Taurus Man Acting Distant? Don’t Ignore This Crucial Advice

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Taurus man acting distant? You need to know why—and what to do—before it’s too late.

Here’s why a Taurus guy acts distant:

  • It’s a test of your actual desire for him
  • He has mixed feelings
  • Things got busy at work and he has no clue he’s ignoring you
  • He’s wondering if your relationship is real, or just sexual
  • He has doubts about things working out

If you don’t want to lose your Taurus man, don’t pressure him when he’s acting distant.

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Or, keep reading to learn why a Taurus man grows distant, and the most important thing you can do to reverse it (hint: it’s staying consistent!).

Why Is Your Taurus Man Acting Distant?

So. Your Taurus man came on strong—and now he’s almost completely stopped calling and texting.

Ask pretty much any woman who’s dated a Taurus man, and you’ll hear that same story over and over again.

The dark truth is, this is very typical Taurus man behavior.

So once and for all, let’s put the question of why this happens to bed—no more sleepless nights wondering if he still likes you.

Here’s why a Taurus guy suddenly distances himself from you.

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He got swamped at work

I know it sounds too simple, but have you noticed if his life is just really busy right now?

If a Taurus man is focused on a task, forget about hearing from him.

This man struggles to remember to text you when he has literally anything else to do, like getting his car washed or eating lunch.

He’s a sensory-based earth sign who lives in the here and now, which means whatever is grabbing his attention IRL is what he responds to.

So before you make an assumption, check first that he doesn’t just have some big work project or other thing going on in his personal life.

He’s kind of an out-of-sight, out-of-mind type of guy.

Although that doesn’t imply he’s any less interested in you.

He’s testing how into him you are

One of the key ways a Taurus man tests you is by forcing you to show your hand.

If you’re truly as interested in him as you act, you won’t let him be the one who got away.

Though Taurus men are the masculine stereotype who like to do the chasing, they’re surprisingly passive in a lot of ways.

So if your Taurus man was hitting you up all day every day, then suddenly vanished, consider that he’s waiting for you to throw him a line.

If he’s going to pursue a woman, he needs to know he’s not barking up the wrong tree.

So you might need to remind him that you are, in fact, excited about him.

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He’s nervous about catching feelings

You wouldn’t know it from looking at him, but a Taurus man has deep insecurities about rejection.

The thing is, all he wants is a solid, committed relationship.

But it has to be with the right woman who will not play with his emotions.

So if the Taurus man starts getting a little gun shy about contacting you, yet he finds a way to stay in communication with you, that’s totally normal.

He needs plenty of time and space to sit with his own feelings.

One thing you need to keep in mind is how incredibly slowly Taurus men move in relationships.

It’s way, way slower than your average.

But eventually, when the Taurus man feels that things are secure, he’ll start upping the communication and show you he’s in it for the long haul.

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You slept together too soon

This is unfortunately a common thing with Taurus men.

They expect to chase a woman for many weeks and slowly, after enough dates and emotional connectivity time, develop the physical side of the relationship.

Yes, it’s old-fashioned, and not everyone is on that same page with Taurus men.

But that’s the way they operate.

Regardless of how much a Taurus man likes you, if you jump into bed on the first or second date, he’ll question the basis of your relationship.

Is it just sexual? To him, it might be now.

It sucks, especially when he was just as guilty for falling into a night of passion.

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But if you wanted to know how his mind works, there it is.

He might have assumed that’s what you were after, and decided that’s about as far as he’ll allow things to go with you.

He’s stewing over an argument you had

Did you have a disagreement with your Bull?

Hardheaded and sensitive at the same time, Taurus guys will stew about it for days. Sometimes a week or more.

When you ruffle his feathers, the way this man will handle it is to freeze you out for a while.

Until he thinks you’ve had enough torment, or until you address it with him so that he feels free to express his feelings.

Because he will be very unlikely to talk about it first.

He doesn’t want to burden you with his problems

Along the lines of a Taurus man not wanting to talk about issues, he doesn’t like to call someone up to vent about his problems.

That especially goes for a woman he’s dating or is interested in.

The last thing he wants to do is bring down the romantic atmosphere when he’s annoyed or bummed out.

And he’s very unlikely to reach out to you and discuss this so that you have some inside knowledge of why he’s so distant lately.

It’s kind of something you either have to know, or ask about.

