Why a Libra Man Ignores You Suddenly (9 Real Reasons Why)

why a libra man ignores you

Has the Libra guy you’ve been seeing gone silent? Unfortunately, this can be a typical Libra move. Here are the major reasons why a Libra man ignores you: He’s upset with something you did and he’s stewing He feels like you’re throwing his life off-balance He’s trying to see how needy you’ll be His heart … Read more

How to Know If a Libra Man Misses You (5 Things He Does)

how to know if a libra man misses you

Is he just a sweet talker, or does your Libra man really miss you? Here’s how to know if a Libra man misses you: He’s going out of his way to see you, not just saying he will He’s reaching out again and again He can’t stop talking about you to anyone who will listen … Read more

How to Win a Libra Man (9 Ways to Touch His Heart)

how to win a libra man

So you found the perfect guy and it turns out he’s a Libra. Here’s how to win a Libra man: Be well-dressed and well-groomed Tell him where you want to go on a date and be willing to make decisions Turn the focus on him in a conversation Be social and get his friends to … Read more