Why Is Libra Attracted to Virgo? (10 Reasons You’d Never Suspect)

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Why is Libra attracted to Virgo? Aren’t they not super compatible?

Although air sign Libra and earth sign Virgo seem to have nothing in common, they have a surprising synergy between them that attracts them.

Here’s why Libras are into Virgos:

  • Virgo is intelligent and has meaningful conversations with Libra
  • Virgos are a mystery, and Libras love to play detective
  • Libra is charmed by the Virgo’s sincerity and nerdiness
  • Virgo will do stuff for the Libra
  • Virgo nicely balances and grounds the Libra’s flightier and idealistic traits

Now let’s talk about what makes Libra want Virgo in detail.

Why Is Libra Attracted to Virgo?

1. Libra is attracted to Virgo’s intelligence

Libra, being an intelligent air sign, is always looking for someone they can have an intelligent conversation with.

So naturally, with Virgo being such a smarty-pants, Libra has an instant attraction.

There’s depth to the Virgo mind that makes the Libra curious as a cat.

Being ruled by Venus, you would think the Libra would go for the more romantic type.

But the Virgo’s logical and analytical brain captivates the Libra and unlocks their deeper intellectual side that they don’t always get to explore.

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2. Libra can’t resist a mystery

Virgos are a complete mystery to everyone.

And that fascinates the Libra.

Librans like to think they’re great at figuring everyone out, but Virgo is as clear as mud.

The Virgo is also a workaholic, and they leave fun and flirting for well after 9 to 5 hours when the work is done.

The Libra is on the edge of their seat wondering when the busy Virgo is going to call them to come out and play.

3. Virgo is a challenge

Virgos don’t simply fall for the charms of the Libra like most people do.

They don’t show a lot of emotion, and they’re difficult to get close to, which is honey to the bee for the Libra.

On the bad side, Libras go for emotionally unavailable relationship partners, feeling the need to “fix” them or earn their love.

But the Libra knows if they can earn the Virgo’s trust and affection, they’ll be richly rewarded for their efforts with a doting, committed partner.

4. Virgo grounds Libra

Whereas Libras are idealistic, Virgos are realistic.

Virgo provides a much-needed grounding energy to the Libran’s visions of beauty and harmony. 

While Libras like to create big plans about how to make society a better place, they may not include practical considerations.

This is where the Virgo comes in, capable of building out the Libra’s dream with pragmatic advice to make it more viable.

Libra is drawn the Virgo’s level-headedness, and they greatly value and desire what they see as a true partnership between them.

5. Virgo has their own type of charm

Sometimes awkward, but always gentle and sincere, the Virgo has an allure that is very different from the Libra’s.

Libras know how to captivate others with their quick wit, charisma and agreeable natures. 

But the quiet Virgo captures the Libra’s attention with an enchanting mix of nerdiness, which comes out in full force when the Libra gets on the Virgo’s favorite topic, and their ability to laugh at themselves.

The humble and kind Virgo has crept up on many an unsuspecting Libra with their own mesmerizing type of charm.

6. They’re neighboring signs

A very simple and straightforward reason Libra is attracted to Virgo is that they’re neighboring signs on the zodiac wheel.

Meaning, they literally sit next to each other—Libra, which happens in October, comes after Virgo in September.

The theory goes that the next sign on the zodiac wheel (in this case Libra), contains the lessons of the previous sign (Virgo) and is thus familiar with that sign.

And that familiarity breeds a sort of attraction, like two friends realizing that they have the hots for each other.

7. Virgo is genuine

There’s nothing false or superficial about Virgo’s personality.

What you see is what you get with a Virgo. And this is very appealing to the Libra, who has been burned by people who took advantage of them in the past.

Highly valuing honesty and loyalty, the Libra likes that the Virgo is not manipulative, nor will they play the Libra.

Virgos say what they mean and mean what they say (even though they may not say a lot), so the Libra knows they can always count on the Virgo.

8. Virgo is a loner

Virgos are the definition of loner, with their intense need to be alone with their projects and their thoughts.

While Virgos may seem to be able to socialize, they’re actually very introverted.

Social butterfly Libra finds this very interesting about them.

Libras like the “bad boys” and the “bad girls” and can definitely be magnetized to the Virgo’s lone wolf status for this reason.

Even though, let’s face it, Virgo is not so much bad boy energy as an overthinker.

9. Virgo does stuff for the Libra

As the sign of service, Virgo likes to do things for others.

They’re very giving of their resources and energy—to the right person, that is.

As it happens, Libra loves it when people do stuff for them.

Libras are very romantic, pleasure-seeking individuals, and they see the Virgo’s acts of service as declarations of their adoration.

And, well, they’re not wrong.

Virgo can go right on taking care of Libra—they’ll always come back for more.

10. Libra is drawn to the Virgo’s decisiveness

Notorious for being plagued by indecisiveness, Libra is not like Virgo, who can make decisions and commit.

Don’t get them wrong—Virgos can be riddled with anxiety and agonize over what to do, too.

But the Virgo’s lifeline is their line of logic, which will always lead them to a sound decision that they are comfortable sticking to.

This is something the Libra is comforted by, and they like the mutable sign Virgo being able to call the shots when necessary.


How do Libras feel about Virgos?

Libras feel that Virgos are cool people who are easy to get along with.

They like the Virgo’s relaxed demeanor, though they know there’s a lot more going on under the surface.

Libras can at times find Virgos to be a stick in the mud, as Virgos are overly fond of planning and preparation at the cost of being fun and spontaneous sometimes.

But overall, Libras think Virgos provide a good balance for them, and as the sign of the scales, this is important to Libra.

Can a Libra marry a Virgo?

In a marriage, Libra and Virgo may not be the best couple ever.

At the end of the day, Libra’s opportunity seeking and indecisiveness can wear on the Virgo.

Meanwhile, Virgo’s loner type mindset can prevent the Libra from “merging” with the Virgo the way they would like to.

A marriage between them will definitely take some work, though they are both unusually committed.

Libra man and Virgo woman

A Libra man can show the Virgo woman beauty and pleasure like she’s never even dreamed of.

As for the Virgo woman, she can tether the Libra man to reality.

Together, they are a strong force and feel they can bring out the best in one another.

However, the Libra man is not known to make strong commitments and the Virgo woman is going to get tired of that quickly.

Virgo and Libra in bed

Hit or miss.

Virgo and Libra do share a love of sensuality, given the Libra’s Venus influence and the Virgo’s earthy nature.

But Libra is more mental and Virgo is more physical in their passions.

If they can connect on each other’s levels, they can explore each other’s sensual gifts.

Once in bed, both signs are eager to please one another.

Virgo and Libra soulmates?

Virgo and Libra are not considered soulmates in the way that air + fire or earth + water combinations would be.

But Virgo and Libra do have a special connection due to their proximity on the zodiac wheel.

They have a certain unspoken understanding, even if they aren’t fully, consciously aware of it.

But their attraction to each other tells all.

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