk to you.

Jealousy isn’t the only reason he may go cold on you, but it’s definitely a common one.

Attempting to set rules for how you interact with other guys

If you have male friends, you’ll probably have some arguments with your Taurus boyfriend.

Especially in the beginning of your relationship, he’ll be suspicious of your guy friends.

He’ll size them up and test their intentions toward you.

That is, until he feels he’s gotten whatever proof he needs.

Meanwhile, he himself may have female friends or a whole female fan club.

But Taurus men sometimes have double standards, and see nothing wrong with that.

How to Handle a Possessive Taurus Man?

Leave your dating history in the past

If you’re tempted to make comparisons between your Taurus man and your ex, don’t do it!

Likewise, don’t indulge your Taurus man if he brings up your ex.

You have to nip that in the bud.

Look him in his eyes and tell him sincerely that there’s no reason to talk about your ex because you’re with your Taurus man now, and he’s the only one you want.

He just wants your loyalty, though he needs reassurance sometimes.

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Speak to him in his love language

A Taurus man’s love language is physical touch.

Hugs and kisses are the way to express your love and care for him, and if he feels this is neglected, his jealousy monster is sure to get hungry.

So while you’re reassuring him verbally that he’s the only man for you, make sure to add plenty of cuddles and tender touches, too.

Set boundaries

A Taurus man needs clear instruction on your boundaries, or he’ll keep crossing them.

If your Taurus man can’t handle your friendships with guys, you have to let him know patiently but firmly that it’s not up for discussion. 

Be clear that you’d like to keep your relationship with him as well as your friendships, but he has no say in who you hang out with.

It won’t necessarily cure his jealousy, but it will tell him how he is and isn’t allowed to behave with you and curb his controlling tendencies.

Address the elephant in the room

If you suspect your Taurus man is jealous, you can ask him if a certain scenario has made him uncomfortable recently.

Just be sure not to use the word “jealous.”

By addressing it directly and with care and concern, you’ll allow him to come out of his passive-aggressive state and be honest with you.

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That can go a long way in relieving the tension and communicating more openly, which builds trust.

Communicate regularly

If you want to date a Taurus man, you need to set communication routines.

For example, you could text him every day on your lunch break to say hello.

It may sound like a small thing, but it does a lot to make him feel secure.

Tauruses need routines more than any other sign, so expecting a little message from you around the same time each day fulfills that need.

Give him one-on-one time

A Taurus man won’t be happy if you’re always on the go, or dragging him out with you.

He likes to sit on his couch watching movies and eating takeout together.

So cuddle up with him on the couch and indulge him at least once or twice a week.

With enough one-on-one time, he’ll feel a strong connection to you and may not feel the need to cling to you so much.

And he’ll be much less likely to go looking for reasons to be jealous.


Are Taurus men possessive and jealous? 

Yes, and yes.

They can’t really help it as it’s built into their zodiac sign’s values and materialistic personality.

A Taurus man’s possessiveness can be pretty innocuous, especially the protective nature that’s part of it.

But it can get out of hand if you don’t set clear boundaries with your Taurus man.

You’ll also want to reassure him verbally and through your actions that he’s the man for you.

If you need help proving to a Taurus man that he has no need to worry, we strongly recommend Relationship Astrologer Anna Kovach’s techniques in her popular guide Taurus Man Secrets.

Taurus Men FAQ

Will a Taurus man try to make you jealous?

A Taurus man won’t usually try to make you jealous.

If he were flirting with or seeing another woman, he’d do so quietly without drawing attention to it.

He doesn’t like to play jealousy games.

Instead, he would rather cut a woman he’s dating off and stop seeing her than deal with head games like that.

Are Taurus known to be controlling?

Yes, Tauruses are known to be controlling.

They want things their way and are extremely headstrong.

They’re not known for compromising, and this—mixed with their jealous streak—can make for quite a fraught relationship.

It’s their way or the highway, as their partners learn.

How do you tell if a Taurus man is obsessed with you?

A Taurus man is obsessed with you when he’s constantly calling, texting and hovering around you.

He’ll be making excuses to see you and haunting your usual hangouts.

He’ll also check your social media a lot and ask your friends about you. 

He can be pretty intense, though his persistence and romantic gestures usually win women over.

When a Taurus man decides you’re the one

When a Taurus man decides you’re the one, he’ll:

  • Become extremely dependable and reliable for you 
  • Stop his hot and cold behavior
  • Be possessive of you
  • Want you to get closer with his family
  • Want to move in or get married
  • Trust you completely
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