How to Make a Libra Man Happy (11 Relationship Tips)

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Want your relationship with your Libra man to last?

Here’s how to make a Libra man happy:

  • Be the social power couple
  • Don’t let things stagnate! Stay curious together
  • Make spending time together important and enjoy the moment
  • Choose rational conversations over arguments
  • Feed his need for beauty around him

Libra men are flighty and often blow hot and cold until they disappear forever.

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How to Make a Libra Man Happy

Are Libra men hard to please?

On the face of it, no.

Libras want to date someone who is essentially their best friend.

A best friend who is super sexy, highly affectionate, loyal, honest and down for a good time, anytime.

A Libra man needs balance in his life and his relationship to be happy.

He wants you, the woman he’s with, to fit perfectly into his life.

Ideally, you will compliment each other in every way—the perfect pairing.

No pressure, right?!

Well, worry not, my friend.

If you’re dating a Libra man now and you want to better fulfill his desires in a relationship, we can give you some important pointers below.

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1. Be open to anything

No Libra wants to feel tied down.

The free-spirited Libra man needs to feel a certain type of freedom that comes from being with a woman who makes his life an adventure.

Say “Yes” to things.

Be on the lookout for a new type of experience to share together.

Take a different route when you’re driving just to see what you’ll find.

Surprise your Libra guy with a weekend getaway.

Sign the two of you up for a cocktail-making course.

Or if your Libra man is into being of service to others (most Libras are), suggest that you volunteer together at an animal shelter or a food pantry.

Escape the daily grind together as Libras like to share their experiences with their partners and they hate being bored.

2. Enjoy each other’s company

You can easily take this tip for granted, but with a Libra, you definitely shouldn’t.

Many times, partners of Libra men will push a certain relationship agenda, such as moving in together or getting a serious commitment from the Libra.

Do Libra men have something against commitment and moving in together?

Certainly, no.

However, they do not like to be pushed toward these rather large commitments by someone else.

We’ll get into this more in a moment.

Just know—Libras will naturally progress toward a decision (eventually) when you make it easier for them to do so.

By that I mean, when you focus on making every moment magical, romantic, fun and exciting with your Libra man.

Not worrying about the future and expressing disappointment in how things are.

Live in the moment with your Libra and make each other happy and he will want to be your man today, tomorrow, the day after and so on.

3. Deal with conflict rationally and calmly

Libras hate conflict, but they understand that sometimes it’s unavoidable.

If you and your Libra man are ever not seeing eye-to-eye, don’t explode on him.

The more calm and diplomatic you can be, the better.

Libras really do need love and harmony in their lives in order to be happy.

Emotional storms are tempestuous and can shake them out of their peaceful existences, which will cause them to retreat.

When you disagree with your Libra man, lay out your thoughts with logic and reason.

This logic-driven air sign will respond favorably.

But do so with compassion, too—Libras don’t want to feel like they’re arguing with a robot.

Don’t let your emotions take over and make it into a full-blown argument.

But if you do happen to argue, try to pull back, tell him you would like to understand where he’s coming from and consider asking if you can call a truce until you can talk about it later.

A logical resolution, even if it’s a temporary one.

4. Don’t make every decision for your Libra man

Here’s the thing about Libra men.

They have a hard time making everyday decisions like what music to put on in the car when you’re driving with them and where to get lunch.

But this is because they want you to enjoy yourself.

So they love it when you say, “Let’s go to Taco Bell. How about the oldies radio station on the way?”

But when it comes to decisions that affect them solely or more acutely, they are not so interested in handing over decision-making authority to someone else.

Simply put, they don’t need you to make all their big life decisions for them.

In fact, Libra men will grow to resent this, even if they find it helpful at first.

They feel instantly panicked by the idea of their options disappearing, particularly if they themselves weren’t given a chance to go over every single pro and con and hypothetical situation imaginable.

A Libra man who feels like his life is being run for him will quietly start to push back by being suddenly unavailable and cold toward you.

Bottom line, be helpful to your Libra with decisions that affect you both and for which he specifically wants your input.

Offer your opinions and advice anytime he asks for them.

But don’t go as far as to control every situation for him, or worse, act on his behalf so that he no longer has a choice.

This will scare him and counteract all your good intentions.

5. Be romantic

Libras, more than any other sign, need to live and breathe romance.

They are optimists about love.

