Top 6 Taurus Man Pisces Woman Problems (Don’t Fall for #2!)

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No matter how compatible a Taurus man and Pisces woman are, they’re not perfect.

Here are the top Taurus man, Pisces woman problems:

  • Pisces woman needs more freedom than possessive Taurus man likes
  • Both zodiac signs sweep their issues under the rug
  • Pisces woman needs more emotional expression from her Taurus man
  • Taurus man doesn’t like when Pisces woman plays the victim

A Pisces woman and a Taurus man actually make one of the best zodiac couple—which is why it’s so sad when their differences lead to breakup.

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Top 6 Taurus Man Pisces Woman Relationship Problems

1. Pisces woman is too wishy-washy for Taurus man

A Pisces woman is as free-flowing as water itself.

When you add the Taurus earth element into the mix, it’s like driftwood floating on the water—eventually, it sinks.

The structured, grounded Taurus man feels like he’s drowning in all that formless, uncontained water that is the Pisces’ home.

Pisces women want freedom from too many commitments.

Their desires are mood-dependent and they believe in going with the flow, but that can sometimes translate to being a bit flaky. 

On the other side you have Taurus, who values planning, reliability and honoring commitments.

So it’s no mystery when Taurus men get frustrated with feeling like they can’t pin a Pisces woman down.

But from her perspective, she’s not too comfortable with the Taurus man acting kind of possessive.

Obviously, these two will have to contend with their different approaches if they want to be together.

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2. They get caught up in the romantic fantasy

Taurus man and Pisces woman may neglect to see the truth right in front of them.

They’re both romantic people, and although the Taurus man is practical and grounded, this Venus-ruled sign is not immune to promises of a romantic fantasy.

As for the Pisces woman, she lives in her dreams, and will see what she wants to see.

Suffice it to say, they may wear rose-colored glasses when it comes to the reality of their relationship, especially when they first start dating.

But unfortunately, Taurus man has the tendency to pull back hard once the fantasy dissolves and he realizes he’s jumped into the relationship blindly.

The Pisces woman will be hurt and confused by this, although their relationship isn’t necessarily doomed because of it.

However, they should both exercise caution in diving deep into romantic waters without taking the time to get to know each other better first.

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3. Pisces gives, Taurus takes

Due to their natures, this is a dynamic that Pisces and Taurus can easily fall into.

Pisces is about sacrifice. They will give up their time, their possessions and much more in order to meet the needs and desires of those they love.

This is wildly different from Taurus’s style.

The Taurus man is the sign whose motto is “I have.” And indeed Taurus is all about mine vs. yours.

Taurus looks out for number one first, followed closely by their loved ones.

It’s not that the Taurus man is selfish, it’s more that he sets firm boundaries while the Pisces woman struggles with her own boundaries.

And so you will see a relationship between a Pisces woman and a Taurus man where the Pisces bends over backwards, and the Taurus—though he values what she does for him—does not necessarily feel the need to reciprocate.

If it’s any consolation, it’s not usually the biggest problem in their relationship.

The Taurus guy is still generous with his partner and good at taking care of her.

But if it’s between his comfort and what the Pisces wants, she’s probably not going to win.

In fact, the Pisces woman would do well to take a lesson on boundaries from the Taurus man she’s dating.

4. Decisions end up at a standstill

Pisces woman and Taurus man can’t seem to reach an agreement quickly.

A Pisces female prefers to keep her options open, especially if she doesn’t feel 100% confident that the decision she’s making is the one she wants.

She acts when it feels right.

A Taurus man, on the other hand, is naturally slow-moving and cautious.

He acts only when he’s taken all the time he needs to analyze a situation from every angle.

His decisions are based on practical considerations, while hers are based more on emotions.

Each style has its merits, but the problem is that they don’t see eye-to-eye.

When Taurus man makes up his mind, it’s resolute and can’t be changed.

Pisces is anxious, and she may change her mind 20 times before she settles on a final decision, which drives the Taurus man crazy.

