How to Make Your Libra Man Jealous (10 Dos and Dont’s)

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So—want to know how to make your Libra man jealous?

Here’s how:

  • DO prioritize your to-do list over seeing the Libra
  • DON’T ignore his existence
  • DO spend more time out without your Libra man
  • DON’T start flirting with other men
  • DO dominate on social media but leave the Libra’s page alone

So, what do you do once you’ve made your Libra man jealous? 

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Do Libra Guys Get Jealous?

Maybe your Libra man is paying less attention to you lately, so you want to give him a healthy shock and jolt him out of his indifference.

Will it work?

Well, theoretically it could.

The problem is, Libra men aren’t prone to any type of serious jealousy. 

This is the sign of all things balanced, and Libras tend to weigh things objectively and rationally rather than let them take over their lives.

Libras will likely walk away if they think your relationship is no longer healthy, which is the risk you run if they think you’re too insecure or you’re trying to undermine the relationship.

On the other hand…

Libras have fears and feelings like everyone else and if you do something out of harmony with your Libra man, you can tap into some more primal feelings like jealousy.

Here is the key: DON’T seem like you’re trying to make him jealous!

And especially don’t make him look bad in front of his friends.

The highly social Libra man will be embarrassed and very well might cut you off for good.

So with that in mind, tread carefully and you might get the results you desire.

Let’s talk about how to make your Libra man jealous now.

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How to Make Your Libra Man Jealous (the Right Way)

What you need to do is pay less attention to your Libra man and more attention elsewhere.

BUT—that attention you pay to other people should be innocent.

If it’s sexual in any way it will break your Libra man’s trust and he will have a very hard time continuing your relationship.

You have to know in your own heart that what you’re doing is innocent so that shines through.

Here are some ways you can do that.

Tell him you can’t hang out

If your Libra man expects you to do your usual Wednesday night date, take a rain check and tell him you have a project you need to work on instead.

Demonstrate to him that you have some other priorities you want to focus on.

This tells the Libra man that he can’t take your time for granted, without you having to say so.

Especially if you make it clear that you’re planning some “me time,” it shows that your world doesn’t revolve around him.

It’s not that you got a better offer from someone else.

If you repeat this, you’re triggering your Libra man to think about you in a different light. One that paints you as more of a rarity than he had realized.

As long as there aren’t trust issues in your relationship, the Libra will get a little bummed and want you to start giving your attention back to him.

Go out with your friends more

Libras can’t stand the idea of being left out.

They like to make sure everyone likes them and that they are wanted and needed.

So if you start upping your solo trips and your nights out with your friends, leaving him at home, your Libra man will go on alert.

Don’t tell him expressly that he’s not invited, just casually remark that you’re going out with the ladies and tell him where so he gets a good picture of it.

He’ll imagine you having a good time without him while you’re out…

Which can spark some jealousy.

Post selfies with your friends

Libras are the social media masters.

They are not called the most social sign in the zodiac for nothing!

If you don’t post selfies very often, start.

Maybe not a dozen in a day or your Libra man could get suspicious, but some well-placed snaps of you and your friends having a great time drinking margaritas at a beachfront restaurant can do the trick.

Part of him will wish he were having fun with you.

If you’re doing this right and your Libra man does get jealous, he likely won’t say anything to you or even show that he’s jealous as he’ll feel a little silly about it.

But he could be asking you to go out for drinks with him next weekend.

Be a comment queen

…On other people’s pages, that is.

You can respond to friends, accounts you follow or anyone, really.

Just drop a lot of comments for other people and not as many for your Libra man.

You don’t have to pretend he doesn’t exist, but you do want him to see that you’re engaging with other people.

Be careful of giving too much attention to one person, a man in particular.

Libra men won’t tolerate being sidelined for someone else they think you have more interest in.

If they think you’re getting romantic with another guy, they’re not going to compete. They’ll likely fade out of your relationship or cut the cord.

Remember, innocent chit chat is the way to do this!

Talk to other people

Do you usually stay near your Libra man’s side when you’re at a social function together?

Venture out a little and make yourself part of another conversation.

Join a group of people laughing it up.

When your Libra man sees you laughing with other people, it will get to the part of him that desires to be the one to entertain you.

Have a deep conversation with someone and be really interested.

Don’t go out of your way to find your Libra man, but don’t completely ignore him either.

He might start wondering if you’re getting a little bored.

Don’t Do These Things

Flirt at the party

It’s unfortunately a double standard that Libras are naturally flirty but hate seeing their partners get flirty.

But this is generally the case.

Many women start flirting in front of their Libra guys thinking it’s going to get their Librans to realize what a hot commodity they are and whisk them away.

Libras may get territorial, but again, it will embarrass them if you’re seen getting close with other guys, even for a little harmless jealousy’s sake.

