Why Are Taurus So Hot? (16 Reasons You Might Not Expect)

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Why do we drool over Taurus men and Taurus women? It’s much more than their smoldering good looks.

Here’s why Taureans are so hot:

  • They’re incredibly sensual
  • They’re quite possibly the best lovers you’ll ever have
  • Tauruses are the definition of hopeless romantics
  • They’re attentive, sweet and kind
  • They’ll hypnotize you with their soulful eyes

Without further ado, let’s dive into what makes us go crazy over Tauruses below.

Why Are Taurus So Hot?

1. They’re ruled by Venus

What do you get when the planet of beauty, love, desire and pleasure rules a zodiac sign?

A sexy Taurus.

Tauruses ooze sex appeal, and they don’t even have to try.

There’s something uber refined about them, like their physiques are chiseled by the gods themselves.

With classic good looks and sex symbol status, it’s no wonder why the other signs chase after them.

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2. They’re devilishly charming

Tauruses can charm the socks off of just about anybody.

They’re similar to Libras in this way, the other sign ruled by Venus.

But in the sign of Taurus, Venus is deliciously down-to-earth.

A Taurus will make you blush harder than a tomato, warming you up with some friendly banter and peppering in racy innuendos with a smile and a wink.

While Libras like to charm the crowd, Tauruses are more on-on-one, when they can really turn on the charm.

You can try to resist, but you’re pretty much a goner.

3. They’re super sensual

Taurus is lusty, raw and animalistic.

They crave physical connection, and touch is a big part of how they flirt.

A Taurus man or Taurus woman knows how to send shivers down your spine. 

You’ll feel their burning passion with the simplest of actions, like when they put their arm around you.

Make no mistake, no one will worship your body like a Taurus.

They make every interaction feel intimate, and there’s no denying that they’re the masters of sensuality.

4. They can whip you up a gourmet dinner

The way to a Taurus’s heart is through their stomach, and if it’s not the same for you, you may change your tune when they cook for you.

They’ll wine and dine you better than any five-star restaurant.

Half the pleasure is in watching them slay in the kitchen—it’s hot watching someone do what they’re good at.

Their ideal date is to make you a filet mignon and pair it with a hand-selected red wine.

If that doesn’t sound tempting, wait until dessert.

They’ll gladly feed you chocolate-dipped berries by hand. 

5. They’ll make you scream for mercy in bed

Tauruses are famous for their sexual prowess.

They take their time pleasing you—they’re givers, and their stamina is unmatched.

Their strong connection to their senses makes Tauruses know exactly how to touch you and get your body to respond how they want.

Tauruses are not so much into a lot of tricks and bells and whistles, but rather exploring your body and unlocking the passion in even the most reserved of lovers.

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If you want an intense physical experience, romance and slow-burning passion, Taurus is the sign for you.

6. They’re incredibly confident

They say confidence is sexy.

If that’s true, a Taurus has got to be the sexiest person alive.

Tauruses are in command, always in control.

They have a supernatural kind of self-confidence that can convince you of anything they say.

It’s true, their self-assurance can drive people crazy because they believe their opinions are gospel.

But it’s that same assertiveness that makes you want them, and their headstrong behavior mixed with their sensuality creates an electric tension.

It’s no wonder why the most stubborn sign of the zodiac is also the most fantasized over.

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7. They’re modest

Confident, but also down-to-earth and modest? That’s part of the Taurus’s magnetic appeal.

Tauruses don’t brag or flaunt their wealth.

In fact, they have a self-deprecating sense of humor that keeps them in check, should their egos run away from them.

They’re also on the modest side in terms of how they dress and behave, adding to their mysterious vibe.

And they know exactly how to play it to get you hooked.

8. They smell like heaven

From head to toe, a Taurus smells yummy.

Being very attuned to their senses, they like to smell good not just for others, but for themselves.

But it doesn’t hurt that their signature scent will leave you wanting more.

They understand that attraction is a full sensory experience, so they pay attention to details like this to catch some admirers.

And it works.

9. They have voices like melted butter

The zodiac sign Taurus rules the throat.

As such, Taurus is known to have a nice voice.

Men and women of this sign are often singers, and their voices can melt you into a puddle.

Call a Taurus up on the phone sometime and just listen.

Tip: Tauruses prefer real live interactions, so meet up with them in person or talk on the phone instead of texting to get closer to them.

10. They’re hopeless romantics

No one loves love like a Taurus.

These are the characters in romance novels, and also the people reading them.

The romantic side of a Taurus is difficult to hide, but that’s why you’ll swoon.

They’ll gaze into your eyes with a dreamy look and take you for moonlit walks on the beach.