They love to be in love and all the butterflies, lightning bolts and lovesick sighs that come with that.

At a restaurant on a date, call ahead and see if you can get the most intimate, romantic corner reserved for you and your Libra beau.

Take silly and smoochy pictures at a photo booth, frame them and give them as a gift to him.

Walk on the beach at sunset and ask him to dance with you to the music playing from the boardwalk.

The more magic you can create for your Libra man, the harder he’ll fall and the more loved he’ll feel.

6. Don’t let looking good for each other fall by the wayside

Aesthetics are very important to all Libras.

They get called superficial in this way, but it’s a little unfair―most of us want to look good and have our partners look good, even if we don’t admit it.

However, for Libras, it can be a deal breaker if they feel like you were once putting effort into looking good for them, and now you’re not.

They really want to be with someone who not only looks great to them, but also looks amazing to everyone else.

Libras, both men and women, get a high from other people ogling their arm candy.

(Looking but not touching!)

If you can keep up appearances, you’ll take care of a need that seems deceptively small and insignificant.

But to Libras, it is not. It shows that you value yourself, and that you care.

Libra Man Secrets will show you more of the subtle ways Libra men study you and interpret your actions in a relationship.

So—don’t start showing up to dates in sweats!

Natural beauty is very alluring to Libras, so you don’t need to go all out in a full face of makeup every time you see them.

Just let your Libra man appreciate your well-groomed appearance and womanly elegance.

7. Get along with his friends

To Libras, friendship is everything.

A Libra man is nothing without his buddies.

He is social to the core and relies heavily on his friendships to give his day-to-day life meaning.

His friends are his confidantes and the people he shares some of his greatest moments with.

If you don’t mesh with his friends, things are going to get rocky with your Libra, fast.

One major reason is that your Libra man is not going to take your side over his friends’.

Libras are mediators by nature and resist taking sides, especially when their friends and loved ones are involved.

While you might see this as your Libra guy not supporting you, your Libra will see it as fair and just.

Which can make you mad and start throwing a wrench into your relationship.

If you want to make your Libra man happy, don’t try to make him choose between you and his friends.

Do your best to be on good terms with them and make a serious effort to hang out with them with your Libra man when he wants to.

This good will go a long way in keeping the peace and making your Libra man feel confident and secure in his relationship with you.

8. Go out together

Homebodies Libra men are not.

If you prefer a bottle of wine on the couch to meeting up with friends at your local tiki bar, you may want to start adjusting your expectations in your relationship with a Libra.

As we’ve talked about throughout this article, Libras are super sociable people and loneliness can easily creep in when they start to feel isolated.

They need people around them to feel good.

Not only their friends, but also strangers.

People to meet who they haven’t met before.

A popular restaurant that’s hopping on a Saturday night.

A place to be seen.

If you’re not into that, be open about it with your Libra and try to make a verbal arrangement where you’ll stay in so many nights a week and leave the option of going out and exploring on the others.

The more you can feed your Libra’s need for being immersed in a lively crowd, the more fulfilled he’ll feel, and also the more happy with you.

9. Host parties at home

Speaking of staying at home, you don’t always need to keep it low-key on the couch.

Invite a bunch of friends over for a dinner party.

Throw a New Year’s Eve bash.

Have a surprise birthday party for your Libra boyfriend at your place, at his or at a mutual friend’s.

A Libra man likes a home that can be both a sanctuary and a dance floor.

It satiates his hunger for adventure in a way and helps him escape his fear of the mundane.

Especially the domestic and mundane.

So shake things up once in a while and make your place (or his) a destination.

Share laughs, intelligent conversation, good food and good drinks with other people and make memories for your Libra to cherish.

10. Give him aesthetically pleasing gifts

As mentioned before, Libras are drawn to objects of beauty.

They can’t help it. They’re ruled by Venus, the planet that dictates a person’s attitude toward things like beauty, luxury and pleasure-seeking.

And Libras are pleasure-seekers.

As much as they need to live in the moment and have a good time with you, they need to be surrounded by things and environments that are pleasing to the eye, ear and other senses.

Art is very important to Libras.

So is being exposed to the art and creative works of various cultures.

Libras are collectors of beautiful things from designer watches to a hand-crafted piece of pottery they found at a craft fair.

To remind your Libra from time to time that he’s special to you, get him something you know will enrich his environment.

