How to Make a Cancer Man Miss You (6 Things You Should Be Doing)

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Does your Cancer boyfriend hug your pillow when you leave his apartment? Want to make sure he does? 

Here’s how to make a Cancer man miss you:

  • Lavish lots of attention on him when you’re together
  • You do you when you’re apart
  • Use his superhuman memory to your advantage and remind him of your romance

Are phone calls getting fewer and farther between? Talk time short? It may not mean anything serious, but—how you handle it can make or break the relationship.

Cancer Man Secrets has been helpful to women from all over who have no idea how to handle the Cancerian’s complexity.

If you’re concerned about it, click the link above and dive into the guide now. Otherwise, keep reading to stay on your Cancer’s mind…

How to Make a Cancer Man Miss You

woman smiling and hugging a man from behind with a quote about cancer men liking affection and space

If you want to make a Cancer man miss you, you’re going to have to know when to dote on him and when to keep some distance.

It’s a balance you want to strike. Go a little too far this way or that way, and you might tip the scales out of your favor.

You see, Cancer men want lots of two things: affection and space.

It can be confusing, especially because Cancers are non-confrontational—they won’t tell you when they want either. They’ll kind of expect you to know it.

Fortunately, you’re giving yourself a big helping hand by researching what to do. Astrology is a powerful tool that provides pretty detailed answers to your questions.

Let’s talk about how to make a Cancer man miss you.

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How to Treat Him When You’re Together

Focus on him.

man and woman hugging and touching noses with a quote about letting a Cancer man know how important he is

Here is one of the easiest things you can do to get your Cancer to miss you like crazy.

A Cancer man needs to know that he’s important to you. One of the best ways to indicate this is to really give him your attention when you’re with him.

Look into his eyes. Listen and respond meaningfully when he talks.

Don’t let your phone come out too much or he’ll think he’s not interesting enough to you. Trust me, he doesn’t want to compete.

This works because the Cancer man yearns for what makes him feel good. If that’s you, it won’t be long before he’s craving more alone time with you.

Leave something behind.

Do you “forget” anything of yours at his place that will remind him of you? If not, you’re missing a big opportunity.

Cancer men have memories like elephants. They easily become sentimental when they see an item that reminds them of someone—so make it you.

Next time you’re at his place, be sure to toss something of yours on the bed or the kitchen counter before you leave. Something personal would be good, even if it’s just a cardigan. 

If it has any sentimental value to him, even better. Like the cardigan you wore on a date where you gushed about how you feel about each other.

Every time he sees it, he’ll reflexively think of you and get butterflies.

Do something thoughtful for him.

All Cancers deeply appreciate gestures from the heart. 

If you were to buy an expensive watch for a Cancer man, it wouldn’t hold a candle to a handmade card and a framed picture of the two of you.

What you do for him doesn’t have to involve gift making or buying. It can be something simple like fulfilling something that’s on his wish list that you know nobody else would ever do.

If you listen to him, you’ll likely hear an opportunity. Extra points for being a good listener—that’ll make a Cancer man feel more connected to you.

What to do when you’re apart

Wait for him to call you first.

woman holding a cellphone with a heart and a quote about giving a cancer man space

It’s a common thing—Cancer men becoming phone-shy out of nowhere.

Cancers do like their alone time, which means being completely alone. If they’re always talking to you and texting, it doesn’t really count.

Sometimes Cancer men just don’t really like being on the phone.

In explaining why she wrote Cancer Man Secrets, Anna Kovach calls them a confusing combination of Spock and Captain Kirk from Star Trek…which is pretty apt. 

Whatever the reason, it’s not something to be automatically concerned about. If he digs you, which you’ll be able to tell when you’re together, you’re on his mind.

But to make sure he’s counting the hours before he sees you again, go ahead and let him have his space. He just needs to recharge.

Of course, you can call and text him when you want to. But at least some of the time, if you wait for him to do it first, it sends a message that says, “Hey, I’m a busy person/I like alone time, too.” 

A light will go on, and he’ll crave your presence.

Remind him of sweet moments.

Sometime when you’re texting, throw in a little reminder of a moment you shared that was meaningful, funny or romantic. 

You’re trying to jog that vivid elephant memory of his. He’ll get the picture—literally, in his mind—and get good feelings from it.

This is a great way to cement the bond between you from afar.

The thing to know about Cancer men is that they’re deep thinkers, continuously reflecting on their relationships and their feelings.

If you can remind them of their romantic feelings for you, that’s what they’ll be thinking about. And they’ll miss you more than ever.

Keep yourself busy.

While you’re apart, make sure you’re not idly waiting by the phone. Get out there and live your life.

Why does this work? Because the next time you talk to your Cancer man, you’ll naturally have things to share about what you’ve been up to.

If you’ve been having a blast with your friends or going for hikes that you know he’d love to do, he’ll become just the teensiest bit jealous.

In a good way!

He’ll want to be part of your adventures, too. Which means he’ll be missing you pretty bad…

If you want to know how to get a Cancer man so smitten that he’s utterly hopeless without you (and ready to commit to you), check out Cancer Man Secrets. 

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