Taurus Man, Cancer Woman: Soulmates? (A+ Compatibility)

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Soulmates, twin flames—Taurus man and Cancer woman have got it.

In this article, we’re giving their true soulmate potential and covering important aspects of Taurus-Cancer compatibility.

Here’s the lowdown on Taurus man, Cancer woman soulmates:

  • Cancer woman and Taurus man have very high soulmate potential—a 9 out of 10.
  • They share so much in common, they feel they belong together
  • Marriage is easily in the cards for a Taurus man and Cancer woman
  • Their relationship isn’t problem-free, but their strong bond makes them capable of weathering any storm

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Taurus Man, Cancer Woman: Soulmates?

Although Taurus man and Cancer woman are extremely attracted to each other, they don’t confuse lust for love.

It’s a soulmate connection, baby.

Earth sign Taurus man and water sign Cancer woman belong together like the beach married to the ocean.

The Taurus man provides grounding energy, the solid earth beneath this couple’s feet.

And the intuitive waves of the Cancer woman’s water element nourish the thirsty earth, providing just what the Taurus man needs.

When a Taurus man and Cancer woman get together, it’s never casual.

Both serial monogamists, they don’t waste any time.

They love being together because their interests (like staying home and cooking dinner on a date night) are perfectly in sync.

The chivalrous Taurus male revels in his ability to be the Knight in Shining Armor for the feminine Cancer female.

When they’re intimate, they feel their souls commune—even the Taurus man, who is not overly emotional, can almost be moved to tears.

Their love is real, and their dedication is unquestioned.

These two are soulmates for sure, as all the other zodiac signs who know them would nod their heads in agreement.

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Why Are Cancers So Attracted to Taurus?

Cancers are wildly attracted to Tauruses, and it’s all about comfort and safety.

Cancers are big time homebodies who like to eat, chill and have deep conversations from the comfort of their couch.

As it so happens, so do Tauruses.

Taurus loves lazing around and showing Cancer where all the best food spots are.

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They do a lot of eating and luxuriating together, which strengthens their bond and makes them happy.

On top of this, Taureans are sincere. They say what they mean, and they mean what they say.

This is very reassuring for the anxious Cancer, who goes through emotional turmoil lying in bed, analyzing past conversations to death.

The Taurus is strong and confident, which attracts the less confident Cancer.

There is a sense of security with the Taurus, who is protective and will not let anyone mess with the Cancer, ever.

They’re even turned on by the Taurus’s possessive nature, feeling wanted and needed.

Who else can say that?

How Does Taurus Feel About Cancer?

Taurus feels assured that Cancer will never leave them.

That’s huge for the Taurus, who is always skeptical of someone’s true intentions.

The Taurus is impressed by the Cancer’s reliability, as well as Cancer’s tenaciousness and subtle ambitious nature.

Taurus is not usually attracted to a lot of emotionality, but with a Cancer, it’s different.

The Cancer looks at the Taurus with their big doe eyes and exudes such vulnerability that the Taurus can’t help themselves.

They want to open up to Cancer, as they trust Cancer won’t betray them.

A lover of routines, the Taurus is also very satisfied with the Cancer’s nonjudgmental attitude toward their need for sameness and predictability.

Some call it boring, but Cancer 100% doesn’t mind doing the same stuff every night of the week because Cancer is also all about security and predictability.

More so than anyone else, Taurus is ready to hand their heart to Cancer because the Bull can see a sweet future with the Crab pampering and babying the indulgent Taurus forever.

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Taurus Man and Cancer Woman: Love at First Sight?

Taurus and Cancer come oh-so close to love at first sight.

The Taurus man in particular is not readily convinced of love that quickly, but he definitely feels an intensity of emotion right away with the Cancer woman.

This is because her emotional honesty and vulnerability touch his soft, sensitive core and bring it out of him.

The Cancer woman is the one who will fall for the Taurus man the first time they speak.

And she falls harder the more she realizes that she has so much in common with the Taurus man.

Finally, a man who gets her!