Something he will be able to look at and admire.

Or something that will make other people look at him and admire him.

It doesn’t need to be expensive—but whatever you get him, make sure it appeals to his sense of wonder in the beauty of nature and the world around him.

The woman who really understands him will know that this is not an indulgence, but a necessity for his sense of peace and balance.

A balanced world is a beautiful one.

11. Don’t let the passion die

Fading into a dynamic where you’re more friends than lovers is death to a Libra in a relationship.

He might take it for a while, but eventually (and probably soon) he will miss and crave the tender touch and attention of someone who quivers at his very touch.

He will end your relationship and find someone who reciprocates his open desire.

It’s not that sex is the most important thing to Libras.

It’s more that if the intimate connection you share gets severed, they feel untethered and detached from you.

Maintaining the attraction and passionate nature of your relationship is very important to Libras.

They never want to go from hot and steamy with you to just watching Netflix in bed every night in your pajamas.

Remember, they like to always feel like they’re in that place in the very beginning where you’re just falling in love and can’t keep your mitts off each other.

If you want your Libra to be happy, you have to keep the relationship fresh for him.

Exciting. Thrilling. Deeply passionate.

Just you two in an oasis of pure bliss and happiness.

Other Libra Man Questions

How do you win a Libra man’s heart?

You can win over a Libra man with your quick wit, social charms and sweet, compassionate side.

Be optimistic, and get his friends to like you if you want it to last!

One of the most important ingredients is reciprocity, however.

A Libra man won’t let himself get involved with someone who doesn’t make it clear that his advances are wanted, so make sure you flirt back and avoid being aloof.

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What does a Libra man like in a woman?

What attracts a Libra man to a woman is warmth, personal magnetism, a great sense of humor and serious confidence in herself.

The woman who lights up a room with her laughter catches a Libra guy’s eye.

Beyond this, Libra men greatly admire a woman with a big heart who is unselfish, polite and kind to everyone.

And no drama! 

A Libra wants a woman who has her stuff together, doesn’t try to manipulate him and doesn’t need saving.

How does a Libra man act when he’s in love?

The Libra man in love tries hard to show you that you’re an important part of his world.

He’ll do this by soliciting your advice, making you feel truly heard and taking every opportunity to strut in public with you by his side.

But also, he shows you how much he supports you and your dreams and is always right there for you when you need him, judgment-free and ready to listen.

Libra Man in Love has more information on a loving Libra guys’ behaviors.

How do you make a Libra man obsessed with you?

You’ll need to be the most confident, alluring and personable you can be to make a Libra man obsess over you.

He’ll be magnetized to a woman who is super fun to be around, loves to laugh and has impeccable style.

Artistic and creative types in particular make his heart pound out of his chest.

But you can’t chase the Libra—you have to let the Libra guy build up the uncontrollable urge to have you and pursue you by not making yourself too available to him.

How do you make a Libra man chase you?

Basically, if you want a Libra man to chase you, flirt with him and tease him like crazy but let him be the one to call.

The more you can pull him in while you’re together but hold back while you’re apart, the more it will drive the Libra to chase after you.

He’ll be motivated by your warm, friendly, flirty attitude.

Being overly eager ruins the mystery for him.

How to Get a Libra Man to Chase You explains in detail.

How do you make a Libra man miss you?

When it comes down to it, Libras suffer from FOMO.

So if you show him plenty of what he’s missing out on, his finger will get itchy to dial your number.

Live it up and have a full social life that doesn’t depend whatsoever on the Libra.

Find out more in How to Make a Libra Man Miss You.

How to get a Libra man to marry you

Truthfully, the best piece of advice you can take on this subject is not to push a Libra man and follow one of the tips in the list above—

Enjoy each other’s company.

Live in the moment together.

A Libra man thinks about his future, but his vision of it is changeable and heavily influenced by what’s happening here and now.

More importantly, the decision to get married is extremely serious to a Libra man.

He wants a mate to share his life with, but it has to be the right one.

Show him that’s you by taking life one day and a time with him and filling it with joy, happiness and adventure.

For any woman looking for the ultimate commitment from a Libra man, it’s smart to get to know him on the deepest level you can.

Libra Man Secrets teaches you what he wishes you knew.

There’s more to this sign than what you see on the surface—you’ll learn his deepest fears, desires and longings.

Click here for Libra Man Secrets.

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