Taurus Man Attitude (What He Thinks About Love, Sex and More)

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What’s a typical Taurus man attitude on love, sex and relationships? What’s he really like, and what are his values?

Get ready, because we’re diving into the Taurus man psyche in this article.

Here’s a summary of what we’re covering:

  • Why the Taurus man is so stubborn, and why that’s not necessarily bad
  • The Taurus man’s traditional courtship and being the “man” in the relationship
  • What loyalty, beauty, hard work and maturity mean to him
  • Why you shouldn’t rush into sex with a Taurus man

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What Kind of Person Is a Taurus Man?

A Taurus man is stubborn, romantic, humble, practical and stable.

These are some of his defining characteristics. But to better understand what the Taurus male is about, you need some context.

So let’s dive into who he is for a minute, and why he’s that way.

Taurus is a fixed sign

A Taurus man belongs to a group of signs called “fixed signs.”

Basically, this is the reason he gets a reputation for being so stubborn.

Fixed signs, like the name indicates, are fixed and fixated in their ways and thinking.

They are who they are, they do things their way, and good luck changing their opinions.

On the other hand, fixed signs are loyal to a fault. They’ll be your rock until the end of time.

They’re the people you call to see a project through.

While you don’t want to get too attached to your ego in an argument with a fixed sign, you know you can depend on a Taurus man where others would flake out.

So being stubborn isn’t all bad.

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He’s an earth sign

Being an earth sign makes a Taurean grounded, stable and materialistic.

Earth signs are responsible and level-headed.

They enjoy routine, predictability and believe what they can see, touch and hold for themselves.

So if you want to convince a Taurus man you have substance, you have to prove it through your actions, not words. 

From the influence of the earth sign, the Taurus man is also gifted with calmness.

He’s sensible and all about common sense, so he doesn’t get too wrapped up in anxiety over his decisions.

He’s ruled by Venus, the romance planet

As rational as the Taurus man is, he’s also ruled by Venus, the love planet.

He’s a die-hard romantic, from the roses sent to your office to long walks on the beach at sunset.

But Venus isn’t just about romance—it’s also about beauty and pleasure.

He appreciates beauty, art and nature, and he always spends his money on the best quality, or most luxurious, he can afford.

For sure, a Taurus man is pleasure-seeking.

He’s sensual, and downright hedonistic when he lets himself indulge.

Because he’s ruled by Venus, what feels good and what looks good has a big influence on him.

Keep this in mind when you’re trying to get his attention and coming up with date ideas.

Taurus is about personal possessions

Taurus rules the second house of the zodiac, which is about our money and personal possessions—things of value to us.

As this is close to the Taurean’s heart, a Taurus man can understandably be a little *possessive*.

Sometimes perhaps greedy or selfish.

He protects what’s his, and make no mistake, whatever falls within his “territory” is his to protect.

That includes the woman he’s with.

So if you’re heard of the Taurus man’s jealous streak, this can at least give you a little perspective on it.

Taurus Man Values

  • Loyalty – Betray him, and he’ll distance himself from you quicker than you can say, “Give me one more chance.”
  • Strong morals – If you lie, cheat, steal and do harm to others, Taurus will never respect you. On the flipside, if you don’t bend your morals and principles for anyone, he’ll massively respect you and trust you more.
  • Hard work – Tauruses are known as the work horses of the zodiac. If you want to impress them, talk about your achievements and how committed you are to your personal goals.
  • Responsibility – Are you a mature person? Do you pay your bills on time? Show the Taurus you have your life together and you’re past your partying phase. 
  • Financial stability – Remember that the Taurus house of the zodiac is about money and value? Being financially stable is incredibly important to him. Also, he’s more likely to go for a woman who has her own money to spend. Not because he’s being stingy, but because he wants to know she’s not waiting for a man to support her.
  • Rationality – A Taurus man may be stubborn as a mule, but he can listen to a logical argument. If you want him to hear you, showcase how rational and reasonable of a person you are.
  • Realness – Tauruses are not showy or superficial, and they like others who aren’t that way, too. Be yourself, be real and be genuine with a Taurus man, as that’s the only way to get closer to him.

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Taurus Guy Attitude Toward Sex

Taurus men love sex.

They think about it a lot and they need plenty of it.

They have a very healthy attitude about sex, viewing sex and pleasure as natural and vital to a person’s wellbeing.

But sex for the Bull is about connecting on an emotional level to his lover—hence all the cuddling he likes to do after.

And he prefers sexual positions where he can stare into your eyes and be romantic.

If you wanted a one-night stand with a Taurus man, you probably won’t get far.

They take their time getting to know you before jumping into bed with you.

And if they do fall into bed with you too fast, it’s because they let their highly charged sexual natures get the better of them.

Although the danger with this is that the Taurus man will halt progress on your relationship while he privately assesses your motives and how he feels about you.

If a Taurus man wants to sleep with you, it’s almost definitely because he sees you as relationship material.

