Why Married Taurus Man Cheats (And What to Do If He’s Cheating)

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Taurus man being unfaithful? We’re explaining why a married Taurus man cheats, and how you should respond if he’s cheating on you.

Here’s what drives a married Taurus man to cheat:

  • He feels the relationship is off-balance and no longer mutually supportive
  • He’s looking for comfort and security he’s not getting at home
  • He’s become passive about his marriage, and he’s willing to risk it to get what he wants

You should never let a Taurus man take advantage of your trust because if he sees he can cross that boundary, he’ll do it again.

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Do Taurus Men Like to Cheat?

Taurus men don’t usually have a high track record of cheating.

Quite the opposite, they’re pretty famous for their loyalty.

However, that doesn’t mean no Taurus man has ever cheated on his wife or girlfriend.

It does happen, even though it’s not as expected as it would be from, say, a Sagittarius guy (sorry, Sag!).

But do Taurus men like cheating on their partners?

That’s not really the case.

While a Taurus man might look to get certain needs and desires fulfilled elsewhere, he’s aware of his actions and they will eventually weigh heavy on his conscience.

It’s also simply too much chaos for the stability-loving Taurus man to keep up in the long term.

Why a Married Taurus Man Cheats

A married Taurus man doesn’t take an affair lightly

When a married Taurus man cheats, the bottom line is that he’s not feeling loved, respected or supported in his relationship.

Taurus men take marriage and commitment very seriously.

Cheating is more of a risk when they’re dating, and have not yet made an internal commitment to a woman.

In that case, they’re more likely to cheat out of boredom or to stroke their ego.

But marriage is the “end of the road” to Taurus guys. 

It signals the end of sowing their wild oats and settling into the much-needed comfort and security of a forever relationship.

However, if that relationship no longer provides comfort and security, the Taurus guy may start to shut himself off from it.

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The balance in the relationship is off

Ultimately, what drives him into the arms of another woman is feeling that the relationship is now too much “work” and not enough reward.

This can happen if the marriage is lacking emotional intimacy, sexual intimacy or support.

A Taurus has rigid expectations of a marriage, whether he openly expresses them or not.

He’s very traditional, and somewhat macho.

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He expects his wife to provide plenty of nurturing, and for his role to be the leader of the household.

And as such, his spouse should bend around his plans if he needs her to as he conquers his goals.

After all, if he’s the breadwinner, he believes he should be unquestioningly supported.

To him, that’s what 50-50 looks like in a relationship.

But of course, not everybody agrees.

And when things don’t go the way the stubborn Taurus man believes they should in a marriage, he may find himself complaining about it to a pretty, single female.

It doesn’t happen overnight

An overnight disagreement is not going to make a married Taurus man cheat.

He’s not impulsive, and though he appreciates beautiful women, he put chasing them out of his mind when he got married.

However, if he feels he’s no longer in a functioning relationship, he will no longer see a reason to stay loyal to it.

That doesn’t seem fair or sensible to him.

And as we’ve talked about on this blog, a Taurus man makes decisions based on what seems rational and logical.

Again, the slow-moving Taurus man usually takes a while to work up to the decision to cheat.

So by the time it happens, it usually means there were problems festering.

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He’s being passive about his marriage

Usually, if a married Taurus man gets to the stage of cheating, it means he believes his marriage is basically dead at that point.

He may or may not have the guts to leave his wife—Tauruses hate change and upheaval.

But he isn’t happy, either.

A feminine sign, Taurus takes the passive way out.

A Taurus man will cheat in the hopes that either he doesn’t get caught, or at the very least, his wife is the one to leave him.

Keep in mind, Taurus men struggle to make a huge change like getting divorced.

So unfortunately, they would rather drag their relationship into an affair and hold onto some semblance of stability.

If they haven’t made up their minds yet about which woman they want to be with, they’ll try to play both.

Again, it’s all about comfort to the Taurus man—his comfort, and maintaining it at all costs.

