When a Taurus Man Decides You’re the One (15 Critical Signs)

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Think your Taurus man might be ready to commit to you?

Here are the key signs when a Taurus man decides you’re The One:

  • He goes from hot and cold to steady and reliable
  • He’s possessive, but in a good way
  • Your financial future is important to him
  • You’re in with his friends and family
  • He’s actually open and honest about his feelings
  • You’ve earned his trust

Or…maybe you suspect your Taurus man is still keeping you at arm’s length?

Trust your gut.

If you want to make sure you don’t lose a Taurus man, your best defense is to show him you understand him like no other woman, which Anna Kovach will teach you how to do in Taurus Man Secrets.

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When a Taurus Man Decides You’re the One

Before you start shopping for a white dress, you have to know how your Taurus man really feels about your relationship.

But if you’re not ready to ask that question straight out, you can at least get a good idea by following his signals.

Without further ado, here are 15 hints he’s dropping that he wants to commit to you.

1. His hot/cold behavior stops

In the beginning of dating, your Taurus man probably pushed you to your limits with his hot and cold behavior.

Remember when you thought he was finally dropping his guard, only to realize…he wasn’t?

If he’s stopped this annoying push-pull dance, that’s a huge sign.

A Taurus man will go hot and cold on you while he’s deciding what he wants in a relationship.

However, once he’s made his choice, he sheds this act like a snake shedding its skin.

He no longer needs it, since he finally feels confident that you’re his one and only.

So watch if your Taurus guy is suddenly consistent and accountable…no more MIA episodes or acting distant.

It means he’s all in.

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2. He doesn’t rush it

If you’ve been waiting for a Taurus man to commit to you, you may need to wait a little longer.

A Taurus man doesn’t dive into commitment without first analyzing it from every angle.

He feels rushing something serious would do your relationship a disservice.

If you’re meant to be together, he feels strongly that you should take your time.

He’s definitely not the type to pop the question, then dash to city hall that weekend to elope.

Rest assured, if he’s not leaping into the next stage of your relationship, it’s not a sign that he’s dragging his feet.

Rather, it shows just how serious he is about you (and his desire to not screw things up).

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3. He’s possessive, in a good way

If a Taurus man is possessive of you, it’s because he’s invested.

We’re not talking about straight jealousy—more like, letting the world know you’re his.

You’ll see it in your interactions with other men, with your Taurus man stepping in to save you when another guy awkwardly tries to flirt with you.

You’ll hear it when the Taurus talks about you, calling you “his” girl, even to gorgeous single women. 

Rest assured, it’s definitely the Taurus man marking his territory.

But in a kind of grown-up way where you can tell he feels secure about you, not in a jealous way where he’s still questioning your loyalty to him.

4. He wants to help you become financially secure

Is your Bull overly concerned about your financial wellbeing?

You might think he’s being a little too obsessive, but money is a big deal to him.

Being financially secure is connected to a Taurus man’s overall sense of comfort and security, and he measures yours by that same yardstick.

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So take it as a compliment if he’s trying to help you make wise financial choices.

It means he cares about you, and is probably looking ahead to the future with you in it.

5. He feels financially secure himself

This sign can fly under the radar.

What woman would stop to consider how a man’s finances affect his readiness for commitment?

Maybe not all men, but for Taurus men, they have to feel like they have their ducks in a row.

And having a nice, cushy bank account is a must for them.

Otherwise, they won’t feel they can provide, which can eat away at their psyches.

Not just this, but not having a financial safety net for a Taurus man means that he’s going to put everything else aside until he gets one.

Including your relationship’s progress.

So if your Taurus man doesn’t sweat his cash flow, you know he’s in a space where he feels capable of committing to you.

6. He gets you special gifts

When it comes to gift giving, Taurus guys aren’t cheap.

Especially when they feel they’ve met The One.

You’ll receive lavish gifts and weekend getaways at swanky hotels.

