What a Taurus Man Wants in a Woman (Top 8 Tips to Bag and Keep Him)

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If you want to get with a Taurus man, you need to know what he’s looking for.

Here’s what a Taurus man wants in a woman:

  • Elegance, maturity and sophistication—a classy woman
  • Femininity combined with strength and independence
  • An ambitious woman who is also a domestic goddess
  • Someone who treats him like a priority but doesn’t smother him

Realistically, it can be hard to give a Taurus man everything he wants.

If you’re not sure how to not fall into the common traps, make sure you understand his emotions and psychology, which a guide like Anna Kovach’s Taurus Man Secrets can teach you.

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What traits are Taurus men attracted to?

Overall, Taurus men are attracted to highly feminine women in appearance as well as attitude.

Specifically, Taurus men like women who dress in low-key but stylish outfits, complete with heels and minimal jewelry when the occasion calls for it.

Taurus is a detail-oriented man who appreciates the little things a woman does to groom and accentuate her beauty.

In terms of her personality, a compassionate, yet strong woman stands out to him.

The traits of a nurturer definitely appeal to him, as do ambition and responsibility.

One thing is certainly true of a Taurus man: Attraction for him is much stronger when he meets a woman who makes him feel masculine, emotionally secure and physically good.

Here are the core things a Taurus man likes in a woman.

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What a Taurus man wants in a woman

1. Low maintenance

Let’s talk about appearance first.

Regardless of whether you wear makeup or not, you should know that a Taurus man will always pick low-maintenance beauty over the ultra glam kind.

He values honesty, which in terms of the way you look means presenting a face that is yours—not one that looks completely different when you take the eyelashes and contouring off.

But also, low maintenance tends to mean easy-going, too, which a Taurus man really needs from a woman he spends time with.

Keep a light hand doing your makeup and hair, which can also save you time!

A Taurus wants to spend time with you, not wait for hours for you to get ready.

Looking good is good! Looking naturally good is even better.

2. Independence

There are two seemingly opposite things a Taurus man wants in a woman.

One is plenty of attention from her. But she must also be independent.

It’s the difference between showing him that you want to spend time with him and showing that you need him to fill up your life.

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So maintaining your regular routines and staying moderately busy is a great way to balance his needs.

That way he can see that you have a life outside of him. And when you call him he’ll know that you really want to talk to him.

If, looking way down the road, he were to get serious with you, he’d need to know that you’re as strong and capable as he is.

That you won’t fall apart if he needs to work long hours, and that you’ll both be doing what you need to do to support the life you want together.

3. A domestic flair

If you have a flair for care-taking in the home, you’re a Taurus man’s dream.

He loves walking into a woman’s apartment that’s clean with nice decor.

And of course, if you can cook, you can steal a Taurus man’s heart.

But it’s more than this, too.

A Taurus man has a weakness for a woman who is family-oriented.

Most Taurus men want kids someday, so seeing all of this gives him the notion that you’re the perfect partner for him to create domestic bliss with.

4. Faithfulness

Arguably, everyone wants a faithful partner. That’s not unique to the Taurus.

That being said, Tauruses are difficult to win over without first proving that you’re not going to be tempted outside of your relationship.

What he really wants is a woman who is so devoted to him that he wouldn’t even catch her checking another guy out.

That would make him nervous and jealous.

Which, if you know Taurus men, can set off a chain reaction of anger, sulking and potentially blocking you out if you don’t have the right response.

(Anna Kovach’s advice is really helpful here—she talks about how to overcome a Taurus man’s possessive behaviors while keeping your relationship intact in Taurus Man Secrets.)

When it comes down to it, a Taurus is not above spying on you on social media or asking around quietly about you to find out if you’re really faithful to him.

5. A gentle touch

Regardless of whether you’re a die-hard career woman or a free-spirited nature lover, femininity is high up on his list of wants in a woman.

This is why he’s drawn to kind, emotionally open types of women.

He likes to feel both physically and emotionally taken care of in a relationship.

For instance, tending to his needs for basic things like food, comfort and security are not small in his books.

Making sure he’s well-fed, getting some soft pillows for him to lay his head on and showing that his feelings matter to you are the kinds of unspoken desires you can intuitively take care of for him.

This will get you a very special place in his heart.

6. Elegance

A woman who carries herself with grace and humility is a woman a Taurus man can see himself with.

To put it in perspective, a woman with no class would embarrass the Taurus man if he were to be seen with her.

A Taurus man is a homebody at heart, but he’s also fairly social and attaches a lot of importance to his image.

You can be quirky or cool. As long as you demonstrate that you have good manners and sophistication.

Maintain an air of confidence around you. Practice having a more refined palette for food, drink, art and culture.

Keep your responses classy and avoid cussing like a sailor.

Dress the part, too—no bare-it-all dental floss types of dresses.

7. Maturity

Because Taurus guys are seeking someone they can have a future with, they need a woman who is mature and responsible.

Someone with a good head on her shoulders.

That means you’ll have to show that you’re financially responsible as well as personally reliable.

The Taurus has to know that he can depend on you should he ever need to.

And also that you aren’t perpetually broke because you either can’t hold down a job or you don’t know how to manage your money.

Those are bad omens to him if he were to get into a relationship with you.

Show that you can keep your life in order and you’re not a drama queen.

In his eyes, a mature woman is past making a mountain out of a molehill and picking fights.

Let small things roll off your back, keep your promises and think about your future when making decisions.

8. A woman who knows what she wants

Taurus men like stability and knowing what they’re getting into.

If a Taurus man is going to be with you, he’ll be more relaxed with you if he knows what you want from your life.

First of all, it shows that you have goals, which he likes. Ambitious women appeal to Taureans.

But also, it helps him envision his life with you.

Are you working on your career? Share that with him. It could demonstrate your responsibility and financial stability to him.

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At the very least, you should know what you want from a relationship.

A Taurus man is not going to mess with any woman who might dance him around on the end of a string.

Other Taurus man questions

How do you know if a Taurus man wants you?

He can make it pretty obvious.

He’ll be doing his best to put himself right in front of you where you couldn’t ignore him if you tried.

He will want to be around you a lot. More than this, you’re the only woman he’ll pay any attention to.

If he can touch your hand or your hair, he will, just to make physical contact with you.

And he’ll turn the charm up, way up.

See the details in Signs a Taurus Man Likes You.

How do you drive a Taurus man crazy?

By playing to his senses, first and foremost.

The Taurus man is a physical guy. You want to make him remember your face, your scent and the way your voice sounds.

You can blow him away by walking in looking gorgeous and smelling like heaven.

Being subtly flirty with your body and your voice will also make him melt.

Touch him appropriately but in a teasing way. Pull him in close and whisper a “secret” in his ear so your voice sounds like melted butter and he can practically feel your lips on his ear.

And don’t forget to play your cards right! Don’t chase him—let him chase you.

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What turns a Taurus man on in a woman?

A Taurus man is turned on by good looks combined with intelligence and charm.

Don’t knock the art of good old fashioned conversation in its power to sway him.

But of course, there are the staples like some sexy underthings.

If you want to know how to turn on a Taurus man, it’s always a good idea to bring some romantic vibes into the equation.

And don’t forget to set up your bedroom for pure comfort and pleasure.

The more you understand your Taurus man’s needs, the greater the chance that you can make it last with him.

A top guide to his heart, mind and soul that we recommend is Taurus Man Secrets.

It answers your burning questions, like what is a Taurus man is really thinking? How do you get him to commit? How can you please him like no other woman ever has?

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