How to Make a Libra Man Miss You Like Crazy (6 Vital Tips)

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Need a Libra man to miss you so bad it hurts?

Here’s how to make a Libra man miss you:

  • Don’t force it – let your Libra man have space if he needs it
  • …But do show you’re living your best life, even without him
  • Look amazing when you see him
  • Be direct with him and tell him what you want

Getting him back on your radar is one thing, but tons of women don’t know their Libra guys well enough to keep them there.

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How to Make a Libra Man Miss You

Maybe you went on some dates and out of the blue, your Libra man stopped answering your texts.

Or maybe you just sensed a vibe shift and noticed him pulling away from you.

Whatever the case may be, there are lots of things that can make a Libra need space – or decide to end a relationship.

Libras are gentle creatures who can be surprisingly reserved from time to time. 

Unfortunately, though, a Libra man does have a lot of turn-offs. 

Maybe you were a little too available or a little too negative, or he was just starting to feel the pressure a bit. 

So, how do you get away from all that and start fresh?

You should know exactly how to get on your Libra guy’s mind and stay put.

Let’s talk about how to do that.

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1. Take distance in stride

Everybody needs space sometimes, which can be uncomfortable when someone needs that space from you, too.

But if you want to create the right circumstances for a Libra man to miss you, you’ll have to reckon with that. 

Be understanding. 

And definitely don’t give him reason to justify his backing away by copping an attitude, instigating a fight or getting clingy.

These actions are sure to push him away even further. 

If he reaches out, don’t punish him for what you perceive as him pulling away. 

Be nice! It will remind him why he was interested in you in the first place. 

Be cool, calm and collected – take a balanced approach. 

Libras prioritize harmonious, stable relationships and only want you in their lives if you can provide that.

2. Show him what he’s missing

Pamper yourself! 

The self-indulgent Libra man believes that the way people behave and present themselves on the outside says a lot about who they are on the inside.

So do whatever it takes for you to feel confident and radiate that confidence for all to see!

When in doubt, do the fail-safe cliches:

Do a face mask, get your nails done, do some yoga, make a smoothie.

Get your hair done, buy a new outfit, glam it up with your favorite jewelry.

Do things that make you feel like your best self and he. Will. Notice.

(Just make sure he runs into you looking like a million bucks, and post pictures if he’s still lurking on your socials.)

3. Prove that your social life doesn’t depend on him

Libras want to be there for you, but they don’t want to be your lifeline.

It’s too much pressure.

If you made your whole world about your Libra ex, you may have come off as clingy. This is a surefire way to get a Libra man to take a step back.

If you want to reverse that image, go out with your friends.

Have fun and live your life. 

Show your Libra that you have a desirable, happy, full life that he should be so lucky to be a part of.

If you have overlap between friend groups, bonus points if you can hang out with your mutuals.

If trusted sources of his are saying nice things about you, he’s going to miss being a part of your life.

It may even make him a little jealous.

4. Don’t play games when it comes to communication

If he asks, don’t lie and say you’re totally fine with not talking or hanging out. 

Though Libra men are sympathetic, they can’t read your mind.

But you can read the situation. It’s okay to tell him that you miss him if your Libra is reaching out to you. 

He may feel insecure and this will make him feel wanted and appreciated. 

Libras tend to beat around the bush for fear of upsetting people or pushing them away, which can cause crossed wires.

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Bottom line, Libra guys appreciate when someone is confident enough to be direct with them. 

It may even open the window for him to admit that he misses you too. 

It could even be a simple “We should hang soon!” instead of a heart-felt confession. 

Indecisive Libras like getting a little direction and want to surround themselves with people who know what they want.

5. Break out your best Libra performance

Whatever your Libra man’s interests are, take the opportunity to show that you’re interested in it too, whether or not he’s watching (even though we know he totally is).

Go to museums and concerts. 

Get involved in social justice causes and go to a rally. 

Post Spotify playlists to your Instagram story. 

Post on Snapchat about the book you’re reading.

This will get his Libra senses tingling! 

Libras love to share experiences with people and have discussions about things they love.

Show him that he can talk to you about the things he’s passionate about and he’ll be itching to reach out to you.

6. Put on an air of mystery

The ever-so-intelligent Libra can get bored pretty quickly when he feels like he’s solved all the riddles and seen all there is to see.

Libra men like a challenge.

You have to strategize to keep his attention and have him wanting more. 

Don’t text or DM him every day, don’t tag him in every meme you think he’ll like.

Think about it – it’s impossible to miss somebody who’s in your face 24/7. 

Being available is great, but being clingy? Not so much.

Less is more when it comes to Libra men.

Make him chase you a little. 

Only give enough information for him to still have questions, and enough space for him to start to yearn for you a little.

Other Libra Man Questions

Do Libra men regret losing you?

After a break-up (or anything resembling one), a Libra man will replay the situation over and over again in his head. 

Libra men are never 100% sure of their own actions. 

Even when they feel totally confident in the moment, their self-doubt will soon take over. 

Which makes your Libra man highly susceptible to missing you.

Do Libras go back to their exes?

Yes, Libras do tend to go back to their exes. 

Maybe they felt their ex was controlling and they resented it at the time, but afterwards, they realized they needed someone who wasn’t afraid to call the shots to keep things moving forward. 

Or maybe they just plain miss their ex.

Libra men are the ultimate hopeless romantics of the zodiac, so they may try to make another go of it with someone they thought was special.

Do Libras move on quickly?

Oh, no. No, no, no.

Libras love to harp on things. 

Their desire to judge everything fairly keeps them circling back to a situation over and over again. 

Armed with charm, a Libra may be able to get a rebound with relative ease.

But when it comes to moving on, the only cure is time – and lots of it. 

How do you make a Libra man regret hurting you?

Libras won’t respond well to score-keeping. 

If you remind your Libra man of past arguments that have already been resolved, this will hurt the relationship more than help it. 

First off, resolve your arguments – and I mean really resolve them. 

Dig down deep to find the root of the problem and be able to accurately and effectively express yourself – this way, at least, you will feel heard. 

If you want your Libra man to regret hurting you, it’s time to revisit the old saying “Kill ‘em with kindness.” 

Don’t snark at your Libra man after he’s done you wrong. Instead, rise above. 

Nothing makes someone feel worse than when they know they’ve messed up and the other person is too good to retaliate. 

Do Libras get bored easily in relationships?

Unfortunately, yes. Libras do get bored easily in relationships. 

Known for being very intelligent, Libras appreciate a challenge. 

They don’t want to feel like they’ve figured you out to a tee. They want a deep partner with multiple layers of hidden treasures to explore. 

Because they’re constantly evolving in their perspectives, Libras need someone who can stay flexible in their own perspectives and not try to hold the Libra back. 

Ultimately, you need to grow together. 

Letting things get stale isn’t good for anybody!

What do Libras want in a relationship?

Libras are looking for their true equal, their match.

Someone who can meet them where they are, but also make up for the things one another lacks, in order to journey forward, together. 

They want a relationship that builds and grows and evolves into something long-lasting and mutually beneficial. 

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