You’re a little too needy

Are you constantly texting the Taurus man?

That might be your problem right there.

It might seem like he was the one who was all over you at first. But nevertheless, Bulls get weird about having someone in their “space” all the time.

They make sure they have all the room they need to do what they want, when they want.

The minute they start to feel like they have to answer to text you, they’re going to pull back hard to reestablish their independence.

He got jealous

A Taurus man’s jealousy is infamous.

Possessive to the extreme, a Taurean believes you’re his. And he does not like to share.

So in case you didn’t get that memo and you casually mentioned hanging out with another guy, it probably struck a nerve.

And if that’s what’s going on, you’ll definitely experience a pull-back from your Taurus man.

He’ll go into self-protection mode and eyeball you from afar to gauge whether you’re to be trusted or not.

And note, he can be a little extreme with his jealousy.

It doesn’t take much.

He has no idea he’s acting distant

It may seem weird, but Taurus men are not the most observant about their actions.

The fact may be that the Taurus guy has no idea he’s doing this at all.

As far as he knows, he’s just doing his thing, living his life.

When in reality, he’s driving you insane with his hot and cold behavior.

Taureans aren’t known as the best communicators, and they tend to make a lot of assumptions about your relationship unless otherwise told.

Which is one reason they like a strong woman who holds her boundaries.

It’s easier to know where they stand, because she will speak up and let them know.

Something doesn’t sit right with him about your relationship

The Taurus man will act distant if he wants a relationship with you, but doesn’t quite see how it can happen.

You see, a Taurus man will only be in touch if he sees the potential between you.

If you’re long-distance, maybe he’s questioning how realistic it is that you’ll eventually live closer to one another. And who will need to make the move.

Yes, a Taurus man thinks that far ahead.

Maybe he really likes you, but he doesn’t know yet that your values or political views can get along.

If so, he’s going to take a major step back until he can determine the safest play.

If you want to prove to a Taurus man beyond a shadow of a doubt that you belong together, you can do it without driving yourself crazy with the tips in Taurus Man Secrets.

What to Do When a Taurus Is Distant?

Okay, now that you have a list of most likely reasons a Taurus man is distancing himself from you, it’s time to talk about how you should respond.

Because this is where a lot of women mess up and push the Taurus further away.

Let’s dive in.

Do not chase him

First rule: Never chase your Taurus man!

Don’t act out for his attention or beat down his door.

Because all that will succeed in doing is confirming in his mind that he’s got to keep you at a distance.

If you make a Taurus man feel guilty for not hanging out with you, or you get too demanding, he will walk away without feeling any more need to explain himself.

Prove that you’re independent and confident in your own life.

You don’t need him (though you’d like to spend some time with him—there’s a big difference).

This will help show that you have clear value to the Taurus man and encourage him to come back around again and again.

Make your intentions clear

Are you sure that the Taurus man knows exactly what your intentions are?

I’m talking, not just flirting with him or dropping hints?

If you want a Taurus man, you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and say it honestly and in a straightforward manner.

Taurus men hate games.

They’ll only keep talking to you if they feel like you’re not going to play them.

If you’re worried it will ruin the mood, don’t be. Tauruses love confidence.

And it proves that you’re a person with substance and loyalty, both qualities that they look for in a partner.

Tell him your expectations

If you want him to keep texting you at least every couple of days, say so.

Taurus men can be pretty oblivious.

Chances are, he’s clueless as to what you’re feeling about his lack of communication.

Just be sure to tell him in a calm manner that doesn’t come across as whiny or overly emotional.

You’re just letting him know how you like to be treated, plain and simple.

And now it’s up to him to find a way to make you feel secure, now that he knows what will do the trick.

Let him know you’re there for him

In case your Taurus man is going through a rough time, it’s important to show your support.

Reach out and let him know you’re there if he needs you. No matter what.

He’ll likely tell you how much he appreciates this.

But don’t stop there.

Since he may not feel comfortable laying all of his problems out on the table in front of you, you can also help coax it out of him by asking if there’s something bothering him.

If there is, he’ll say so.

It might have nothing to do with you.

And if it does have something to do with you, now you’ve opened the door for him to express his emotions—something he struggles to do.

Let him know there’s no other man

If you think the Taurus man got the wrong idea about your relationship, you should make it abundantly clear that you’re not talking to any other men.