Not only that, but they’re always looking for “The One.”

They’re picky, and it takes a lot to prove you’re their soulmate.

But we wouldn’t love Tauruses if they weren’t a challenge, right?

11. It’s that Taurus look

Why are Taurus so hot?

Because they can make you weak in the knees with just a look.

There’s a softness in the Taurus’s gaze that captures your heart.

It’s deep and soulful, but also hypnotic.

It’s intense, but not the kind of freak-you-out-a-little intensity of the Scorpio.

They stare because they’re interested in you, or because you’re physically attractive to them.

If you want to have a staring contest with a Taurus, prepare for both of you to get turned on.

12. They’ll possess all of you

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, the ruler of the house of possessions.

All the stuff that you own, your finances—it all falls under the jurisdiction of Taurus.

But “ownership” for a Taurus goes beyond physical items.

If you’re dating a Taurus, or a Taurus likes you, consider yourself “theirs.”

It’s a trait that some signs, particularly freedom-loving air signs, have a hard time with.

But in the end, so many are drawn in by the all-consuming experience of being with a Taurus.

On the other hand, not many will take care of you like a Taurus—maybe a Cancer.

Shout out if a Taurus is your boo—you’ve got to love how they greedily covet your body, mind and soul.

13. They’ve got manners

Tauruses believe in good manners.

They’re polite and behave well in public, and behind closed doors, they’re perfect gentlemen and gentlewomen.

(That is, until you give them the signal to pounce.)

It can seem like in this day and age, people forget their manners and still expect a Tinder match booty call.

Call a Taurus old-fashioned, but they don’t think chivalry is dead.

They’ll treat you like royalty, and they’ll never disrespect you.

It’s what makes Tauruses unique, sincere and also pretty damn hot.

14. They’re stable

You won’t find Tauruses acting like a hot mess.

They’re stable, steady and have their ducks in a row.

Tauruses are mature—sure, maybe in their early days they get their partying done, but very quickly they realize the value of saving money and being the reliable one.

So if you’re looking for a mature partner who’s on your level, get yourself a Taurus.

15. They’re attentive

One of the wonderful things about Tauruses is how present they are with you.

They’ll focus on you and listen to you. Really listen to you.

They want to get to know you for who you really are, which you can feel when you talk to them.

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It’s in their eye contact, body language and ability to remember every little thing you say.

It’s sweet, but also their secret weapon to get you to fall head over heels for them.

16. They’re an absolute catch

A Taurus is a catch, and they know it.

And still, they won’t play the field or run around on you just because everyone wants them.

Tauruses are loyal to the bone, smart, witty, funny and kind.

They’re real as real can be, and they’ll never lie to you.

If you treat them right, they’ll be by your side forever.

And they’re fantastic in bed to boot!

What’s not to love?

Taurus FAQ

Who is attracted to Taurus woman?

A Scorpio man, Taurus man, Cancer man, Virgo man and Capricorn man are most attracted to a Taurus woman.

Scorpios and Capricorns see feminine Taurus women as the natural yin to their yang.

Other Tauruses are attracted to all the strength, good humor and slight hedonism they have in common, not to mention the mind-blowing sex they’d have.

Cancers and Virgos feel a kinship with a Taurus woman, like they could be great friends as well as lovers.

What do Taurus look like?

Taurus people are generally not the waifish or scrawny type.

They’re strong and easily put on muscle.

Taurus men have a naturally medium to large build (think of the bull that represents them), and the women are usually curvaceous.

They have thick, glossy hair, soft skin and bedroom doe eyes that tend to be darker shades.

Are Taurus chill people?

Taurus people are the chillest.

Virgo can seem super chill on the surface while inside they’re melting down—but Taurus is genuinely not fussed.

Through and through, Tauruses are the most laid-back people you’ll come across.

They don’t let anything bother them for longer than 0.2 seconds.

Are Taurus males attractive?

Robert Pattinson, Channing Tatum, Henry Cavil—all Taurus males who prove that Taurus men are incredibly attractive.

What would you expect from a sign ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty?

What are the 3 types of Taurus?

There are three decans of Taurus, all of which make different “types” of Taurus personalities.

The first Taurus decan is ruled by Venus. These are your stereotypical Tauruses, super stoic, hedonistic and dreamy.

The second decan of Taurus is co-ruled by Mercury, making these Tauruses more communicative, ambitious and very persuasive.

There are lots of actors and performers in this decan.

The third decan of Taurus is co-ruled by Saturn, and these Taurus people are often more serious, disciplined and secretly sensitive in their heart of hearts.

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