How to Make a Taurus Man Jealous (6 Ways to Do It and 3 Big No-Nos)

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It’s a short distance from zero to insanely jealous for a Taurus man.

If you want to know how to make a Taurus man jealous, here’s how:

  • Look good when you go out—alone
  • Pull back on focusing all of your attention on him
  • Subtly make him aware that you’re a catch, and other guys know it

But, fair warning—be ready to handle your jealous Bull, or risk losing him.

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Why You Might (Or Might Not) Want to Make a Taurus Man Jealous

Some people enjoy a small dose of jealousy in a relationship because they feel that it boosts the passion. But with a Taurus man, it’s easy to go from a little jealous to seeing red in seconds.

Taurus’s astrological motto is “I have.” If you’re dating him, he counts you as one of his possessions, and he doesn’t like to think that someone else might be infringing on his territory.

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The rule of thumb is that Taurus guys don’t like it when you do things that incite their jealousy. It triggers insecurity, something that they don’t want to feel.

What does a Taurus man want, then? He wants to know that you only have eyes for him. That you’re serious about the relationship and that you’ll never wander. In a word, loyalty.

Here’s the “but.” If you’re just starting your courtship with a Taurean, giving him something to think about in terms of pulling the trigger and getting serious with you can sometimes involve some very gentle reminders of your status as a hot ticket.

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How to Make a Taurus Man Jealous

Inspiring a little jealousy is one teensy part of getting to know how your Taurus man works. If you want to make your romance with him sizzle forever, head over to Taurus Man Secrets.

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I’m pretty impressed with how thorough an analysis of the Taurus man’s interior world it provides, and it has a wealth of information about everything from getting him to open up to walking down the aisle with him.

That being said, you can certainly get started right now giving your Taurus some incentive to chase you with these tips.

1. Dress up and go out without him.

Make sure he sees how good you look. Put on his favorite dress and head out the door with both of you knowing that you’re going to be hanging out with other people.

Play it safe, though. Don’t be going out on dinner dates with other guys and think that your Taurus man is going to pursue you after that.

Even if you’re just spending time with friends, it might be enough to make him just a teensy bit envious and want to prioritize alone time with you.

2. Practice being unavailable.

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Don’t be so quick to text back every single time. If you’re going to ignore his messages for a little while, the wise thing to do would be to tell him that you couldn’t get to his text right away because you were busy doing x, y and z.

That will let him know that he’s still important to you but that you don’t have time to waste. And he’ll be less apt to waste yours!

Just be sure to do this in moderation. He might lose interest entirely if he feels like you’re not putting in any special effort for him. Be there for him, but don’t be a doormat.

3. Talk about the guys who flirt with you.

Yup, this is going to cause a flare-up. Bring this up (maybe just once) in a way that shows that you are not in the least bit into the flirting and that you are 100% loyal to your Taurus man to do it successfully.

He may even get a rush out of hearing that other men just can’t quite succeed in earning your affection the way he has. Yes, he’ll be jealous. But he’ll also find the confirmation of your loyalty gratifying.

4. Mention someone else’s accomplishments.

Subtly dropping a hint at someone else’s achievements, particularly in the realm of financial success, is likely going to make a Taurus man envious, even just a little.

It can serve as a reminder that he’s not the only game in town. Even if you’re not at all concerned with money, he is. You’ve got to speak to what has value to him.

Just don’t try this in an antagonistic or insulting way. It will backfire!

5. Give others attention in a group conversation.

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Resist the urge to focus on him when you’re at a party. If you’re participating in a group conversation, give the other people a little more eye contact and talking time than him.

The Taurus wants to be the center of your world. But he also likes a strong, independent partner.

So go ahead and ignore him a little. He’ll have to work harder for your attention. If that’s the effect you want, then bingo.

6. Do favors for other people

Not that you can’t ever do something nice for someone else without a Taurus man getting huffy about it, because that’s not the case.

However, the more you “share” the stuff your Taurus wants dibs on or share of yourself in general, the more he’s going to take notice. Like cooking for other people, for example.

But the more personal these favors are, the more jealous you can expect a Taurus man to become. Like helping your male coworker shop for his girlfriend because he says he needs the help. (It doesn’t matter that said coworker has a girlfriend.)

Also, the more time doing stuff for other people takes up, the more likely it is to bug your Taurus man. So remember to not take too much away from your time with your Taurus man and keep the favors innocent.

How to Lose a Jealous Taurus

As you’ve no doubt noticed, making a Taurus guy jealous is about finesse. It’s no small feat to walk that fine line between getting him a little fired up and pushing him over the edge.

For sure, that edge can be razor-thin with Tauruses.

And you’ll definitely find it if you do any of the following:

1. Talk about your exes.

If I were ever to be in a relationship with a Taurus man, I would think twice about bringing up my exes. Even casually.

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The thing about Tauruses is that they do not want to think about you in any other way than as theirs. Yes, they’re possessive. It’s just the way they are.

Definitely avoid comparing him to anyone you dated in the past. He might not be able to hide his anger about that.

2. Flirt in front of him.

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As talking about your exes is a no-no, it probably goes without saying that flirting with anyone who is not your Bull is a bad move.

Even if you think you’re just being nice to some guy who’s flirting with you, the likely event is that your Taurus will take it as a sign of untrustworthiness.

Without a doubt, he won’t find it harmless. 

3. Spend more time with other people than with him.

If you’re going out with your friends most of the week, it’s possible that your Taurus might begin to resent that. 

He’ll want the majority of your time and attention. That doesn’t mean that he wants you to be a prisoner at home, but he does want to be Number One.

If you’re not sure how he feels, just ask him. He’s not going to hold back—he will let you know (if he hasn’t already) if he’s not comfortable with something.

For more on what makes the Taurus male tick, see Taurus Man Secrets.

You can check it out here.


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