Depending on the situation, it may take a while for him to come back around.

But if you prove that you’re not lining up other dates, and that you really just want the Taurus man, he’ll get that message.

He may need to see evidence of it, if only by you being consistent in demonstrating your interest in him.

Make sure you’re not using any dating apps if you know he’s the one you want.

Again, it will still take time to gain his trust.

Live your life

Can’t quite seem to get that Taurus man to bite?

The best thing you can do is live your life.

You’re not ignoring him so much as you’re prioritizing yourself, your own goals and your own happiness.

An earth sign like a Taurus can respect that.

Not only can he respect it, he will.

In fact, it may be just the push he needs to hit you up again, knowing that you aren’t revolving your life around him or hanging your happiness on him.

And in case he ends up being a jerk, you’ll have a much softer landing emotionally if you’re hanging out with your buds instead of waiting alone at home by the phone for his call.

The #1 Advice When a Taurus Man Is Distant: Be Consistent

The most important, yet underrated advice I can give you about Taurus men?

taurus man pull away square image


So many times, I see women acting insecure and breaking up with their Tauruses like it’s a reflex, out of fear of rejection.

Or playing super hard-to-get, on a level where they’re actually unreachable.

This is a very good way to get a Taurus man to stop talking to you altogether.

No matter how hot and cold you believe a Taurus man is acting, if you drop the ball, he’s going to think you’re unreliable.

And this stability-loving earth sign can’t have that in his life.

Remember, he moves very slowly, and he might not be aware that he’s acting so distant in the first place.

So if you ignore or reject as a taste of his own medicine, your intentions are very different from his.

And he will only learn that he needs to steer clear of you.

On the other hand, if you prove that you’ll show up no matter what, you’ll pass his most major tests and land him in the end just through your patience and loyalty.

Only those who prove they can wait will win a Taurus man’s trust and his heart.

Final Thoughts

If a Taurus man is acting distant lately, it’s best not to jump to conclusions.

Taurus men get that way when they’re immersed in something, and otherwise he may be going through something that has nothing to do with you at the moment.

But if there is something else going on, you need to act with patience, kindness and understanding.

All without getting too clingy and making sure to respect your Taurus man’s boundaries.

And prove your reliability through your actions!

The recipe to win a Taurus man in the end is actually quite simple: loyalty, consistency and trust.

Taurus Men FAQ

What does it mean when a Taurus man ignores you?

If a Taurus man ignores you, it means he’s setting clear boundaries.

He’s asserting his right to take some space in your relationship, especially if you just started dating.

He needs space to feel more secure and in control while he tests your relationship’s strength.

Sometimes, a Taurus man will ignore you out of spite because he’s mad about something you did.

Or unsure about you.

If you want to know more, read Why Do Taurus Men Ignore You?

How do you know when a Taurus man is done with you?

A Taurus man will pull away from you and treat you with coldness or rudeness if he’s done with you.

He’ll go out of his way to make sure you get the message that he’s not interested.

At some point, he’ll stop responding to you completely and ignore your existence no matter how hard you try.

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Do Taurus push people away?

Yes, Tauruses will push people away to protect themselves.

They do this automatically if they feel threatened or like they’re giving their loyalty to someone who doesn’t deserve it.

They’ll also push you away out of sheer stubbornness, like if you’re trying to introduce a change in their lives (Tauruses hate change). Or simply to not let you win.

It can seem super immature, but Tauruses will do anything to maintain control.

Taurus man acts interested, then disappears

This is classic behavior of a Taurus man who is just taking his sweet time deciding about you.

He’s extremely slow to move a relationship forward, much less commit.

So if a Taurus man acts interested, then disappears, know that it’s totally typical and he’ll probably resurface if you stay the course and play it cool.

Taurus man stopped texting

If the Taurus man stopped texting, here are a few reasons why:

  • He is bad at texting (true story)
  • He’s making up his mind about you
  • He’s actually really into you, so he’s slowing things down
  • He lost interest in you

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Taurus man slow or not interested?

The key to telling whether a Taurus man is moving slowly or just plain isn’t interested is how he reacts to you.

If you reach out to him and he totally ignores you or gives you one-word responses, he’s probably not into you.

But if he acts enthusiastic when you get in touch with him and always gets back to you (eventually), rest assured, he’s just being a Taurus man.

Feeling clueless and helpless about Taurus men?

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