Why Are Taurus So Attracted to Aquarius? (7 Surprising Reasons)

why are taurus so attracted to aquarius

Even though these signs are like total opposites, the fact remains—Tauruses keep getting the hots for Aquarius. Why are Taurus so attracted to Aquarius, you ask? Aquarius is charming and easy to talk to The sexual attraction between them is powerful With Aquarius, Taurus feels fun and lively The Aquarian’s intelligence is a turn-on Aquarius … Read more

How to Attract an Aquarius Man (20 Easy and Effective Ways)

how to attract an aquarius man

If you’re trying to bag yourself a dreamy Aquarius guy, keep reading. Here’s how to attract an Aquarius man: Have a strong sense of identity Be unique, independent and ambitious Have intelligent conversations and share your ideas and opinions Be fun, friendly and laidback Keep emotions in check and don’t get jealous Attracting an Aquarius … Read more