Why Are Taurus So Emotionless? (7 Reasons They Act Heartless)

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Taurus men and women get called heartless, but are they really?

In this article, we’re going to explore what’s so cold about them and why.

So why are Taurus so emotionless?

  • Tauruses protect themselves by hiding their feelings
  • Taurus is calm, steady and grounded
  • They make decisions with their heads, not their hearts
  • They take a long time to trust and open up to others

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Why Are Taurus So Emotionless?

1. Taurus hides their feelings

Tauruses are secretive about their feelings.

They have an excellent poker face, and you won’t be able to tell what’s going on underneath it.

But just because a Taurus man or woman is looking at you stony-faced, doesn’t mean that they don’t care.

The truth is, they need control.

Control of the relationship they have with you so that you can’t hurt them.

2. Tauruses are grounded

One thing it’s important to understand about a Taurus is that they’re not slaves to their emotions.

As earth signs, they’re tethered to the earth.

Unlike water signs, who can get tossed about in their emotional, water element.

And fire signs, whose passions ignite at the drop of a hat.

And they’re not like air signs, who intellectualize their emotions to death.

No, Tauruses are more like solid ground—steady and even.

As a result, they’re less prone to emotional dips and swells.

But this is also what makes them amazingly supportive friends and partners we can lean on, count on and pour all our sorrows into, and they’ll never crack.

3. They don’t let things keep them down

A very sad Taurus is sort of a rare thing to see.

If you do see a Taurus down in the dumps, chances are that you’re only going to get a tiny glimmer of the actual weight on their shoulders.

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The Taurus person has incredible determination, and they won’t let themselves wallow in misery and self-pity.

They’re driven by their materialistic instincts to accomplish their goals, no matter what obstacles are thrown at them.

Which, when you witness it, is so awesomely impressive.

But remember, if a Taurus is expressing some sadness about something that anyone else would have a breakdown over, that Taurus is not feeling any less than someone else would.

They simply choose to deal with things in a different way.

4. They’re very practical

Taurus makes decisions based on what they think is realistic, doable and logical.

Not based on what they wish, much less feel.

Emotion factors in only marginally in comparison.

Taurus thrives on security and needs it like air, and they know that leading with emotion can get them into trouble.

But, they end up doing things like deciding to end a relationship because it gets in the way of their goals.

Not listening to what their hearts want.

Does that make them seem cold and calculating?

It definitely can.

But in the end, the Taurus just wants to make sure that they’re always doing what’s best or morally right.

5. They’re not sure you’re the one for them

Taurus takes a while to fully process their emotions.

If you’ve dated a Taurus and they seemed like they have no feelings, it could be that they were hiding them to avoid feeling vulnerable while they made up their mind about you.

A Taurus is afraid of a lot of things.

That they’re going to end up needing you more than you need them.

That they’ll give their love to someone who doesn’t deserve it.

Or, for one reason or another, that your relationship doesn’t stand a good chance.

Until the Taurus figures it out, they’ll keep you at arm’s length to protect themselves.

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6. You hurt them

The last thing a Taurus wants is for someone to know that they’ve gotten to them.

If you’ve hurt a Taurus, expect to get shut out completely.

When you run into them, you may even see them living it up and acting like you’re the furthest thing from their minds.

When inside, they might be pretty tore up.

But that’s the Taurus way.

7. They’re private people

Tauruses are private individuals who don’t like to air their dirty laundry in public.

They don’t let others see their problems because they don’t want their pity.

What they want is to be self-sufficient and solve their own problems.

But of course, no man is an island, and Taurus might end up making themselves one by accident.

If you can get a Taurus to trust you (which takes a long time!), they may actually reach out to you occasionally and let you know what’s going on with them.

Taurus FAQ

What does a Taurus hate?

A Taurus hates insincerity, fakeness and meanness.

Tauruses have a need for things to be harmonious, but they will go to battle to protect their peace if someone is a jerk—to them or to someone they love.

They can’t stand it when people put on airs, lie or are superficial.

Just be real, people—that’s what a Taurus wants.

Why is Taurus distant?

Taurus may seem distant when they’re hurt, upset or offended.

They tend to shut down and push you away for a while.

Nobody gives the cold shoulder like a Taurus.

On the other hand, a Taurus will also become distant when they feel you’re simply demanding too much from them.

A partner who is needy or a hot mess is going to trigger that distancing instinct.

Why is it hard to love a Taurus?

It’s hard to love a Taurus because they’re very rigid people.

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They don’t like change, they think in black and white and they have super high standards that people can struggle to reach.

Taurus has a strong moral compass, which is admirable.

And yet, they can be a little judgy because of it.

And then there’s their trust issues!

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Do Taurus bottle up emotions?

Yes, Tauruses bottle up emotions because they’re hardwired to soldier on.

They prefer to feel their emotions privately, away from prying eyes, when they have more time to digest them.

Keeping their feelings to themselves is part of who they are.

Although of course, it can make them seem untouchable.

Are Taurus shy around their crush?

Tauruses can definitely be shy around their crush.

They go from cool and relaxed to quiet when they’re around someone they like.

And they do a lot of staring.

How do you cheer up a Taurus?

With food!

Or a gift.

Tauruses are ruled by their senses and love anything soft, delicious, good-smelling or luxurious.

A bottle of their favorite cologne or perfume or a delivery from their favorite restaurant will do the trick.

Are Taurus heartbreakers?

If Taurus breaks hearts, it’s not on purpose.

Taurus may leave a trail of broken hearts behind them if they find that no one matches up to their standards.

A Taurus will mull things over to themselves, and not talk about them to the person they’re seeing.

Then all of sudden, decide it’s over and leave that person heartbroken and confused.

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