27 Useful Facts About Taurus Man (#9 Is Crucial If You Date Him)

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Need a crash course on Taurus man traits?

Keep reading—we’re revealing the most important things to know if you want to date them (successfully).

Here are key facts about Taurus man:

  • If you want a Taurus man’s loyalty, you have to deal with his stubbornness.
  • A Taurus man is sensual and romantic, but also highly possessive.
  • He’s old-fashioned in his values and approach to courtship.
  • To get his attention, be sensual. To win his heart, be “wife material.”
  • He’s difficult to read and doesn’t let on about his emotions.

If you want to keep a Taurus man, it’s crucial to learn how to read him.

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Basic Taurus Man Facts

Let’s start with the basics.

Here’s an overview of the vitals about the Taurus man’s sign:

  • Season: Spring (born between April 20th and May 20th)
  • Modality: Fixed 
  • Element: Earth
  • Symbol: The Bull
  • Motto: “I have”
  • Key Gems and Stones: Emerald, sapphire, rose quartz
  • Ruling Planet: Venus

Key Taurus Man Personality Traits

Every sign has its light and dark sides.

Before we dive into the nuances of the Taurus man personality, let’s pull back and take a wide-lens view of the good and bad of the Taurus man.

Taurus man positive traits

  • Loyal
  • Determined
  • Hardworking
  • Romantic
  • Sensual
  • Slow to anger
  • Easygoing
  • Rational
  • Grounded
  • Reliable
  • Mature
  • Trustworthy
  • Friendly

Taurus man negative traits

  • Stubborn
  • Resists change
  • Hedonistic
  • Emotionally unavailable
  • Closed-minded
  • Jealous and possessive
  • Can be lazy
  • Materialistic
  • Passive-aggressive

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27 Facts About Taurus Man You Need to Know

If you want to be with a Taurus man, there are certain things you have to know about him.

The guide below will help you navigate your relationship with him by giving you a deeper understanding of how he operates.

1. Taurus is a fixed sign (hello, stubborn stereotype)

man talking to a woman with a quote about taurus man being stubborn

Have you ever wondered what makes Taurus so crazy, blind stubborn?

It has to do with the fixed nature of the Taurus zodiac sign.

The positives of fixed signs are that they’re dedicated and uniquely capable of seeing a project through to completion.

On the downside, they’re opinionated, fixated and think they’re always right.

And the Taurus just so happens to be the worst of the fixed signs.

Fixed sign Aquarius will eventually let things go for the sake of sanity.

Even a Scorpio will stop talking about something they disagree with you on simply because they don’t want to waste their breath.

But a Taurus man will argue until he’s gotten the last word and everyone else has left the room.

So, pick your battles!

2. Taurus men are very old-fashioned

If you’re into traditional courtships and values, you’re going to love a Taurus man.

He is the gentleman of the zodiac, and he’ll treat you like a lady.

He believes in politeness, good manners and respecting one’s elders.

If you’re rude or disrespectful, you will offend his senses and he’ll tend to avoid you.

A Taurus is also pretty traditional in the way he communicates with you.

He prefers calling you on the phone to texting, and seeing you in person to calling.

He’s just old-fashioned that way!

3. Taurus guys live and breathe romance

man gazing at woman with a quote about taurus guy being romantic

Few have the romantic soul of the Taurus man.

He loves love.

A Taurus guy will do all the traditional things like bringing you roses on a date and taking you to the most romantic restaurant he can find.

He’ll cook for you and buy you gifts.

He’ll call you beautiful and while gazing at you adoringly with his gentle, dreamy eyes.

The Bull takes his cues right out of a romance novel.

And he fancies himself quite a charming lead.

4. He can be kinda selfish

A downfall of the Taurus man personality is occasional selfishness.

He’s generous when he’s in a good mood.

But he’s probably not going to give you the last slice of pie.

Here’s the thing about Taurus men: They have to feel satisfied first before they want to share.

If they feel like they’re getting screwed, they’ll take what they need first.

And then you can have the rest.

A fortunate exception to this rule is during sexy time.

Taurus men are very generous lovers and love giving their romantic partners pleasure.

So at least there’s that.

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5. He’s super funny

Taurus men are charismatic and hilarious.

Their brand of humor is earthy and slightly immature, and they like to get you to laugh despite your best efforts to keep your manners about you.

If you need cheering up, talk to a Taurus man.

He’ll have you giggling in a matter of minutes.

6. Banter turns Taurus men on

Flirting with a Taurus?

Serve him up some spicy banter.

Taurus men love to be sassed just a little bit.

As long as you give them a big old smile and bat your eyelashes.

He may lust for a gorgeous woman, but she needs to have wit and a good sense of humor to get to the next level with him.

7. They’re expert flirters

taurus man giving a woman flowers and chocolates with a quote about taurus being romantic

Taurus man is ruled by Venus, the planet that represents love, beauty and romance.

His mischievous smile is hard to resist, and his sweetie-pie flirting will take down your defenses.