Are you into designer bags? A Taurus would spring to get you one just to make you smile.

However, he won’t make these big purchases—even if he can easily afford them—unless he believes you love him for him, and not his cash.

Once he feels safe with you in the knowledge that you’re not using him for what he can do with you, he’ll stop at nothing to spoil you.

Because if anyone is worth it, it’s his future wifey.

7. He integrates you into his family

Are you in with his family?

Being exposed to a Taurus man’s family at any point in the dating game is a test.

A Taurus is highly protective of the ones he loves. He doesn’t let just anybody into his inner circle.

So if you’ve met the fam and your Taurus man encourages you to get closer and hang out with them, that’s a pretty huge sign.

It means he feels you’re his family now, too.

8. He trusts you

If you’ve earned a Taurus man’s trust, congratulations.

Not only is that super difficult, it also means you’re one of very few people who are actually close to him.

A Taurus man who’s falling for a woman has to be able to trust her.

Even if he feels strongly about a woman, if he finds he can’t trust her, he’ll automatically end the relationship.

As far as he sees it, if he couldn’t put his faith in her, she was never The One.

On the other hand, if he trusts you completely because you’ve never tried to make him jealous or given him reason to doubt you, that’s soulmate material.

It’s not the only thing that will convince him (obviously, you still have to win his heart!), but it’s a gigantic and often underrated part of the process.

If you want to know what else you need to do to prove you’re a Taurus man’s soulmate, check out Taurus Man Secrets.

9. He’ll drop everything to show you support

If you’re The One for a Taurus, you never need to face the difficulties life throws at you alone again.

He’ll do whatever he can, whatever is possible to support and uplift you.

It doesn’t matter if he’s tired or busy. He will set all of that aside to be there for you in a heartbeat.

This is one of those things that’s super special about Tauruses, and one of the reasons their relationships are so rock solid.

10. His closest friends respect you

A Taurus man’s closest friends tend to be similar to him—deeply loyal and sort of tough to win over.

So if his friends are warm, respectful and welcoming of you in their group, it’s a significant step in your relationship.

They recognize how the Taurus man feels about you, and how serious things are.

They may even know something you don’t about his future plans involving you.

Either way, it’s always a good sign when an earthy Taurus man’s closest pals treat you like you’re not going anywhere any time soon.

11. He talks about starting a family

Taurus men are very traditional, including in their desire to have kids someday.

When they start dropping comments about how the two of you would be as parents, take note.

Or if you’re apartment hunting together, and he talks about having space to raise a family.

He won’t want to talk you into it so much as gauge your reactions to see if you’re on board.

If you are, he’ll know it’s safe to lock your relationship down.

12. He’s not afraid to discuss the future

Tauruses are honest to a fault.

If you want to know what a Taurus is thinking, pay attention to what they say—or leave out.

A Taurus man who doesn’t want a future with you, quite simply, won’t talk about it.

Everything will be about the here and now, and you won’t know much about his goals.

On the other hand, if he does wish you’d stick around, he’ll talk about his own future like your relationship is a given in it.

He won’t hesitate to make plans way down the line with you, either.

It’s kind of subtle, but it does speak volumes about where a Taurus man sees your relationship going.

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13. He’s honest about his feelings

Speaking of Taurus honesty, a Taurus man won’t string you along if he’s not that serious about you.

He’ll let you know what he wants and how he sees your relationship—for better or for worse.

Simply put, he sees his time as too valuable to waste it in a relationship that’s not going anywhere.

By the same token, he’s very motivated once he finds the woman he wants to settle down with.

So while Taurus men are usually famous for their lack of transparency about their emotions, they’re surprisingly straightforward when they’re ready to commit.

If you’re not sure, just ask!

14. He wants to move in or buy real estate together

A Taurus man is more likely to suggest buying real estate together than getting hitched.

But not because Taurus men are not anti-marriage by any means.

On the contrary, they believe in marriage and make great husbands.

