About Zodiac Guides

Meet the Team

Editor in Chief – Mila Pasternak


Head of Content Marketing – Cierra Loflin

We are astrology enthusiasts who hope to help some internet users out there by sharing our research picked up over the decades and experiences with the zodiac signs. Our goal is to provide a practical knowledge base so that you can search for answers to your questions about why the signs do what they do, what they’re really thinking and how to navigate your relationships with them.

Our focus is on relationships because they’re important. They make up a huge portion of our lives, and sometimes it’s hard to know where a person is coming from if you don’t understand their motivations and desires. That’s where astrology comes in.

The guides we write are meant to take the broader, more complex facets of astrology and apply them to real-life situations we all experience every day. We leave the predictive stuff to the certified astrologers and concentrate on explaining the often unseen nuances of our relationships with our coworkers, friends, loved ones and spouses with the language of the stars.

We’re excited to share our love of astrology with you, our fellow star seekers! And we love hearing about your astrology experiences, so feel free to email us with yours!