The Gemini Man: How Do Geminis Act When They Like Someone?

how do geminis act when they like someone

Not sure how to tell if a Gemini man is actually into you or not? How do Geminis act when they like someone? Here’s a quick summary of what they do: They get particularly goofy around you They want to know everything you think and feel They get brazen and start showing off They want … Read more

How to Make a Gemini Man Jealous (And Why You Should Be Careful)

how to make a gemini man jealous

It’s often said that you can’t make a Gemini man jealous. But many people who have dated Geminis will tell you different. Here’s how to make a Gemini man jealous, and what you’re risking if you do. Are Gemini Men the Jealous Types? If you look this up, you’ll find a lot of definitive answers … Read more

Gemini Man: When a Gemini Is Done With You (7 Clear Signs)

when a gemini is done with you

Has the Gemini guy you’ve been seeing vanished into thin air? Is he over you or what? Here’s what he’ll do when a Gemini is done with you: Pay you less and less attention until you can’t get any of his time anymore Become much blunter with you Leave your texts on read and go … Read more

How to Seduce a Gemini Man (15 Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs)

How to seduce a Gemini man

Met a sexy Gemini man and need to know how to make him yours? This is the place to find out. Today, we’re going to talk about how to seduce a Gemini man. How to Seduce a Gemini Man on the First Date First, you’ve got to seduce his mind. Geminis are known to be … Read more

Gemini Men in Relationships (7 Tips on Dating a Gemini Man)

gemini men in relationships

Wondering how to make the best impression on your new Gemini boyfriend? What’s dating one of these guys like, anyway? Here’s the quick answer: Dating a Gemini is full of surprises, which you’ll want to embrace Big emotional displays make them nervous Gemini men live in their heads and need a mental connection with you … Read more

Gemini Man and Marriage (10 Tips to Make Your Gemini Husband Happy)

gemini man and marriage

Gemini man and marriage? Is that a contradiction? Believe it or not, Gemini men can be tamed! Here’s how to keep your marriage strong and your Gemini happy: Stay curious, adventurous and open-minded Be goofy with your Gemini husband Trust him and approach career and life changes as a team Give him space and regular … Read more

How to Talk to a Gemini Man (9 Tips, Plus What NOT to Say)

how to talk to a gemini man

Need to know what to say to win over a Gemini man? He’s got the gift of gab, so you’ll need to come prepared. Here’s how to talk to a Gemini man. How to Talk to a Gemini Man 1. Hook him in the first sentence Because you’re battling against the Gemini’s short (really short) … Read more