Taurus Man Early Dating (How to Get to the Next Stage With Him)

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Did you just start dating a Taurus man? Need some help getting to the next relationship phase?

In this article, we’re explaining what to expect and how to react in courtship, love and intimacy.

If you’re in a rush, here are the top Taurus man early dating tips:

  • Be patient—a Taurus man will not ask you out until he’s good and ready
  • Don’t jump into bed too quickly, even when the sparks are flying
  • Accept that he’s a little closed-off about his emotions
  • Be ready for him to test your honesty and integrity
  • If he pulls back, show consistency and emotional stability

If you don’t want to be another woman a Taurus man has cut off due to some mysterious offense, you need to commit to understanding him on a deeper level.

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Taurus Man Early Dating Stages: What He Does and How to Respond

Looking for a comprehensive guide on what to expect from a Taurus male when you’re dating him?

Look no further.

Below, we’ve put together a list of his most typical (and often confusing) behaviors—and most importantly, how he expects you to respond.

Because that’s not always so clear from what he does.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

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1. You’re still waiting for him to ask for a date

Still waiting to get asked out officially, after all the flirting and heavy eye contact?

A Taurus man isn’t aggressive about chasing you.

He’s more the type to subtly make you come to him.

He’ll show up where he knows you’ll be and place himself where you’ll notice him.

Then he’ll use his Venusian charms (or show off his six-pack abs) until you’re practically begging him to talk to you.

It may seem like he’s just being super casual and going with the flow.

However, make no mistake—he’s definitely pulling all the strings.

He wants to be in complete control, making sure you’re right where he wants you.

How to React:

Have patience!

Courtship is sacred to a Taurus man, and it can’t be rushed.

If he’s into you, he will ask you out on first, second and third dates.

But you don’t want to act too aggressively to compensate for his slow-and-steady methodology.

This zodiac sign doesn’t want to be chased.

He likes to take the traditional masculine role, which means he wants you to take the feminine one and let him work his magic.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show interest in him—you definitely should!

And actually, it’s important to encourage him by flirting with him (and not any other man!) and giving him special attention.

But ultimately, you want to leave the ball in his court to make the major dating moves so that he feels in control.

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2. He’ll be serious from the get-go

It might take you by surprise, but when a Taurus man chooses you, it’s serious business.

He doesn’t mess around, for this zodiac sign doesn’t do “casual relationships.”

The way he sees it, his time is precious, and he doesn’t waste it on anyone who doesn’t deserve it.

So be prepared for the intensity and sincerity of this dating experience.

He may appear cool and relaxed, but he’s testing your seriousness about him all the way.

How to React:

If you want to date a Taurus man, don’t take him lightly.

Even in the early dating stages.

Assume that he’s in it for the long haul, provided you can get past this initial stage of dating when he’ll be patiently waiting to see how good of a match you are.

Show him that you’re not messing around—no head games or attempts to make him jealous for your own satisfaction.

Reassure him that he can put his faith in you.

Because that’s the only way you’re going to progress to the next stage.

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3. He’ll size up all your answers

Every conversation with your Taurus man is logged away carefully in his steel trap of a mind.

He’s obsessed with the idea of loyalty, and he’s innately suspicious of everyone he meets.

So yeah—if you feel like he’s trying to catch you out in a lie, he probably is.

Or maybe it just seems like he’s scrutinizing everything you say more heavily than necessary.

A Taurus man will take what you say to heart, and really think on it.

Long after you’ve forgotten even saying it.

How to React:

Be careful that you mean everything you say.

You should also be mindful of offending the Taurus man’s delicate senses.

He doesn’t tolerate deceit or fakeness of any kind.

Nor does he like stuff like crass humor or rude attitudes.

Be classy, polite and ladylike, and never lie or try to twist the truth—even to make yourself look good to your Taurus man.

Honesty, integrity and morality are very important to him.

4. He’s super sexual

Soon after you start dating a Taurus man, you’ll probably discover his raw, passionate nature.

He’s intensely sensual and sexual.

His conversation is dripping with innuendo, and his touch will electrify you with desire.

The fact is, you may find yourself tempted to rip off all your clothes around him on the first or second date.

And if you did, he might not be able to resist temptation.

But does that mean you should?

How to React:

Try not to fall into bed too fast with a Taurus man.

If you jump the gun, it can ruin the romantic mystique for him.

Not only that, but being too sexually forward too soon can give him the wrong impression about your long-term potential.

You don’t want to get lumped into a friends-with-benefits category.

And you definitely don’t want to give the impression that you’d do this with any man, regardless of whether you really liked him or not.

Ultimately, a Taurus man wants the traditional type of woman who makes a man wait.

He doesn’t tear the wrapping paper off of his present. He unfolds it slowly, savoring each moment.

So let him unwrap you slowly—you’ll be grateful you did.

5. He’ll sweep you off your feet

Sweeping you off your feet is almost an understatement when it comes to how a Taurus man will treat you in the beginning.

If you like classic courting and traditional gestures like gift giving, door opening and pulling your chair out for you at the restaurant table, the Taurus man is your dream boat.

He’ll pull out all the stops to woo you with dozens of roses and chocolates sent to your door and the fanciest dates money can buy.

And he’s sweet about it, too.

You can tell he’s not trying to impress you so much as he’s trying to give you what he thinks you deserve.

Careful, because sitting way up high on that pedestal can make you dizzy!

How to React:

Accept his gifts and romantic gestures with grace and confidence.

Give off the vibe that you deserve every single one. Because you’re a woman any other man should be so lucky to have.

Does this mean you should be a little high-maintenance with the Taurus man?

Sort of.

It means you should value yourself at least as much as the Taurus man appears to, if not more.

It should be a little bit of work for the Taurus man to impress you.