He knows exactly what to say and how to make seemingly innocuous physical contact that sends shivers down your spine.

There’s no escape when you’re on his radar.

Just enjoy it!

8. Women love Taurus men

If you know any Taurus men, you might have noticed that women flock to them.

Taurus has a magnetic personality, and the ladies can’t get enough of his Venusian charm.

They have that Hollywood dreamboat thing going on.

And yet, they’re never full of themselves.

They’re humble, respectful and fantastic listeners.

When you’re talking to a Taurus man, he gives you his full attention.

He knows how to make a woman feel special, and that’s why women fall for him.

9. A Taurus man will want to possess you

One of the most famous toxic traits of the Taurus man is his insane possessiveness.

Taurus men suffer from the black-and-white thinking that they either own something or they don’t.

Their stuff is their stuff, and they are very attached to it.

If you’re dating a Taurus male, in a manner of speaking, you’re part of his world of accumulated goods.

You’re not an object, but he still craves a certain sense of control—you are his, therefore you will not cheat on him or leave him.

It’s one of the top misunderstood Taurus man traits that women complain about—and often handle the wrong way.

If you want to know how to handle a Taurus man, read Taurus Man Secrets.

10. They run away from drama

If you get involved with a Taurus man, beware.

He doesn’t do drama.

Save the gossip and the games for another sign!

Taurus men like things to be smooth and predictable.

And dramatic emotions and erratic behavior will have them snapping out of a romantic haze fast.

Try not to rile them up for fun or, heaven forbid, make them jealous.

You might get a reaction in the short term, but after that they’ll be gone.

11. Good food sways them

couple eating dinner with a quote about making a taurus man his favorite meal to win him over

You can *almost* convince a Taurus man to do anything if you cook him an amazing meal.

Some signs eat to live.

For Taurus, life ain’t worth living without good grub.

If you want to butter a Taurus man up, just find out what his favorite food is and make it.

You’ll be dizzy how quickly he’ll wrap himself around your finger.

12. They’ll indulge in pleasure like there’s no tomorrow

Taurus, being a sign of sensuality, likes to indulge his senses at any cost, whenever he likes.

They seek out experiences that make them feel physically good like massage, good food and drink.

Being slaves to the pursuit of pleasure, they can get called lazy.

(Which is not super accurate—they work hard, but they play hard too.)

They also appreciate art, poetry and the spendiest luxuries they can afford.

If it feels good, the Taurus man will keep pressing that button over and over again, sometimes regardless of the consequences.

He tells himself he’s living in the moment, but sometimes he can take it too far.

13. You can’t rush a Taurus man

Everything a Taurus man does, he does with caution and care.

He’s slow and steady, and he moves like he’s got all the time in the world to get where he’s going.

Translated to dating, he’s extremely slow to pull the trigger on a relationship.

Still, there’s nothing you can do about that.

Remember how stubborn he is?

But, he’ll never rush through the good stuff.

He’ll draw out foreplay until you’re begging for mercy.

14. Money is very important to Taurus males

close up of a man counting money with a quote about taurus men being good with finances 

The second house of the zodiac wheel, which represents personal possessions and finances, is ruled by Taurus.

As you would suspect, Taurus men have their mind on their money and their money on their mind.

They get called stingy because they won’t spend without good reason.

They’ll live in a hovel in order to save money (as long as they have their top-of-the-line sound and gaming system).

But they’ll also drop a pretty penny on the bill to impress you on a dinner date.

Basically, they understand the value of a dollar, when to spend and when to save.

If you want to impress a Taurus man, have your finances in order, a savings account and maybe some investments to talk about.

15. The Taurus man has a high libido

Few can compete with a Taurus man’s sex drive.

It is, quite literally, through the roof.

A Taurus man can go round after round, any time. Just ask.

It’s on his brain a lot as it is, and when he’s in a relationship, it’s constant.

16. He’s a homebody

Want to make a Taurus man’s dreams come true?

Tell him you’ll come over to his place with ingredients to make him dinner at his house.

A date without having to leave the comfort of his couch?

He could cry from happiness―you truly get him.

Where have you been all his life?

17. Taurus men mostly follow their heads, not their hearts

The Taurus male is rational.

He favors logic over emotion and figures that any decision worth making should be analyzed in depth.

While he might give into his desires in the moment, he won’t commit to anything—or anyone—unless he feels like it makes sense to do.

Take, for example, his decision to get into a relationship.

He might like you and be really attracted to you—but does a relationship fit with his life right now?

Is work too demanding on him, or do you live far away with no plans to live closer to him?

These are some examples of how his mind works.

So if you want to convince a Taurus man, you can’t just appeal to his emotions.

You better have a rational argument, too.

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18. He’s the strong, silent type

man kissing a woman on the cheek with a quote about taurus being sensitive

A Taurus man is not going to open up easily.

And no matter how close you get to him, he will not talk much about feelings.

He’s your stereotypical strong, silent type.

However, you should not mistake this for the Taurus man having no feelings.

Though he seems stoic, he’s actually pretty sensitive inside. Even if he won’t show that to you.