Honestly, they don’t have to do much to impress each other.

Pretty quickly, these zodiac signs will give in to their emotions and enjoy cuddling all through the night.

Their love is stronger than most.

And it only deepens over time while they consistently show each other throughout the years that their loyalty will never fade.

What Are Cancer and Taurus Like in Bed?

Between the sheets, Cancer and Taurus are a match made in heaven.

Both have sweet, gentle lovemaking styles, and they simply melt into each other’s arms.

A romantic lover, Taurus finds a receptive partner in Cancer.

Taurus will cover the bed in rose petals and light candles, and Cancer will hold the Taurus’s face and gaze deep into their eyes with sighs of love and longing.

Taurus makes it a sensual encounter, Cancer infuses it with emotion.

Sex for them feels especially intense, and the Taurus enjoys bringing the carnality out of the sometimes timid Cancer.

Meanwhile, the Cancer lavishes the Taurus with praise and affection.

It’s sexually healing and satisfying for them both, even if they’re not the most adventurous.

But they don’t need acrobatics and games—they just need each other’s sweet embrace.

Can a Taurus Man Marry a Cancer Woman?

Yes, a Taurus man can definitely marry a Cancer woman and make her very happy.

They’re like the Mom and Dad of the zodiac—and they love fulfilling those roles within their relationship.

Both family-oriented, they will likely want at least a couple of little rugrats.

The Taurus man usually takes on the traditional role of breadwinner, and the Cancer woman enjoys keeping their home tidy and functioning like a well-oiled machine.

They will both cherish parenting as a team, the Taurus man teaching the values of inner strength and self-worth, and the Cancer woman providing endless compassion and security for their lucky children.

Love binds them together and keeps them from ever parting.

They may not lead the most adventurous life together, but it is full of affection and all the material comforts they like.

The best part about this couple’s marriage is that they always look out for one another.

They are each other’s best allies, their shoulders to cry on, their rock.

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There’s almost nothing more unshakable than the Taurus-Cancer bond.

Taurus Man Cancer Woman Problems

No relationship is problem-free.

The key issues for Taurus and Cancer are:

  • The Cancer woman takes offense easily, and the blunt-speaking Taurus man isn’t great at handling that
  • The Cancer’s emotionality can overwhelm the Taurus, while he comes across as cold at times
  • They both hate change, so neither may be the catalyst for a much-needed change in their lives
  • Misunderstandings can arise between them because the Cancer expresses herself emotionally, the Taurus logically
  • Neither sign likes confrontation, so they let issues snowball

If the Cancer woman can give the Taurus man enough space and the Taurus can increase his sensitivity toward the Cancer, they will be better off in the long run.

Love usually brings them back together, regardless of fights.

But communicating and facing the negative aspects of their relationship will ensure that they can live out their soulmate destinies together.


Taurus man and Cancer woman are soulmates for sure.

They may not always understand each other’s way of being and communicating all the time, but they are perfectly in sync on pretty much every other aspect of life and relationships.

Their common interests attract them, and they quickly develop an emotional bond.

Once bonded, they’re inseparable.

They make a great married couple, and an ideal pairing to start a family together.

True love is the foundation of their relationship, and comfort and stability support it for a lifetime.


How can a Cancer woman seduce a Taurus man?

A Cancer woman’s main mode of seducing a Taurus man is through her femininity and vulnerability.

She, more than any other sign, can flatter the Taurus man’s masculine ego and make him want to protect her.

It’s a turn-on for him.

As is her motherly, nurturing personality—she’ll baby him, and he’ll love it.

Where do Taurus like to be kissed?

Taurus loves to be kissed on the shoulders, neck and upper back.

Taurus rules the throat and shoulder area, so these parts are sensitive for them.

Add in a little ear nibbling, and they’ll be quaking with pleasure.

Who is Cancer’s twin flame?

Cancer’s twin flames are fellow water signs Scorpio and Pisces, as well as earth sign Taurus.

These zodiac signs are especially compatible and vibrate to very similar soul frequencies.

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