How to Know If a Libra Man Is Serious About You (6 Key Signs)

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Is the Libra man you’re dating going to stick around?

Here’s how to know if a Libra man is serious about you:

  • Does he tell you his real fears and emotions? 
  • Does your indecisive Libra stick to the plans he makes with you?
  • Have you met or will you meet his parents?
  • Is he generous with his cash?

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How to Know If a Libra Man Is Serious About You

1. He asks for your advice

True to his zodiac symbol (the scales), the ever-questioning Libra man is always weighing his options in order to try and find the most balanced approach.

Unfortunately, always trying to find the most fair or just outlook can weigh heavily on his mind, which can make him quite indecisive at times. 

This is where trusted sources come in.

If he’s asking for your advice, your perspective is meaningful to him. 

You’re the little voice in his ear – the fresh viewpoint he needs to see clearly. 

You help him frame a situation and ease his mind.

This means you are a seriously important part of his life. 

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2. He makes plans and sticks to them

I know, right? It may seem like a pretty low standard, but this can be hard for a Libra!

Libras walk a delicate line between loving to make lofty plans, and being unable to actually follow through on them. 

Plagued by anxiety over even the simplest things, sometimes a Libra can be flustered into inaction.

If he is taking charge in planning the dates, or planning a trip with you and following through on buying the tickets, this shows that he has decided to break through his natural instinct to be cautious.

Your Libra man may be giving you signals that he is seriously devoted to you, and he’s decided your relationship is worth taking the leap and breaking his non-committal habits.

3. He introduces you to his parents

Libras are very concerned with how they present themselves to the world.

From their haircut to fashion sense to romantic partners, Libras want everything in their life to at least appear perfect.

Because of this, the Libra male will only introduce you to important people if he thinks highly of you. 

If he’s offering to introduce you to his parents, it’s because he knows that you’ll win them over (and make him look good while you’re at it!). 

4. He tells you when you’ve hurt his feelings

Libras are insanely non-confrontational.

Since they’re always trying to avoid a fight, Libra men will keep their mouths shut if something is bothering them.

Especially if they feel they’ve been wronged by someone, and bringing it up would be uncomfortable. 

When in a serious relationship, however, a Libra man will bring up things that bother him.

He may be a little reactive at first, but he will ultimately try to frame things in a constructive way. 

This is his way of building something long-lasting with you.

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5. He spends his money on you

Libras believe money is made to be spent. 

Even when they’re being thrifty, it’s probably just to save for something nice they’ve had their eye on (this is why lots of Libras tend to seek out high-paying jobs).

A Libra guy who’s serious about you will want to get you nice things, too.

Nice dinners, nice gifts, etc.

If your Libra man feels that you two are one, why wouldn’t he lavish you with all the gifts he’d lavish on himself?

All joking aside, Libras don’t feel like whole, complete people without their other half, that special person who makes them feel balanced and fulfilled.

So if your Libra man is stretching his budget to spend his dough on you, he thinks you’re worth it!

6. He opens up to you about his self-doubt

Libras can be especially hard on themselves. 

When he is feeling down, the self-doubt that Libras are famous for can start to creep in.

His self-analysis can be brutal, and it’s especially hard to go through it alone with no one to keep his negative self-talk in check. 

If your Libra man opens up to you and shares his doubts, he trusts you and feels safe with you. 

For the guarded, cautious Libra man, this is a major sign that he is serious about you. 

Other Libra Man Questions

How to Know If a Libra Man Is Playing You

Libras love attention from anyone who wants to give it, which gives them a bit of a “player” reputation. 

To find out if you’re getting played by your Libra man, look out for one thing – empty promises. 

The attention-seeking Libra man can sometimes just say things in the moment that they know will make people happy without truly meaning them. 

So if he says he’d love to hang out, but never makes a concrete plan, chances are – you’re getting played! 

Will a Libra Man Test You?

In short, yes, Libra men will test you.

The unsure Libra man will naturally want to check that you’re good for each other.

While he never wants to be insensitive in testing you, he may provoke you a little to see how you’ll react to certain situations.

Like, how would you handle it if he disagreed with you – would you blow up or talk it out?

(Libra men would prefer the latter.)

Are you going to freak out if he wants to spend a weekend away with his buddies without you?

Our best advice: play it cool!

How to Know If a Libra Man Is Over You

Libra men are always concerned about how the people they love are doing. 

When he’s able to, an attentive Libra will check in with you to make sure you are doing well. 

If he is not checking in on you, chances are, he’s over it. 

Onto the next one!

What a Libra Man Needs in a Relationship?

Libra men need a partner who can help create a balanced, healthy relationship, which for them requires someone who is not argumentative, who is honest, non-judgmental and open-minded.

To balance out the Libra’s indecisiveness, he really needs someone who can be decisive when he’s not. 

A Libra man needs someone who can be his rock. 

The cautious Libra man needs to know that you won’t bail on him at the first sign of trouble. 

He wants something healthy and long-lasting just as much as you do. 

Why Does a Libra Man Suddenly Ignore You?

If a Libra man suddenly ignores you, it may be unintentional.

As in, he may just not feel the need to reach out to you for a couple of days because he’s busy doing other things.

But if you feel like it’s intentional, you may have done something to turn him off. 

Libras value people with inquisitive, open minds who take care of themselves as well as others. 

Ask yourself: did you have a conversation with him where he asked you lots of questions and you didn’t bother to ask him any? 

Did you treat someone around you poorly? 

Have you been really negative, talking badly about yourself and others? 

These are big turn offs for a Libra. 

They are aware of negative influences, and will cut them out abruptly if necessary. 

If you’re not sure how to handle a Libra man, I highly suggest checking out Libra Man Secrets.

It will help you avoid creating drama that will scare him away and show you how to pull him in closer.

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