He simply doesn’t let stuff get to him and weigh him down, which is why he’s such a great emotional support system for his friends and loved ones.

19. He likes a class act

Hyper sexual women may turn a Taurus man’s head.

But the type of woman that he wants to date is classic and sophisticated.

He prefers modest sexiness to mega cleavage-baring, hiked-up dresses.

When you go out with him, showcase your knowledge of wine and culture.

He enjoys the company of a woman who is elegant and ladylike—if you get sloppy drunk on your first date, he might hesitate to call you again.

Keep it classy!

20. You can reel him just by your perfume

Are you trying to attract a Taurus man?

Here’s a little secret: Don’t forget to smell incredible.

A woman can accentuate his desire simply by paying attention to the details of how she presents herself.

This man’s sense of smell is keen, just like his other senses.

He will notice the subtleties of your scent, so dab on something complex and mysterious.

If you notice him leaning in closer to you and trying to get a whiff, you know you’ve got him right where you want him.

21. He’ll do things his way

A Taurus man does things his way, always.

Especially if it’s how he’s used to doing it.

He’s set in his ways, so don’t try to tell him how to do his job.

Even if you want to help him and suggest a better way, he’ll see it as criticism.

22. Beauty is important to him

man standing in front of a classy car with a quote about taurus liking luxurious things

Having Venus rule your sign makes you susceptible to beauty and aesthetics.

Taurus needs lovely things around him.

He likes beautiful women, visually pleasing art and expensive jewelry.

He wants a car that looks hot, not a car that gets amazing gas mileage.

If you make a meal for a Taurus man, presentation is just as important as flavor.

So break out your good plates and arrange some edible flowers as a garnish.

23. He needs stability

Stability is basically the love language of the Taurus native.

He likes to know what’s going on and when he’ll be home eating dinner, then in bed.

He likes his routines—so don’t play anything with him until after he’s had his egg white omelet followed by his morning run. 

Taurus men don’t gamble.

They choose friends and partners who are reliable and responsible.

And they tend to stay at the same job, unless offered more money elsewhere.

They’re so dependable themselves, they tend to be a very grounding force in their relationships.

24. He’s a nature lover

If you know a Taurus man, you may have noticed he’s a nature lover.

He likes to hike through woodsy trails and camp under the stars.

Taurus is associated with the color green, which is, of course, the color of grass, leaves and growth in nature.

Here’s a good date idea: Take the Taurus man on a picnic.

Just don’t forget the comfy knitted blanket to share!

25. Taurus men favor silent treatment to punish you

One thing you’ll come to learn about Taurus is that he’s a fan of the cold shoulder.

If you have an argument, he’ll withdraw and not talk to you for days.

Even if you live together, he’ll avoid you and treat you like you’re not there.

He favors this passive-aggressive treatment to dealing with his anger directly.

Which is probably good, because as mellow as he is, when his anger builds to that point, all hell breaks loose.

26. He’ll stick by you no matter what

Loyalty is one of the top traits of the Taurus man.

If you’re his family or friend, he’ll be there for you until the end of time.

If he makes a commitment to you as his romantic partner, he will honor you and take care of you with everything he has.

When you need someone to pick you up from the airport at midnight, call a Taurus.

He’ll always be there for you, because that’s how he’s built.

27. He usually wants a family

It’s common for Taurus men to want to get married and start a family while they’re young.

The Bull is very attached to his upbringing and the nostalgia of his childhood.

He longs to pass on his family traditions and raise children according to his strong values and particular views of the world.

And FYI, Taurus men make great dads, authoritative yet gentle.

But they’ll usually search for a woman they think is wife and mother material.

Taurus Men FAQ

What do Taurus men love most?

Most of all, a Taurus man loves his freedom to do what gives him pleasure.

He likes having control over his choices and the ability to indulge himself whenever he wants.

With his refined taste, he loves being able to buy himself expensive, flashy things.

Try to rein him in or restrict his budget, and he’ll get way too depressed.

What’s the point of life without life’s little pleasures?

What is a Taurus man’s weakness?

A Taurus man’s weakness is his famous stubbornness.

He’s too stubborn and controlling to take good advice, leading him to lose out when he could make big gains.

What do Taurus guys like in a girl?

Taurus guys likes a woman who’s feminine, classy, sophisticated and responsible.

They like mature women who are ready for a serious relationship.

If you want to snag a Taurus man, you’ll have to show him you’re trustworthy and loyal, too.

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What scares a Taurus man?

Drama scares a Taurus man.

He doesn’t want his calm, stable life getting messed up by a tsunami of drama and emotions.

He needs things to be calm, quiet and relaxed (and comfy!).

What do Taurus men want in bed?

Taurus men want passion and romance in bed.

They want a woman who throws herself into the act without holding back.

They want to indulge every pure physical pleasure and spend hours exploring your body and erogenous zones.

But don’t bring too much wild adventure into bed with them.

They tend to prefer their tried-and-true tricks and positions that feel good again and again.

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