Why Are Sagittarius So Attracted to Taurus? (#5 Will Surprise You)

why are sagittarius so attracted to taurus

It’s crazy, but Taurus and Sagittarius can have incredible chemistry. Why are Sagittarius so attracted to Taurus, you ask? The Taurus’s racy humor gets the Sagittarius every time They have great conversations Taurus is calming, romantic and ever so charming Taurus and Sagittarius just want to indulge each other They’re sexually compatible Ready to find … Read more

How to Keep a Sagittarius Man Interested in You (10 Clever Ways)

how to keep a sagittarius man

Don’t want the Sagittarius man you’re dating to get bored? Here’s how to keep a Sagittarius man: Have a strong friendship first Have interesting conversations and make him think Be as independent and free-spirited as he is Never stop having fun together Be passionate in and out of the bedroom Fair warning—a Sagittarius man is … Read more