Be gracious and considerate of how much effort he puts into wooing you, just don’t let it overwhelm you.

Remember, you are a goddess, and he’s just worshiping at your feet.

6. He throws up walls

If you think the Taurus man is going to spill all of his secrets to you within the first few months of dating, guess again.

You’re going to hit that famous Taurus brick wall.

Regardless of how many late night cuddle sessions you have.

Every Taurus man is guarded and careful about what he divulges to you.

He keeps his emotions to himself, and when pressed, he hesitates and goes silent.

How are you supposed to get to know him if he won’t let you in?

How to React:

Understand that the Taurus man is not big on words, let alone talking about feelings.

Taurus is not an overly emotional sign, and feelings can be difficult for him to express as he’s not used to doing it on a regular basis.

He’ll be cautious making up his mind about how he feels.

But it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you.

It means he needs more patience and understanding from you.

Don’t try to force him to open up to you if he’s not ready.

Just be laidback about it.

Make your place comfortable with good food and fluffy throw pillows when he comes over so he feels more relaxed.

When you prove that you’re the coolest chick on earth to him, he’ll tell you how he feels.

If you need help proving yourself to him, follow Anna Kovach’s treasure trove of tips in Taurus Man Secrets.

7. He’ll make routines with you

Not unlikely, the Taurus man will quickly settle into some kind of routine with you.

His morning and “Good night” texts are predictable, and once you two fall into some kind of pattern, he’ll want to keep it that way.

Like making dinner and watching old TV reruns on Wednesday nights.

It may feel like you’re an old married couple already if you’re used to being thrilled and surprised in the early days of dating.

But to a Taurus man, that’s overrated.

He wants comfort and stability, and to know what to expect from day to day and week to week.

How to React:

If you’re a routine lover, then you’ve met your match made in Paradise.

But if you’re a fire or air sign and you need more adventure, try to mix it in without taking the Taurus man too far out of his comfort zone.

You can invite him to a party at your friend’s house, but be willing to call it an early night if your introverted Taurus man is giving you signals.

Plan a weekend getaway, but let him know your plans in advance instead of trying to spring it on him at the last moment. 

He’ll let you know where his boundaries are. Be sure to respect them.

The good news is, he’s not a total stick in the mud. He’ll be willing to meet you halfway—if you’re conscientious of his comfort.

Word to the wise: make sure he’s fed and well-rested before you try to get him on any adventures!

8. He’ll withdraw

Dating a Taurus man is like the slowest dance of all time.

Many times, you’ll feel like you’re not getting anywhere.

To make matters worse, during the early stages of dating, your Taurus guy will start to back off noticeably.

In fact, it may seem like you’re going backwards.

Things like suddenly taking a few extra days to text you.

Staying quiet and studying you on your dates.

At this point, you’ll probably be confused about how he really feels about you.

How to React:

Don’t overthink it.

If you start to question his feelings for you, that’s going to make him think.

And not things you want him to think!

Your frustration may tell him that something is off between you, and maybe you want more from him than he’s ready to give you right now. 

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So what should you do?

Allow him to take all the time he needs.

And meanwhile, continue being your sweet, understanding, charming self.

Consistency is what wins him over in the end.

Not rocking the boat because you’re developing insecurities about dating him.

Show him that you’re capable of handling a little distance when he needs to reflect, and he’ll bounce back from his quiet spells with renewed determination.

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Taurus Men FAQ

Are Taurus men slow in dating?

Yes, so don’t be in a rush if you want to get with a Taurus man!

Taurus men are notoriously slow to do everything from ask you out to commit to the relationship.

They have their reasons, but you’re definitely not going to put a rush on things by pressuring them.

Just go with the flow and have a good time with your Bull.

That’s the way to get him to relax so you can win his heart.

How do you know if a Taurus man is falling for you?

A Taurus man is falling for you if his behavior suddenly becomes extremely romantic, cuddly and intense.

He’ll go out of his way to comfort you and protect you.

He’s touchy-feely, so he’ll constantly want to touch, hug and kiss you.

And he’ll become increasingly possessive.

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How should a Taurus man behave on a first date?

Like a gentleman.

A Taurus man who wants to take you out on a date will do his best to impress you with his traditional style of courtship.

He’ll pick you up with roses in hand and take you to a romantic, candlelit scene for dinner.

He’ll be very attentive and listen to everything you say .

Let him pamper you and treat you like a lady—it’s what he wants to do.

Do Taurus men fall in love fast?

Not really.

Taurus men get crushes pretty easily, but falling in love requires an emotional commitment they’re never prepared to make too soon.

Taurus guys have to put you through a whole host of tests first to find out if you’re the one for them.

Signs a Taurus man is sexually attracted to you

A Taurus man is sexually attracted to you if he’s always trying to hug you, massage you or touch you.

He won’t do that with anyone he’s not attracted to.

You’ll see, he puts a physical distance between himself and everyone from his coworkers to his pals.

But if he’s feeling the sexual chemistry with you, he’ll be leaning in to listen to you speak and asking for hugs all the time.

How does a Taurus man test a woman?

If a Taurus man is doing any of the following, he’s probably testing you:

  • Showing you tons of attention, then disappearing
  • Shutting up to let you do all the talking
  • Acting jealous or weird around other guys
  • Saying he really likes you, but not moving the relationship forward

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What is a turn off for a Taurus guy?

A turn-off for a Taurus guy is acting rude, impolite or crass.

He likes women he’s into to be kind, respectful and polite to everyone they meet.

Another turn-off for a Taurus male is smelling bad.

His senses are extremely keen and he puts a lot of effort into looking and smelling good himself.

He definitely wants the same from a romantic interest.

Want to lock a Taurus man down?

You need to show him that you get him—which is possible with Anna Kovach’s guide Taurus Man Secrets.

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