How to Know When a Libra Man Is Done With You (“Not Interested” Signs)

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Is the Libra guy you’ve been seeing dodging your calls?

Here’s how to know when a Libra man is done with you:

  • He doesn’t have your back no matter what anymore
  • You always have to text first
  • Seeing him in person is next to impossible
  • He’s giving his attention to other people more than to you
  • There are other women he’s talking to

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Signs a Libra Man Is Done With You

1. You feel like he’s throwing you under the bus

A Libra man in love is a ride-or-die type o’ guy. 

He will stand by you no matter what and he’ll always be on your side, rooting for you.

Lately, however, he’s been disagreeing with you a lot while you’re alone, and even in front of other people.

What gives?

It no longer occurs to your Libra man to demonstrate that he’s devoted to you.

It doesn’t occur to him to have your back. 

Pulling away so obviously like this wouldn’t be a conscious effort.

In fact, you’ll probably notice this before he does.

He’s doing this out of frustration, and out of an unconscious need for this relationship to end.

This is one of the first signs that your Libra man has lost interest.

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2. You’re always the one who texts first

Libras are compulsive communicators. 

They tend to check in.

If he’s never the one who texts first, your Libra man is not thinking about you very much.

What about if he is pretty good about responding, though?

Well, that’s tough because Libras hate confrontation and really do take care to not hurt other people’s feelings.

So politeness may keep him responding at least some of the time.

What you’re looking for is him never being the one to initiate a conversation.

That’s a pretty good indicator that he’s not quite as into you anymore.

3. You notice him paying other people more attention

Libras love getting attention.

They feel validated knowing they’re well-liked, and well-liked they are.

So it’s not that strange when your Libra man seems like everyone’s best friend when you’re out. 

But Libras are also fantastic at giving attention.

Especially to the one they care about most.

If your Libran seems to be having a great time with everyone but you, that can be a red flag.

Does he seem like he’d rather chat with your server at dinner than talk to you?

Maybe he talks about what his friends and acquaintances are up to way more than he asks you any questions about yourself.

If he’s giving more energy to other people than to you, he’s likely losing steam in the relationship.

4. You can’t seem to get him to commit to a plan

When it comes to face-to-face meet-ups?

They’re a no-go.

He’s always too busy with friends, school, work, whatever!

He may even say he’ll come hang out, but he flakes at the last minute. 

As mentioned before, Libras hate confrontation and avoid it at all costs.

Keeping you at arm’s length this way might signal that your Libra man is ready to split. 

He may be working out a way to end it without hurting your feelings.

Or he may be waiting for you to end it.

5. You haven’t heard from him in a while

Been a long time since you’ve heard from your Libra guy?

There are lots of things that can turn a Libra off. 

Maybe you played a little too hard to get, expecting him to chase after you, and it backfired.

Or maybe you were being super available, even clingy.

Libras are masters of socializing. 

A Libra man consistently maintains contact with people he cares about.

He relies on them for advice, opinions and perspective. 

He wants to check in on the people he cares about most, or make plans to try to see them.

If he’s not reaching out to you for over a week and there’s no explanation for it, he may just be done with you.

6. You heard he might be talking to someone else

Lately, there have been whispers that your Libra guy might be talking to another woman.

Libras really depend on other people to get through hard times.

If he thinks things are ending between you, a Libra man might depend even more on those around him to help him stay level and gain perspective.

Note, he is NOT going out looking for another girlfriend.

Rather, another woman, maybe a colleague or a friend, might be there to lift him up and listen when he needs to talk.

However, once you break up, it’s possible that this friendship can cross over into a romantic relationship, or a rebound.

It is, for sure, a BIG red flag.

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Other Libra Man Questions

How to know if a Libra man is playing you

#1: Reaching out.

If you’ve always been the one who has to reach out to him, something is wrong.

A Libra man who is genuinely interested in you will hit you up.

OR, if he only reaches out late at night and wants to see you immediately…

Red flag.

#2: Hanging out.

He’ll say he wants to hang, but when it comes down to brass tax?

He’s nowhere to be found.

If he can never commit to hanging out with you, or ditches you if something better comes along, he’s just playing you.

What are the signs a Libra man is hiding his feelings?

#1: Awkwardness.

A socially awkward Libra is a secretly-crushing Libra!

The Libra man is typically very skilled in social situations.

He loves to entertain and doesn’t mind the spotlight.

So it’s odd if a Libra guy is being super weird around you, and just you.

This is probably because he has some hidden feelings for you that he’s too shy to admit.

#2: The elephant memory.

The Libra who remembers the little things is playing very close attention!

Notice if he brings up something totally mundane that you mentioned to him weeks ago.

You don’t typically find a Libra guy memorizing facts about people he doesn’t care about.

This can be a sign that he’s trying to show you that he has feelings for you.

How do you know if a Libra man misses you?

You can tell a Libra man misses you if he’s reaching out to you with flimsy excuses. 

You left something in his car.

He heard a song that reminded him of you.

Someone told him a joke that he knows you’ll find hilarious.

Libras are extremely social and want to share their world with others, particularly with those who are important to them.

If he’s consistently reaching out to you, your Libra man misses you and can’t get enough!

How to make a Libra man miss you

A Libra man talks to his friends a lot and trusts their input above anyone else’s—sometimes even their own!

His friend group is like his think tank. 

If you want your Libra guy to miss you, get his friends to like you.

Don’t let yourself be an old, retired subject.

Hang out with your mutuals, make jokes, delight them!

If they have positive things to say about you, this will have a lot of sway on your Libra guy.

Your Libra man will be missing out, and missing you. 

What do you do when a Libra man pulls away?

When a Libra man pulls away, it’s best to give him the space he needs.

You don’t want to appear clingy—Libra guys find that exhausting. 

Too much pressure!

Do, however, make sure you’re still available to him.

It’s good to ask him what’s going on, but then allow him to reach out to you on his own terms.

Your Libra man will greatly appreciate that you respect his boundaries.

Do Libra men come back to their exes?

Libra men come back to their exes for sure.

If it was his decision to break up, a Libra man often agonizes over it, wondering if he made the right choice.

This can have him taking it all back and wanting to make amends.

If you broke up with him, your Libra ex might have some bruised feelings and need to analyze the situation, but he will likely still be open to getting back together.

Your best chance to get your Libra man back into your arms is to get to know him on a deeper level and learn how he thinks.

You can do that with Libra Man Secrets.

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