25 Hottest Taurus Man Turn Ons (You Need to Read #15)

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Want to know how to turn your Taurus man on at the drop of a hat?

Here are the top Taurus man turn ons:

  • Feed your Taurus man—with your hands
  • Set the scene with candles, music and your best sheets
  • Smell like a goddess
  • Gentle touch and sensual massage
  • Slow, deep kissing and hours of foreplay

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Taurus Man Turn Ons

1. Neck nibbling

Being that Taurus rules the throat, neck and shoulder area, it’s highly sensitive.

Taurus men like it when you touch them anywhere, but kissing, rubbing and nibbling a Taurean’s neck makes them melt into a puddle.

Don’t forget to go behind their ears and moan softly while you kiss and run your tongue along their earlobes.

So hot.

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2. A sweet and sultry scent

A Taurus man’s nose is super sensitive.

Bad hygiene will turn him right off, while a delectable scent will make him chase you for your number.

If you want to turn a Taurus man on, you can’t forget your perfume.

Sweet, floral scents blended with vanilla, gardenia or sandalwood will do the trick.

Spritz or dab lightly and strategically…

Anywhere you want him to get a little closer.

3. Subtle flirting

Taurus men like modest women.

They do love it when a pretty woman flirts with them, but she should not throw herself at them.

A Taurus male wants to feel intrigued by a woman.

He’s smart enough to pick up on subtle hints and loves a class act.

So be mysterious and leave enough to his imagination that he craves your attention.

4. Touchable lingerie

Taurus is the most sensory, sensual zodiac sign.

There’s nothing a Taurus man likes more than total immersion in a sensory experience, like touching, feeling and stroking something that feels soft and amazing.

So go out and buy yourself some silk lingerie he can glide his hands over.

And then under.

Don’t cheap out on the materials—not if you want his paws all over you.

5. Luxurious bed sheets

If you want to bed a Taurus man, you’re going to need to pony up the cash for some better sheets.

Get the softest ones you can find, in a color that will make him feel sensual, like burgundy or emerald green.

You’ll feel sexier, and your Taurus man will appreciate the effort you put into creating a sensual haven for him.

6. A home-cooked meal

Tauruses love food. Good food, that is!

And they especially find it adorable and very sexy when a woman cooks for them.

So dust off your cookbooks and invite that man over for dinner and a good bottle of wine.

It’s an easy way to start the seduction game.

Plus, it will give him the energy to do dirty things to you later.

7. Natural beauty

You don’t have to go full glam for a Taurus man.

While he does like a woman who takes care of her appearance, he likes seeing a woman’s face under her makeup.

If you wear makeup, go for a fresh-faced, dewy look.

If you’ve got curls, don’t straighten them—wash with a curly hair shampoo and let them fall softly around your face.

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Tauruses are drawn to nature. So let nature be your muse. 

8. Gentle touch

You don’t want to handle a Taurus man roughly.

That is, until much later in the evening when you’ve built up to that.

No, Taurus men need gentle touches and soft strokes and they’ll purr like a kitten.

Remember, soft and romantic turn him on!

9. Mutual massages

What’s better than touching a Taurus man softly and gently?

Touching each other.

Tauruses live for massages and like giving them as much as receiving them.

So break out the massage oils and rub every square inch of his body down, before letting him do the same to you. 

I can assure you, he will not want you to skip any part of a sensual massage.

But he’ll reward you generously (and for hours) after.

10. Hand feeding each other

It’s not just the food that turns a Taurus man on.

It’s the whole experience.

If you want to up his pleasure, feed him yourself.

Feed him grapes or chocolate-dipped strawberries with your hands.

Then lick the chocolate off your finger tips.

11. Romantic gestures

Beneath the Taurus man’s lustful gaze and earthy jokes beats the heart of a true romantic.

A sexual encounter is not complete without plenty of romantic gestures.

Gaze into his eyes and hold eye contact while touching each other.

Whisper sweet nothings in his ear and make your kisses and cuddles sincere and meaningful.

A Taurus man wants to be swept off his feet, too!

If you want to activate his inner hopeless romantic, we highly suggest sextrology expert Anna Kovach’s tips in Taurus Man Secrets.

12. Flowers

Decorate your room with flowers.

Put a vase of roses by the bed.

These feminine touches drive a Taurus man wild.

He’s very turned on by femininity and all things sweet and pretty.

13. Red lips

If you don’t own any red lipstick, time to find your shade.

A Taurus man will not be able to stop staring at your mouth if you wear red lipstick.

They say bulls are drawn to the color red…

14. Cuddling

As mentioned before, Tauruses are very romantic.

So it’s no big surprise that they love to snuggle up.

It makes them feel cared for…and also horny.

So any cuddle session can turn into more if you want it to.

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15. Going extra, extra slow

Are you the type to rush to the “main course” of sex?

