How to Keep a Libra Man Interested in You (7 Vital Tips)

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Need to know how to keep a Libra man interested in you? 

Here’s a summary of our top tips to keep his eye from wandering:

  • Take care of yourself and your environment
  • Be fun, charismatic and independent
  • If you think he’s wrong about something, challenge him!
  • Give back to your community
  • Appreciate your Libra man’s musical taste

I should warn you that many Libra men get a reputation for “playing the field” because they struggle to find “the one.”

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How to Keep a Libra Man Interested in You

Libras are romantics. 

This can be great because your Libra man can and will woo you with ease.

But it can also lead to Libras seeing people through rose-colored glasses, which sets him up for disappointment. 

Once the rose-colored glasses come off, it’s important that you still appear rosy to your Libra in your behaviors and the way you carry yourself.

Don’t worry – we’ve provided the tips you need to do this below. 

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1. Keep up self-care

Libras believe your fashion choices, home decor, etc. can speak volumes about you. 

Which is why a Libra man places a fair bit of stock in the way he presents himself.

You know what a self-indulgent Libra loves?


Nothing turns a Libra off more than someone who doesn’t take care of themselves. 

If you want to keep your Libra man interested in you, take a note out of his playbook.

Grooming and personal style are definitely part of this.

You don’t have to throw around money, but do put thought and care into your choices. See yourself as a work of art you’re making with your own two hands.

And remember, Libras are about balance and piecing together the whole picture.

So it goes well beyond your physical appearance.

Take care of yourself but also your home and your personal space in a public environment.

(Don’t litter or make a huge mess in a restaurant for your server to clean up.)

These may seem like little things, but they add up to a Libra.

2. Be the entertainer

An obvious way to get anyone’s attention is to be the most charismatic person in the room.

But for a Libra guy, this is a path straight to his heart!

Libras are natural entertainers and they love to make people happy. 

If they see you entertaining and making smiles too, they will know that you’re a great match. 

You may feel the urge to shy away, thinking some guys prefer the silent type, but fight that urge! This is not the case with Libra men.

Be goofy and loud! Show your Libra man that you can command the room alongside him. 

This is a great way to pique his interest. 

3. Challenge the brainy Libra man

Libras are known for being intellectuals. 

These book-smart overachievers are always throwing out interesting pieces of trivia. 

They know exactly who that obscure actor in the movie you’re watching is, why you vaguely remember them, some examples of other films they’ve been in, and the years that those movies came out.

Since your Libra man seems to know it all, it’s easy to fall into a trap of simply agreeing with him, or taking everything he says as fact.

Actually, that’s a great way to bore him!

Your Libra man wants intellectual stimulation through spirited conversation. 

It’s good to be a little doubtful of him from time to time and spark up something interesting! 

Don’t be afraid to disagree with him, or tell him your own little factoids. 

Flaunt your knowledge to show him that you complement each other. 

4. Suggest dates you know he’ll enjoy

It’s rare that you’ll find yourself dealing with a Libra who feels confident taking the reins when it comes to planning dates.

He wants to have a good time, but he’s also very nervous that you won’t have a good time if you do whatever he plans. 

So lead the way! 

Taking the burden off of him to make sure you’re loving your date night’s activities will help your Libra man relax and have more fun with you.

…Which is the key to winning him over.

What kind of dates should you suggest?

Libras love museums, movies, concerts – anything that makes them feel like they’re being productive while they’re being entertained. 

When your dates and outings are equally fun for both of you, it’s impossible to lose interest. 

5. Fight for what you think is right

The activist of the zodiac, Libra is the zodiac sign of justice, fairness and equality. 

Libras passionately want to make the world a better place and believe society is in need of a redesign. 

If they see wrongdoing, Libras strive to make it right impulsively. 

A highly-principled guy, your Libra man will be most attracted to partners who are his true equal in this respect. 

If you want to keep him interested, it doesn’t hurt to take an active part in politics, get involved in your community, donate to charities or volunteer your time.

Seeing that you are motivated to do what you can to make the world a better place is one of those secret buttons you can push to show your Libra man you’re similar in ways that are important to him.

Ways that build a strong, long-lasting bond between you.

You can learn plenty more ways to show you’re a perfect fit in Libra Man Secrets.

6. Show interest in his music

Any good couple should take active notice of their partner’s hobbies and interests.

But with a Libra, music is where you want to focus your efforts. 

Libras pride themselves on their taste. 

They really want to know what they’re talking about so they do a lot of research and digging around to find the perfect band/song/genre, and they love to share it with everyone.

If you show an interest in his music, he will love sending you songs that remind him of you, or even songs that express how he’s feeling. 

Better yet, if you can introduce him to a new band or song that he loves, you’ve upped your chances that he’ll never want to let you go!

7. Show him you are independent 

Libras don’t want to be your whole world. 

That’s way too much pressure for them! 

A quick way to have a Libra lose interest is to center him as the most important thing in your life – that’s sure to scare away any wishy-washy Libra man. 

He wants to know that you have a satisfying, complete life without him.

He is happiest knowing that you are happy, whether or not he’s at your side. 

In the words of Jennifer Aniston in Rumor Has It, “I didn’t come here to tell you that I can’t live without you. I can live without you. I just don’t want to.”

…Music to a Libra’s ears!

Other Libra Man Questions

How do you know if a Libra man really likes you?

  • He makes you the center of attention whenever he’s with you
  • You never hear him talk about other women who aren’t strictly friends so you don’t get the impression he likes anyone else
  • He asks for your advice
  • He finds a way to make you feel special no matter where you are or what you’re doing

How do you make a Libra man miss you?

  • Post pictures of yourself doing things he likes (like going to museums or concerts)
  • Leave him on read, like you’re having too much fun to answer (make him sweat!)

More on this in How to Make a Libra Man Miss You.

What is a Libra man’s weakness?

A Libra man is well-known for being indecisive, but NOT because he can’t make up his mind.

It’s more that he needs a lot of information to weigh a decision fairly (this is the sign of the Scales of Justice, after all).

Sometimes he just doesn’t see the need for things to be so final.

In general, Libras also run away from confrontation, which drives signs who like everything out in the open crazy.

They do this in order to keep the peace since they hate drama and hurting people’s feelings.

On the downside, this tendency can let some wounds fester.

How do you win a Libra man’s heart?

  • Be balanced in your personality and your life (no drama)
  • Stand out in a group and charm the crowd
  • Be supportive and optimistic about your Libra man’s goals
  • Be intellectual and inquisitive and don’t let good conversation and banter dry up
  • Be fair and take a stand on social issues
  • Bring plenty of romance to the table

Read more in How to Win a Libra Man.

How to make a Libra man obsessed with you

  • Be artistic or creative in music, writing, dance or other art forms to make the Venus-ruled Libra a puppy dog for you
  • Have impeccable style
  • Be fun and carefree
  • Show him that you’re independent and can get along just fine without him

How to make a Libra man commit to you

It should come as no surprise that the indecisive Libra man may have difficulty committing.

However, this is not the time to back down.

You have to take the lead here and help him make the choice. 

Show him that two heads are better than one and that you can make up for the qualities he lacks. 

But there’s more to it than having the ability to make quick decisions.

As well, you’ll want to demonstrate that you are strong, loyal, dependable and willing to support him in his pursuits and love him no matter what.

Not sure where to start?

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