Why Are Taurus So Attracted to Aquarius? (7 Surprising Reasons)

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Even though these signs are like total opposites, the fact remains—Tauruses keep getting the hots for Aquarius.

Why are Taurus so attracted to Aquarius, you ask?

  • Aquarius is charming and easy to talk to
  • The sexual attraction between them is powerful
  • With Aquarius, Taurus feels fun and lively
  • The Aquarian’s intelligence is a turn-on
  • Aquarius is genuine and trustworthy in Taurus’s assessment

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Why Are Taurus So Attracted to Aquarius?

1. Taurus is attracted to the cool, calm Aquarius personality

Taurus and Aquarius are two of the most relaxed signs of the zodiac.

Neither one of them likes drama, which they love about each other.

Taurus finds Aquarius very easy to talk to.

Friendly and open, the Aquarian is chatty and bubbly, but not too intense.

This is important, because if someone is too high-key or emotional, it will repel the mellow Taurus like oil and water. 

The Aquarius is so effortless and natural, the Taurus gets totally addicted to them.

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2. There’s an intense sexual attraction

As it turns out, Taurus and Aquarius share a mutual sexual attraction.

In fact, it’s so palpable that it can blind the Taurus to everything else.

The seductive energy comes from these two signs being so different from each other.

Opposites attract, and Aquarius is as exciting and unusual as it gets for a Taurus.

3. Aquarius makes Taurus think

Taureans really appreciate it when someone can give them a new perspective.

Since Taurus is stubborn, many people underestimate this about them.

But something about the way the cerebral, airy Aquarius connects with the Taurus changes things.

The Aquarian loves deep, analytical conversation, which appeals to the logic-driven Taurus.

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After a conversation with an Aquarius, a Taurus will deeply respect their intelligence.

It impresses the Taurus, and quickly translates into physical desire.

4. Aquarius brings out the Taurus’s fun side

It’s true, Taurus is quiet and introverted.

However, if you get them out and having a good time, you’ll see a whole new side of them.

Taurus likes fun and games just as much as the next person, but it can take some nudging to get them out of their fixed routines to try something different.

Aquarius, who thrives on new experiences and adventures, will take the Taurus out of their element just enough to spark their curiosity.

Taurus feels like a kid with Aquarius, which makes them feel good.

And anything that makes the Taurus feel good, the Taurus wants more of.

5. They can chill together

After a fun-filled day, the Aquarius will put their feet up with the Taurus and vegetate on the couch.

Aquarians don’t need constant action like an Aries does—they’re more in the middle, and they can definitely spend a day relaxing, talking, eating, drinking and vibing with Taurus.

Best of all, the Aquarius will put zero pressure on the Taurus.

They’re flexible and just want to enjoy the Taurus’s company.

6. Taurus likes how real the Aquarius is

Aquarius is the most unique sign of the zodiac.

Aquarians like this about themselves, and they won’t change just to fit in with a crowd.

This is so appealing to the Taurus.

Taureans are attracted to people who are genuine. To them, anything else is a lie.

That’s why being yourself is the best way to get closer to a Taurus, and as it happens, the Aquarius does that on principle.

The Taurus feels comfortable knowing what they see is what they get with an Aquarius, and that they don’t have to deal with any hidden surprises.

7. The Aquarius focuses on the Taurus

When an Aquarius is interested in a Taurus, they don’t give up.

The Aquarius will message the Taurus every day and keep the conversation going, trying to learn everything they can about the Bull.

Taurus is very flattered by this.

Even if the Taurus wasn’t interested at first, the consistency of the Aquarian’s attention can change their mind.

Shower a Taurus with attention, and you can get them feeling amorous.


Are Taurus and Aquarius soulmates?

Taurus and Aquarius aren’t usually a long-lasting match, so it would be hard to call them soulmates.

However, they are strongly attracted to each other and can learn a lot from one another.

Being fixed signs, the Taurus and the Aquarius have the determination and stability to make a relationship last for a lifetime.

It just requires that they both make the commitment, which, for the Aquarius, might take longer and more convincing.

Can Aquarius and Taurus get together?

Aquarius and Taurus can and do get together.

The question remains, however, will they stay together?

Sexual attraction isn’t enough all by itself, and Taurus and Aquarius compatibility is overall pretty low.

Are Taurus and Aquarius toxic?

Taurus and Aquarius can get toxic in a relationship.

Although they’re initially attracted to each other, they can let their chemistry cloud their judgment and they’ll be surprised when their differences cause friction.

At the end of the day, the Taurus is stubborn, possessive and slow to change.

And the Aquarius needs freedom, variety and space.

Put them in a room together for long enough, and chances are high that they’ll start to annoy each other.

What sign is obsessed with Taurus?

Pisces and Cancer can get obsessed with Taurus.

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Water signs are good matches for the earth sign Taurus, and they intuitively know this.

Scorpios may also get obsessed with Taurus, their opposite sign, especially in a sexual way.

What signs do Aquarius attract?

Aquarians tend to attract Geminis, Libras, Sagittarius and Aries.

Sometimes, they’ll also attract next-door signs Pisces and Capricorn.

Their opposite sign, Leo, may be attracted to Aquarius as well, but the Aquarius would have to pump up the Leo’s ego enough to maintain that attraction.

Aquarius and Taurus sexually

Aquarius and Taurus have a huge sexual attraction, but it may or may not carry over into the bedroom.

Taurus is physical, passionate and sensual.

Aquarius is intellectual and experimental.

They can introduce each other to their worlds and make things spicier for each other, or they may find that their usual tricks fall short.

Aquarius and Taurus problems

Taurus’s possessiveness becomes a problem for Aquarius, and the Aquarian’s detached nature gets to the Taurus.

They also have problems with communication, as Aquarius likes to talk everything out immediately and Taurus bottles up their emotions.

Then there’s the fact that both of these signs are stubborn.

The Aquarius is the more flexible of the two, but neither sign will cave in an argument.

Taurus and Aquarius marriage

Taurus and Aquarius can have an unusually strong, dedicated marriage.

It’s really a matter of if they can make their relationship last long enough to get there.

For sure, they’re going to want to take care of any issues first, compromise and learn how to sometimes agree to disagree.

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