12 Reasons Why Scorpio and Libra Are Attracted to Each Other

why scorpio and libra are attracted to each other

When Scorpio meets Libra, it almost feels like a fatal attraction, it’s so powerful. Here’s why Scorpio and Libra are attracted to each other: They’re both romantic and want to be in a serious relationship Libra is attracted to the danger element of the Scorpio sign Scorpio is attracted to the Libra’s idealistic nature Together, … Read more

Why Is Libra Attracted to Virgo? (10 Reasons You’d Never Suspect)

why is libra attracted to virgo

Why is Libra attracted to Virgo? Aren’t they not super compatible? Although air sign Libra and earth sign Virgo seem to have nothing in common, they have a surprising synergy between them that attracts them. Here’s why Libras are into Virgos: Virgo is intelligent and has meaningful conversations with Libra Virgos are a mystery, and … Read more

How to Get a Libra Man to Commit (10 Things That Make Him Want To)

how to get a libra man to commit

Ready for your Libra man to get serious about your relationship?  Here is how to get a Libra man to commit: Make sure your relationship is healthy and balanced Make his friends your friends Instead of pressuring him, spark his curiosity Offer him your support and trust Don’t fight! Libra men are chronic procrastinators, but … Read more

How to Text a Libra Man (11 Texting Rules to Charm Him)

how to text a libra man

Afraid a Libra man will leave you on read? Here’s how to text a Libra man so he’ll want you (more): Keep text conversations brief, punchy and fun Play teasing games Match his texting tempo Send pretty selfies It’s true that Libra men can be famously wishy-washy, hot and cold. If you aren’t sure how … Read more

How to Talk to a Libra Man (12 Communication Tips and What to Say)

how to talk to a libra man

Crushin’ on a Libra guy and need to know how to strike up a conversation? Here’s how to talk to a Libra man: Use your soft voice Talk about art, culture and intellectual subjects Ask questions that show you’ve been listening Keep things light, polite and fun If you’re worried about making a wrong move … Read more

How to Make a Libra Man Happy (11 Relationship Tips)

how to make a libra man happy

Want your relationship with your Libra man to last? Here’s how to make a Libra man happy: Be the social power couple Don’t let things stagnate! Stay curious together Make spending time together important and enjoy the moment Choose rational conversations over arguments Feed his need for beauty around him Libra men are flighty and … Read more

How to Make Your Libra Man Jealous (10 Dos and Dont’s)

how to make your libra man jealous

So—want to know how to make your Libra man jealous? Here’s how: DO prioritize your to-do list over seeing the Libra DON’T ignore his existence DO spend more time out without your Libra man DON’T start flirting with other men DO dominate on social media but leave the Libra’s page alone So, what do you … Read more