This is one reason Taurus men distance themselves from Pisces women when they’re dating—and it can even erode their trust and faith in the Pisces.

If you’ve dated a Taurus man, you know that winning his trust is a long, difficult process.

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5. They both avoid confrontation

Relationships thrive on communication.

And unfortunately, this is one area Pisces and Taurus have some problems.

Pisces females don’t like to talk about unpleasant things like relationship problems.

They’re dreamy people, and the fact is that the cold, harsh reality may burst their bubble.

Taurus men are blunt and unafraid to say what they want, but if they’re hurt, they’d rather ignore you and pretend you didn’t hurt their feelings.

They’re not afraid of confrontation per se, but they have much more powerful weapons at their disposal—like ignoring you for a week straight.

So Pisces woman and Taurus man will need to figure out how to talk to each other when things are bothering them.

That way they can resolve conflict instead of sweeping it under the rug.

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6. Pisces is way more emotional than Taurus

Taurus is not very emotional. But Pisces is hyper emotional.

In some ways, this is a beautiful thing for these signs in a relationship as Pisces really opens up the Taurus man emotionally, and Taurus’s energy is stabilizing for Pisces.

At the same time, it’s not all roses.

Emotionally, the Pisces woman is going to feel like she’s beating her fists against a brick wall sometimes.

And it can actually cause her to act in more manipulative ways to try to trigger a reaction from the Taurus male.

She’ll play the victim, though this doesn’t work so well on the Taurus.

He may end up feeling like the Pisces woman is too much drama for him.

But he’s also not the most sensitive type in comparison to an emotional water sign like Pisces.

Taurus will have to learn to be more sensitive and aware.

Meanwhile, she will need to be more forgiving of the fact that the Taurus is how he is—he’s stable and unwavering, but not the most emotionally expressive.

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What does a Taurus man think of a Pisces woman?

A Taurus man thinks a Pisces woman is delicate, mysterious and in need of his protection.

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He sees her as very different from him, which he finds intriguing and wants to unravel the mystery.

And while he often doesn’t understand why she does what she does, he’s willing to take a risk on love with a Pisces woman as he can sense a great love story between them.

What does a Taurus man like in a Pisces woman?

A Taurus man likes how soft and feminine a Pisces woman is,

She has an ethereal quality that speaks to his romantic Venus rulership, both in her beauty and the very core of her being.

She’s like a dream that he doesn’t want to wake up from.

But he also likes that she’s gentle, compassionate and kind to everyone she comes in contact with.

This is important to the Taurus man and makes his heart melt.

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Why do Taurus love Pisces so much?

Taurus loves Pisces so much because they share so many interests in common.

They’re both suckers for love, intensely sensual and exceedingly romantic.

When they get together, the Taurus loves being indulgent with the Pisces in everything from food and drink to spa days and massages.

But most of all, the Taurus loves that the Pisces is emotional.

Pisces is the most capable of all the signs at getting the Taurus to open up, without even trying, and connect on a deeper emotional level than Taurus has quite possibly ever felt before.

It’s something the Taurus didn’t realize they needed, until they met the Pisces.

Do Pisces and Taurus argue?

Sure they do.

Pisces and Taurus can get into arguments when Taurus says something without thinking and hurting the Pisces, who will want an apology.

But if the Taurus feels they’re in the right, then good luck getting one.

Because these sun signs don’t like arguing, though, they won’t get into too many confrontations.

However, they may give each other the cold shoulder to try to deal with their feelings, which is not necessarily better.

Can a Taurus man trust a Pisces woman?

When a Pisces woman gives her heart, she gives her soul along with it.

She is faithful, trustworthy and, in contrast to her usual problem with commitments, extremely committed in her heart and mind to the one she loves.

So yes, a Taurus man can trust a Pisces woman.

He does not need to worry as she will always have his best interest at heart.

Whether you’re having problems with a Taurus man or you want to avoid making mistakes, check out Taurus Man Secrets.

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