The Libra doesn’t want it to seem like he’s dating a floozy, which is an underlying fear.

So again, steer clear of doing things other people might see as questionable.

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Ditch him for someone else

If you break plans with your Libra man to do something with someone else, don’t expect the Libra to take this well.

He may not say anything, but he will definitely feel deserted and will resent that.

He might sulk a little bit and ignore you.

While you could get a little more attention from your Libra man from an act like this, it’s not recommended because in the long run it shows you to be unreliable with your affections and behaviors.

And an unreliable person is a person he can’t trust.

If there’s no trust, there’s no relationship with a Libra, period.

Post risque photos of yourself

It’s never a good idea to post a picture of yourself in an incriminating light, even if it’s just for laughs, where your Libra man will see it.

Don’t go overboard trying to make your Libra jealous with the photos on social media.

Pictures of you and your friends having fun is one thing, but pictures with nudity or questionable moral stuff will reflect badly on your other half (your Libra man) in the public eye, and this will make him want to cut the relationship off.

But also, it can come across to the Libra like you’re getting out of control, which can threaten the balance he seeks in his life.

Not good news if you want him to have a favorable reaction.

Try to turn the Libra man’s friends against him

If you really want to make a Libra man mad, try to make him look bad to the people he cares about and respects.

Never talk badly about your Libra to his friends, even to vent.

If it gets back to him, chances are he’ll feel like you’re acting like you want to drive a wedge and he won’t like that at all.

Also, don’t deliberately try to get his friends to disagree with him and side with you.

Again, this can be embarrassing for him.

Even if he doesn’t react then and there, it’s going to get under his skin and he will likely let you know later when you’re alone.

Pretend your Libra man doesn’t exist

Paying more attention to other people is not the same as paying no attention whatsoever to your Libra man.

If you’re dating him, he shouldn’t feel like you don’t even like him.

This can make him want to find someone else who will give him the attention he feels he deserves.

Depriving a Libra of all attention is like taking away their air.

They need it like no other sign and can’t go long without it until they start to feel really down about themselves.

Don’t put your Libra man through this!

Other Libra Man Questions

What scares a Libra man?

A woman who is clingy scares a Libra man.

He needs to know that you can support yourself and you don’t need all your validation to come from him, because that’s way too much of a drain on his energy.

But also, Libra men are scared of getting too deep into a relationship that isn’t the right one for them.

They are seldom opposed to the concept of commitment, being the “relationship sign,” but they are never going to jump into one unless they are sure as sure can be, either.

So if you’re talking marriage and he’s not there yet, it can be scary for a Libra man.

How to make a Libra man chase you

Look sweet and feminine and sexy.

Be a subtle siren without being too obvious.

Turn a date into an adventure.

Be the life of the party.

Check out the full list of tips on How to Get a Libra Man to Chase You.

How to make a Libra man fall in love

Making a Libra man fall in love with you is more than your connection with him.

It’s also how you conduct yourself, how you relate to other people and how balanced you are within yourself.

Libras fall for someone who is confident, compassionate and mature yet capable of getting silly.

They swoon for a woman who can command a crowd with her charismatic personality, too.

Learn more in How to Make a Libra Man Fall in Love.

How do you make a Libra man miss you like crazy?

Be comfortable with the time the Libra man needs apart.

Get active in your shared social circles and hang out with friends.

Go everywhere—to the park, to the museum, to a food truck festival.

Post all the amazing things you’re doing on social media.

More on this in How to Make a Libra Man Miss You.

What do you do when a Libra man is mad at you?

If a Libra is mad at you, hear him out in full.

Let him say what’s on his mind, because he’s going to have to get it all out to be able to return to his normal, balanced self.

Libras will usually start to soften once they’ve said what they need to say, at which point you can be sincere and speak your honest truth to them.

But if the Libra is giving you the cold shoulder, the best course of action is to give him the space he wants but reach out via text or something non-invasive.

Say you’d like to make it up to him.

Getting him a little gift never hurts!

Why does a Libra man suddenly ignore you?

Reasons a Libra man might be ignoring you include:

  1. He’s making you suffer until he’s ready to stop being angry with you
  2. You’re a little too much for him
  3. He’s testing the waters to see if you’ll be cool
  4. There are other important things getting his attention

Find out more reasons why in Why a Libra Man Ignores You.

How do you make a Libra man obsessed with you?

If you can show a Libra man that you’re the most fun, cool and stylish person around, he’ll be totally obsessed with you.

As Libras are about balance, they’re into people who have multiple talents and notable traits.

Like if you’re brainy and artistic.

Or a pop culture whiz but also a social activist.

Demonstrate your talents in front of your Libra man, whatever they are, and he’ll be so hooked.

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