Word to the wise: How you proceed can make or break your actual relationship potential.

If you go slowly with him, make him wait and maintain an air of modesty, he’ll wait for you and be much more intrigued in the long run.

If you’re worried about making a mistake with a Taurus man, we recommend reading Taurus Man Secrets.

Taurus Men on Dating

A Taurus man does a lot of vetting and testing when he dates a woman.

He needs to see for himself that you’re trustworthy and compatible with his personality.

Rooted in his earth sign, the Taurus man’s approach to romance is tangible and traditional.

He believes in taking you to the fanciest restaurant in town, pulling out your chair for her and paying for the meal afterward.

Taurus likes to be the one to chase, although he’s in no hurry.

He takes baby steps, and as romantic as he is, he never lets emotion cloud his judgment.

And though he likes to chase, he does need a lot of reassurance from a woman that she wants him.

So he can act a little coy in an effort to draw you out and show your true feelings.

One of the key factors of successfully dating a Taurus man is to let him lead, go with the flow and never put pressure on him.

Eventually, he comes around. But only on his own terms.

One thing to keep in mind?

Never try to make him jealous with other guys!

It will work against you every single time, and make the Taurus man not trust you in the future.

If you want him, it’s best to be sincere and upfront with him, then let him make the next move.

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Taurus Men’s View of Love and Relationships

A Taurus man has a traditional view of relationships. 

He wants to settle down someday and start a family, at which point he envisions himself as the head of the household and his wife as the domestic goddess.

In a relationship, the Taurus wants to be the “man.”

Protecting his significant other comes naturally, and works like an aphrodisiac for him.

Love is of the utmost importance to him, although he’ll never say “I love you” until he feels dead sure you’re the one for him.

And even then, he’ll show you more often than tell you.

He’ll show you he loves you through sheer physical affection, and by taking care of you.

It’s easy to overlook these things with a Taurus man as his needs are actually pretty simple.

But it’s important to realize how important physical affection is to him if you’re going to be with him.

If you want to make a Taurus man happy in a relationship, be supportive, cook him good food, make his environment comfortable and beautiful, and shower him with affection.

And learn to like routine!

He wants a woman who will stay in with him, not try to drag him out to every show and party.

In return, he’ll be loyal beyond a shadow of a doubt to you, spoil you and treat you like a queen.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know a little more about the Taurus man’s attitude, ideas and personality, you can use your knowledge to your advantage in dealing with him.

A Taurus man has traditional values and attitudes toward a wide range of things, most certainly sex, dating and relationships.

That doesn’t mean he’s not a feminist or politically progressive, but it does color the way he goes about his relationships and what he expects.

If you bag a Taurus man and prove to him that you’re his dream girl, he’ll do anything for you—and anything to keep you in his clutches.

He’s looking for his future wife, and he’s going to be picky about it until he finds her.

If you need some help getting past his defenses, check out Taurus Man Secrets.

Taurus Men FAQ

What does a Taurus man like in a woman?

A Taurus man likes a woman with pronounced femininity in her looks and personality.

She must be classy, mature and have a good head on her shoulders.

If she wants to attract him, she should prioritize her own success and achievements, and make good and responsible decisions.

But she should also be trustworthy, polite and kind to everyone she meets.

He’s looking for an all-around nice, honest and hardworking female to build a life with.

How does a Taurus man test a woman?

Famous Taurus man tests include:

  • Playing hot and cold
  • Ignoring your texts to see what you’ll do
  • Testing your true compatibility on a date
  • Waiting to ask you out
  • Checking to see how honest and reliable you are

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How emotional is a Taurus man?

If you’re looking for a short answer, the answer is not overly emotional.

However, that doesn’t quite describe his emotional nature.

It’s more accurate to say that a Taurus male is emotionally stable, as in not prone to emotional outbursts or major highs and lows.

He is, however, sensitive to the point of being touchy about certain things, and highly protective of his emotions—he doesn’t like to feel vulnerable.

Signs a Taurus man is sexually attracted to you

How touchy and handsy he is with you.

You can tell a Taurus man is sexually attracted to you by how much he instinctively reaches out to touch your hair, your hand, your face.

He’ll lean in while you talk and get thisclose to you when you’re hanging out.

You’ll feel a sexual magnetism when you’re around him, and he’ll stare openly at you.

Not to mention all the compliments about your physique he’ll give you.

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How to handle a Taurus man

Here are some life-saving tips that are going to make it way easier to date a Taurus man:

  • Let him be in control – A Taurus man is laid-back and may not be fussy, but when he’s insistent about something, let him do it on his terms. If you can!
  • Pamper him – Make him feel good, and he’ll never want to leave your side.
  • Stay busy – You don’t need to give up your goals and your life to please a Taurus man or prove that you love him.
  • Don’t scold him for his jealousy – Knowing how to handle his possessiveness is crucial to taming it, and not losing him.
  • Never rush him – A Taurus man may get hot and cold, but he’s consistent in the long run. You just have to wait it out.

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