How to Turn on a Libra Man Sexually (8 Ways to Wow Him in Bed)

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Things heating up between you and your Libra man?

Here is how to turn on a Libra man sexually:

  • Turn on his mind with intellectual talk
  • Rub his back and stroke his skin lightly
  • Get creative in bed and don’t shy away from the mirror
  • Talk in bed
  • Make sex romantic 

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Ways to Turn on a Libra Man Sexually

Be intellectual

Before we get into the physical stuff, you need to know the way to a Libra man’s…erm, pants.

It’s his mind.

Libra is an air sign, and air signs rule the mental sphere.

All air signs are intellectually stimulated, and Libras are particularly susceptible to smart, witty and insightful conversations.

He loves seeing that you really think about things.

It actually turns him on.

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Know where to touch him

Every zodiac sign rules a certain part of the body, and Libra rules the skin, lower back and butt.

Knowing this gives you instant knowledge of some of his biggest erogenous zones.

(Besides his mind.)

If you want to get him hot, give him a sensual massage with massage oils and pay special attention to his lower back.

When you’re getting busy, squeeze his butt.

Because their skin is sensitive, any light touches can send Libra men into ecstasy.

Look tantalizing and feminine

Every man loves a good-looking woman, but not every man is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, romance and beauty, like the Libra man.

Venus is a feminine planet and Libra men do like feminine women.

Lingerie with bows and soft lace can be particularly exciting to a Libra guy.

But also, taking care of your appearance is crucial.

Don’t be embarrassed to look like you put effort into it!

Libras love women who pamper themselves and they can’t get enough of a bombshell.

Get frisky in front of a mirror

When you do the deed, do it in front of a mirror.

Libras are known to like to watch you as well as themselves.

It turns a Libra man on and gives him a sort of voyeuristic thrill in a way.

Plus, it gives him more of a chance to admire your rockin’ body.

Suggest getting busy in the bathroom over the sink or set up a long mirror by the bed.


Libra men are not vanilla in the sack.

They may take some coaxing if they haven’t tried something with you before, but only because they don’t want to come across as weird or pushy.

However, if you’re down to get freaky, so. Are. They.

If you really want to turn your Libra guy on, suggest some sexy games or tying each other up.

Buy some new toys or suggest some role playing.

Whatever you want to try, it’s going to be sexy as hell for your Libra man to get out of the routine and explore new things with you.

Tell him you want to spend all day pleasing pleasing each other

Want to get your Libra man instantly turned on?

Lean in, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, and tell him that this weekend you want to lock the doors and take each other’s sexual gratification to new heights…

All day long.

Then do it, of course!

But the anticipation will drive him insane.

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When it comes to the physical, make sure you focus on both giving and receiving pleasure.

More than any other sign, Libra wants and needs balance and reciprocation in relationships.

Your Libra man will return whatever you give him with excitement and intense desire.

Talk in bed

Are you usually pretty silent in the sheets?

You might want to try out some sexy phrases with your Libra.

Being an air sign that’s governed by the mind and the intellect, Libra is a talker and likes to verbalize his feelings and experiences.

This is one sign that is especially into talking in bed.

One thing you can do is tell him how much you enjoy him in bed.

Tell him what you love that he’s doing to you and how good he is at it.

Compliment his body. 

Let him know how turned on you are by it.

Your sexual excitement will fuel his passion and hearing you talk about it out loud will set it on fire.

Romance him

Again, here’s where Venus becomes important.

The planet of romance creates a man who is himself quite romantic.

Libra men need romance to feel loved, desired and even sexual.

Even a one-night stand needs an element of romance to get a Libra man interested.

So be wary of coming across as cold or like you’re using him as a means to an end.

Gently caress his body and his face.

Look into his eyes.

Set a romantic mood with candles and music.

All of this goes a long way to put a Libra man in the mood.

Other Libra Man Questions

Are Libras touchy-feely?

Basically, yes.

Libras can definitely be touch-feely.

When they’re with you, they will likely want to be touching you and physically close to you a lot, always putting their hands on you or getting cuddly.

However, this doesn’t mean Libras are clingy.

They still need their space and may do their own thing for a few days without calling.

But overall, Libras are incredibly affectionate and need to have physical contact with you to maintain a connection.

Do Libras get turned off easily?

Kind of, yeah.

Libras have a long list of turn-offs only because they’re so sensitive to their surroundings.

They work to create an environment of love, kindness and beauty around them at all times, and any intrusions can threaten to shatter it.

A bad attitude is one of these intrusions.

So is not taking care of yourself.

Being rude, mean or insensitive to your Libra man, or if you’re rude or unfair to others, can also turn him off.

One more thing that really turns Libras off is when people are way too demanding with them.

They need time to come around and decide how they feel.

If you’re pushy, you run the risk of putting them in an awkward position and making them resent you for it.

How do Libras want to be loved?

Libras want that whole, all-encompassing kind of love.

They want to feel like they’ve found their soulmate.

To love a Libra man, get to know him really, really well.

Ask him about himself, his past, his wants, his needs and his ideas.

Create a balanced relationship where you are both equals and share new experiences together.

Ultimately, a Libra man really wants to be in a harmonious relationship where you don’t fight, you stimulate each other intellectually and you romance each other like crazy.

How do you make a Libra man obsessed with you?

Be (almost) as stylish as he is.

Be smart and have interesting things to say.

Have a ton of confidence and always say what you mean.

Also, make him chase you by being flirty and as charming as you can possibly be but DO let him be the one to chase you.

What is a Libra man attracted to?

Libra men are insanely attracted to intelligent, classy, beautiful women.

But they also know that beauty is skin-deep and need substance to have a real, long-lasting attraction.

A woman who can get philosophical and talk about a wide range of subjects will get his attention.

But also, a woman needs to be kind to others and to the environment.

Ethical behavior and fairness are important to Libra men and they will think you’re a beautiful person inside as well as out.

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