How to Text a Libra Man (11 Texting Rules to Charm Him)

how to text a libra man

Afraid a Libra man will leave you on read? Here’s how to text a Libra man so he’ll want you (more): Keep text conversations brief, punchy and fun Play teasing games Match his texting tempo Send pretty selfies It’s true that Libra men can be famously wishy-washy, hot and cold. If you aren’t sure how … Read more

How to Talk to a Libra Man (12 Communication Tips and What to Say)

how to talk to a libra man

Crushin’ on a Libra guy and need to know how to strike up a conversation? Here’s how to talk to a Libra man: Use your soft voice Talk about art, culture and intellectual subjects Ask questions that show you’ve been listening Keep things light, polite and fun If you’re worried about making a wrong move … Read more