You’re going to need to slow your roll with a Taurus man.

Because he’s not going to be satisfied until he’s explored every which way to pleasure your body, from sunup until sundown.

Likewise, he never wants a woman to rush through his pleasure.

Teasing—absolutely mercilessly until your bodies are on fire—is essential.

If it feels like you’re literally aching, you’re doing right.

16. Tons of foreplay

On the subject of going slow, make sure to draw out foreplay, too.

Foreplay shouldn’t be a means to an end.

Put yourself completely in the moment.

Get a little experimental with how you can electrify each other with a feather tickler.

You’ll be a goddess in his eyes.

17. Compliments

Women enjoy compliments—and so do Taurus men.

This sign really feels good when the object of their desire tells them they look amazing.

Taurus men also put a lot of effort into looking good for you, so it’s affirming for them when you notice.

You can also compliment a Taurus man’s intelligence and good taste to get his engine going.

A little ego boost is a great aphrodisiac for the Bull.

18. Candles

Ambiance is crucial if you’re trying to seduce a Taurus man.

Light candles for dinner and place them strategically around your place so that you can turn the lights down low and bask in their glow together.

It’s cozy, romantic and ultra sexy to a Taurus man.

19. Deep kissing

There’s nothing sexier than a passionate makeout session to rev a Taurus man’s engine.

He likes full contact, deep kissing while running your hands through his hair.

Hold his face in your hands and smooch him like you’ve never smooched before.

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20. Enthusiasm

A Taurus man doesn’t need you to prove your prowess in bed.

What he needs more than that is a partner who’s confident and enthusiastic about sex.

That is, he wants you to let go of your inhibitions and allow raw, animalistic pleasure to move you.

Don’t be afraid to show your enjoyment or try a twisted-up position that will hit the G-spot.

When you’re in the throes of passion and can’t remember your own name is when a Taurus man is most turned on.

21. Frolicking in nature

Want to try a new place for a sexual dalliance with a Taurus man?

Go outside.

Taurus men feel at home in nature and would love to worship your body under the sun or stars.

22. Expensive things

It’s well-known, Taurus men have expensive taste.

To turn on the charm with a Taurus guy, get the top-shelf whiskey.

When possible, spring for the luxury brands.

Tauruses live for pleasure and the finer things in life.

It’s an easy way to impress them and get them in their senses, where things can get sexy quick.

23. Smart conversation

Yes, a Taurus man loves a good-looking woman.

But you’ll have to come prepared with witty conversation if you want to get past the gates.

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Bulls are seduced by intelligent women who make them think and inject idle chit-chat with spicy comments and savvy jokes.

Show your humorous side as well as your smarts and he’ll be eating out of the palm of your hand.

24. Music

Tauruses are known for their melodic voices and love of music.

So it goes without saying, a seductive night for a Taurus will almost always include some music.

Make it relaxing and moody. 

Nothing too loud or dancy…unless you’re trying to dance or grind on each other first.

25. Erotic dancing

Speaking of dancing, moving your body in front of a Taurus man is sure to get his blood pumping.

Wear something that hugs your curves and do some belly dancing for him.

Or…you know…a strip tease. That works, too.

Taurus Men FAQ

What drives a Taurus man crazy?

A woman who makes a Taurus man wait drives him crazy.

He perceives her as high-value and will be relentless in pursuing her.

This is not the same as ignoring him—it’s more like making him prove he’s a worthy suitor.

And at the same time, proving you’re worth the wait.

What seduces a Taurus man?

Catering to a Taurus man’s senses will seduce him.

Immersing him in a full-body experience he can touch, taste, smell and feel will get him feeling passionate.

Dress nicely and take him on a picnic in a garden where he can smell the fragrant flowers and take in the beauty around him.

Hand feed him while stroking his hair with his head in your lap.

The more of his senses you can include in an experience, the better.

What to say to turn on a Taurus man?

“Want to come over and spoon me all night?”

“I woke up smiling because I had a dream about you. Ask me if you were wearing any clothes.”

“I like when you take control.”

“Let me cook for you tonight. Afterward you can give me your opinion on my new lingerie.”

“I was thinking about our conversation the other day. Your intelligence really turns me on.”

“I miss you. When can I show you how much?”

How do you tell if a Taurus man is obsessed with you?

You know a Taurus man is obsessed with you if he can’t leave you alone.

He checks your social media accounts and texts you all the time.

He’s asking your friends and everyone about you, memorizing your schedule. And he conveniently shows up where you are.

He may act cool when you see him, but it’s just a cover.

He wants to be around you all the time.

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How do you make a Taurus man madly in love with you?

You have to prove your loyalty before a Taurus man will fall in love with you.

Romance him, be supportive and show you’re reliable.

Don’t ever make him jealous, and make sure he knows you’re not going anywhere.

Then he can let himself fall madly in love.

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