How to Get a Libra Man Back After Breakup (Make Him Regret Losing You)

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Miss your Libra ex-boyfriend?

Here’s how to get a Libra man back:

  • Break out of your shell and be the life of the party
  • Don’t chase him—entice him to chase you
  • Take time to self-reflect and grow as a person
  • Be honest about how you feel with him

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Tips to Get a Libra Man Back

1. Light up the room

To quote the musical Chicago, “Give ‘em the ol’ razzle dazzle!

Your Libra man is a social creature, so he needs to feed off of other people’s energy. 

As such, he’s energized by positive, spirited interactions and people who put out vibes that he can play off of. 

When you were dating him, if you wanted to cozy up instead of seeing friends, your Libra man may have felt like he lacked social stimulation.

Now, you can turn that around.

Show up at the party his friend is throwing. 

Be a social butterfly, crack a joke, entertain the crowd.

Show him that you can not only keep up, but can banter with the best of them and will add a lot of value and stimulation to his social life.

Make him miss having you as his conversational/comedy/romantic partner when he sees you thriving. 

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2. If you’ve got it, flaunt it

The self-indulgent Libra has a hard time denying himself something shiny that catches his eye.

Not to make it all about the physical, but there’s a reason he was attracted to you in the first place, right?

Pamper yourself.

Wear that new outfit you’re worried is too over-the-top.

Get your nails done, get your hair done, talk yourself up in the mirror.

Show up looking fabulous, acting confident and standing out.

This will not only get his lusty attention and tempt him, but will also remind him of why he fell for you.

A Libra wants a confident, independent woman—someone whose life he can ADD to, instead of BEING her whole life.

Show him your self-worth doesn’t depend on him, and that he would be lucky to be your man.

3. Don’t chase him, entice him

The secret is to make yourself so alluring that a Libra man can’t help himself.

You have to account for the fact that he’s going to be weighing all the pros and cons based on his prior experience dating you.

And a Libra can be especially flighty.

While you’re catching his eye, continue to lead him to you, but do so by your wit, charm and gracefulness.

He needs direction but it can’t be a directive, or else he’ll likely push back.

In other words, invite him—don’t tell him what to do.

Invite him by flirting with him and being as captivating and intriguing as you can be.

If you think he’s feeling you, you can literally invite him to call you sometime.

4. Tell him where you stand

When the moment is right—talk to him! 

You’ll know because he won’t be actively ignoring you, for one thing, and you’ll have pretty good communication.

You see, Libras are indecisive and usually very unsure of where they stand.

Even if he misses you, your Libra ex may ultimately just go with the flow (because that’s his personality) and let time and distance take their toll.

So it’s time for you to step up. Blaze the trail for your Libra man. 

Without being too pushy, you can make a case for yourself to convince him that you deserve a second chance.

Show him that you care enough about him to go out on a limb for him. 

The ever-unsure Libra needs this display of confidence.

5. Look inward

Libras are always self-analyzing. 

They have a talent for re-evaluating their perspectives, taking in new information and using it to grow into better people. 

It’s one of the things they prize most about themselves.

Before diving back in with your Libra guy, take some time to put on your best Libra persona and do a little introspection.

What was it that went wrong in the relationship? 

Do you have some issues or insecurities within yourself that you should address before getting back together?

Instead of slapping a band-aid on a bullet hole, take this time to really work on yourself and figure out what it is that you need and want from this relationship.

Your Libra man will recognize this behavior as something he treasures about himself. 

Making progress within yourself shows him that you can make progress in your relationship. 

6. Don’t be icy!

There may be things you still need to work out in the relationship, but forgiveness is the way to go now.

The balanced Libra man will go over important decisions in his head to make sure he’s made the right move. 

While he’s deliberating, don’t be the first to draw blood. 

It’s important that you speak your mind and feel heard, but now is not the time to assign blame.

Libras are looking for peace and harmony in their relationships.

If there’s a chance of reconciliation, the last thing you want to do is make him fear the rocky past.

Let him see that there’s a path forward to a happy, healthy relationship with you.

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Other Libra Man Questions

Should you follow a no contact rule with a Libra man?

If you’re trying to get over a Libra man, the no contact rule is the only way to go. 

Unfortunately, Libras are super romantic and super indecisive. 

These two things combined can create on-again-off-again relationships.

You may plan to leave him in the rearview mirror for good or maybe you want to be friends someday, in which case no contact is necessary.

Possibly, a Libra man will request no or limited contact post-breakup.

If this is the case, honor his request.

A Libra man who will be open to getting back with you will either come around of his own accord, when he’s ready, or be chummy with you when you see each other.

How do you know when a Libra man is done with you?

It can be hard to tell if your Libra man is done with you.

In an effort to not hurt your feelings, he would probably never come right out and say it unless confronted.

A couple of clues to tell if it’s over would be:

  • He’s not reaching out—Libras consistently maintain contact with people they care about in order to ask their advice/opinions, check in or make plans
  • He’s talking to someone else—if he’s openly forming quick and close “friendships” with other women, he’s considering himself on the market

Why does a Libra man suddenly ignore you?

When your Libra man suddenly ignores you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s losing interest.

It could be that he’s just not sure about you yet and he needs time to think about it.

Of course, it sucks that while he’s thinking it over, he’s not calling.

It could also be that he’s testing the waters to see how cool or clingy you’ll be.

Either way, he’ll resurface when he feels like it’s safe to move forward.

What to do if a Libra man pulls away

In the natural ebb and flow of relationships, you’re bound to be closer at times and a little more distant at others.

The most important thing to do is not freak out! 

Libras appreciate balanced approaches and reactions.

Ask him how he’s feeling and let him know you want to understand if he’s willing to talk, but then give him the space to figure out whatever he’s got to figure out.

Welcome him back when he returns instead of punishing him for pulling away.

A tit-for-tat, score-keeping approach in a relationship with a Libra will not be well-received. 

How to win a Libra man from a distance

It’s easy to win a Libra man from a distance. 

Libras can be pretty nervous and get flustered easily in person.

Chatting over social media or text gives a Libra man the confidence to be a little more forward and flirty.

React to his Insta story, DM him that you love the song he posted, or that you want to read the book he’s reading.

Libras pride themselves on their taste and will love that you’re into it too.

Once you’re chatting, set the tone for your Libra guy and be a little flirty. 

He’s sure to follow your lead and you’ll be winning him over in no time. 

How do you make a Libra man miss you?

To make your Libra man miss you, don’t shrink into the background of his life. 

“Out of sight, out of mind” is the Libra man’s motto. 

Don’t make it easy to forget you!

If there’s a party, show up looking and acting fabulous and make him wish he was on your arm.

Post pictures of yourself doing things he loves and make him wish he was there.

Talk about the books you’re reading, the music you’re listening to, shows you’ve been to.

Show him a life that he would love to be a part of. 

How to make a Libra man obsessed with you

To make your Libra man obsessed with you, be the yin to his yang.

Together, you are two halves of a whole.

While he’s indecisive, be the decider of what you’re going to do on a date so he knows you’ll have fun.

Libras are wise and knowledgeable and like to share their wisdom, so accept and appreciate his help when offered.

Form a bond where you’re both giving and taking in equal amounts.

Knowing you depend on him the same as he depends on you fosters a sense of security that lets him fall very hard, forming a strong partnership that can lead to obsession.

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