But it’s not always a top priority for them, even when they know they want to be with you for the rest of their lives.

So they may prioritize practical moves first, like buying a home.

Or at least moving in together.

If a Taurus man says he wants you to move in, pay attention.

He covets his personal space and his bachelor pad…until a woman comes along who’s so special that he can’t function without her.

15. He gets your opinion on big life decisions

When not in a serious relationship, a Taurus man acts like an island.

Stubborn to the core, he doesn’t care what other people think about his actions or decisions. Not even necessarily the girl he’s dating.

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Shockingly, that’s not the case when he meets a woman he’s serious about.

If you’re The One, the bullheaded Taurus man becomes much more tame and will actually seek out your advice.

Part of it is because he sees you as his equal and has faith in your superior logic and pragmatism.

But also, he truly cares about how his decisions will affect you.

It’s no small thing for a self-oriented Taurus man to take your opinion into account, especially if it means having to rearrange his life.

But he’s happy to do so, as long as you stay in the picture!

Taurus Men FAQ

How do you know a Taurus man is serious about you?

You know a Taurus man is serious about you when:

  • He pulls out all the stops on a traditional romance and courtship
  • He does not rush into it—he deliberately takes things slowly
  • Having routines together is important to him
  • He makes sure neither of you are open to dating anyone else
  • He expects to spend a lot of your free time together
  • He shares his private world with you—on his own comfort level—and does not try to keep you out of it

How do you know if a Taurus man wants a relationship?

The simple answer is that he’ll tell you.

Blunt and honest, Taurus men are known to just come out and say if they want to date you.

At the same time, they’ll tell you in no uncertain terms if they don’t want a relationship.

As long as you’re not afraid to ask.

But in general, if a Taurus man is romancing you, you should proceed from the assumption that he wants a relationship and stop talking to other guys.

That is, if you want a relationship with him.

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How do Taurus men connect emotionally?

Taurus men connect emotionally through physical touch.

Acts like cuddling, kissing and hand-holding express not only desire, but mutual affection.

To a Taurus man, there can be so much more “said” in an embrace than with words, which can be difficult for the Taurean to find.

In addition to physical touch, Tauruses find emotional connection through spending quality time together.

This usually means chilling on the couch together after cooking a homemade meal, sharing a bottle of good red wine, as you do every Wednesday night.

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How does Taurus man show love?

A Taurus man shows his love through his actions.

He hugs you often, protects you and shows unwavering loyalty and support.

Sometimes a Taurus man’s partner underestimates how deeply he feels because he doesn’t say it a lot.

But you should not ignore what a Taurus man does for you if he’s not so verbal.

Because that’s how he’s trying to communicate with you.

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How does a Taurus man test a woman?

Some of a Taurus man’s most confusing behaviors are actually a Taurus man testing a woman.

Here are some of his most famous tests:

  • Acting interested, then ignoring your texts
  • Bailing before a big date
  • Showing possessive or jealous behavior
  • Asking you lots of personal questions on a date
  • Pulling you closer, then pushing you away

Signs a Taurus man is playing you

A Taurus man is a player if:

  • You don’t go out together—your “dates” are always at your place
  • Communication is totally one-sided
  • You never know where he is or what he’s doing when he’s not with you
  • He won’t answer even the most basic questions about himself
  • He’s kinda harsh and critical of you
  • He doesn’t cuddle with you
  • He never tries to impress you romantically
  • He’s not just taking it slow, he’s actively avoiding you until he wants something from you

Do Taurus men do friends with benefits?

They can, but they don’t prefer it.

Taurus men prefer to be in monogamous relationships.

When they do happen to fall into “friends with benefits” types of relationships, it’s often with a friend for whom they’ve had some confusing feelings.

But usually, if he sees you as a friend, that’s where it stops.

He tends to save his sexual and romantic side for a potential partner.

If you’re ready to make a Taurus man yours for good, get your hands on Anna Kovach’s game-changing guide Taurus Man Secrets.

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