How to Respond If Your Taurus Man Is Cheating on You

Respond calmly

It’s going to be hard, but you have to keep your composure.

If you lose it in front of him, he’ll jump on it as an excuse to either distance himself from you or put blame on you for his cheating.

A Taurus man can easily make you feel like you’re crazy.

So step one is to not give him the chance. Keep your cool.

Secondly, you want to do this because the Taurus man responds to logic and reason.

So if you’re going to confront him about his cheating, it’s best to do it in a more matter-of-fact way than an emotional one, because that will shut him right down.

Let him know you know about her

Be straight up about it.

Let your Bull know that the jig is up and you know what’s going on.

Tauruses consider themselves honest folks and say that they appreciate honesty.

So let the light shine on the truth.

It puts you on equal footing with the Taurus man, and will force him to treat you with respect.

Provide evidence

It’s best not to come to the Taurus man without evidence of the affair.

This is because he’ll probably deny it, if he can.

Taurus men are only honest when they don’t feel that their whole world is being threatened.

And that’s what’s happening when you confront them with their cheating—because they know things have to change.

So have your ducks in a row first and support your side with texts between him and his affair partner, photos or whatever other evidence you can get.

Keep him on a short leash, or cut him loose

Now is the time to decide whether you want to stay with him—or not.

If you want to try to mend your relationship, it’s crucial not to turn a blind eye again.

Make the Taurus man realize that he has to work for your trust again.

But as a word of caution, you don’t want to get too controlling, because that pushes the Taurus man in the opposite direction.

Just let him know what you expect, and that you will tolerate zero nonsense from now on.

He’ll need to prove he can be trustworthy, which is a concept the Taurus man can understand and respect.

If he can’t do this, then it’s probably time to consider letting go.

But beware—you’ll need to make a clean break.

Don’t let the Taurus man keep you in his emotional clutches, because he has a way of enticing his exes back.

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Whatever you decide to do, good luck and remember—you are a strong woman!

That’s what made the Taurus man want to marry you in the first place, and also what will get you through this difficult time now.

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Taurus Men FAQ

Can a married Taurus man fall in love with another woman?


If his marriage is on the rocks and he’s not getting the love and attention he expects, a Taurus man may find romance and love with another woman.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean a Taurus man will leave his wife for his paramour.

If you want to know the details of this situation, read Married Taurus Man in Love With Another Woman.

What Taurus man wants in a wife?

A Taurus man wants a feminine wife who will nurture him and care for the home and family.

He wants to feel like a man when he goes out in public with his wife, which means she should look feminine and act like a lady.

But he also wants a strong woman who is his true partner and equal.

On top of this, she should be affectionate.

He needs plenty of physical displays of love and adoration, and he’d like a healthy and regular sex life to indulge his lusty desires.

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How does a Taurus man in love behave?

If a Taurus man is in love with you, he’ll become the heroic romantic of love epics.

He’ll adore and protect you, and focus on you with laser-like attention.

He’ll buy you flowers and gifts, take you out to expensive restaurants and hold doors open for you.

He’s a total gentleman, and he believes in an old-fashioned style of courtship.

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Signs a Taurus man is seeing someone else

  • He lives in another city or state some distance away from you
  • He only contacts you when he’ll be in your neighborhood
  • He’s difficult to get a hold of when he doesn’t want to see you
  • He’s vague about his whereabouts and private life

Will a Taurus man leave his girlfriend?

He might, but don’t hold your breath.

A Taurus man is slow to make any decision, especially a big one like whether to leave his girlfriend.

On the one hand, he’s not as committed as he would be in a marriage to his wife.

But he also doesn’t like to rock the boat too much.

If he’s cheating on his girlfriend with you, think about it from his perspective—why would he leave her when he can have both of you?

Because that’s guaranteed to be how he’s thinking.

Which is why it’s best to be very careful with how you proceed with a Taurus man who’s involved with someone else, and not give him what he wants without making him do the hard work first.

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