6 Reasons Why Aries and Libra Don’t Get Along (Their Toxic Traits)

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Want to know why Aries and Libra don’t get along?

They’re an interesting pair because on the one hand, they have the ability to complement each other well.

On the other hand, there are bound to be issues between Aries, the loner, and Libra, the codependent sign.

Here’s why they don’t always get along:

  • They’re literally opposites in the zodiac
  • Aggressive Aries can get a bit much for peaceful Libra
  • Libra can be too cautious for the Aries’ taste
  • Libra values relationships, Aries values independence
  • Power struggles develop as they both want their way

Without further ado, let’s unpack why Aries and Libra don’t see eye-to-eye.

Why Aries and Libra Don’t Get Along

1. They’re opposites

Libra is the sign directly opposite Aries on the zodiac wheel.

You know what they say—opposites attract. But opposites can repel, too.

The truth is, there’s a push-pull thing going on between them.

When things are good, they’re great.

But when things are bad, they’re all-out fighting, screaming and crying.

This is just the nature of their oppositional energy.

It’s defiant, polarizing and intense.

So if Libra and Aries want to get together, they should be prepared for the extreme highs and lows. 

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2. Aries is a bit aggressive for Libra

Aries men and women are hot heads.

They have short fuses that can blow at the slightest offense, which is very different from the cool, non-confrontational Libra.

Libras are so cool and balanced, they can handle this energy…for a time.

They can even act as a buffer between Aries and the rest of the world, calming the Ram down before they do something they’ll regret later.

But the more the Libra hangs out with the Aries, the faster they’ll grow tired of it. 

3. Aries gets frustrated with Libra’s inability to make decisions

Between these two signs, you can’t get any different when it comes to decision-making.

Aries makes the call immediately, based on a feeling, hunch or desire.

And then you have Libra, who will put off having to make a decision for months (or ever) so that they can weigh every tiny, little detail.

Aries isn’t nearly so concerned with whether it’s good or bad, right or wrong like the Libra is.

The Aries just wants to see things get done, and they can get irritated if they feel like the Libra is slowing down progress.

4. Libra is a little needy for Aries

Libra is the sign of relationships, and they can tend to make their relationships their entire world.

Aries, in contrast, is the original leader of the zodiac.

Aries people don’t wait for anyone, and they have a “me first” type of mentality.

They’re too busy out there conquering and spearheading their goals.

So when Libra and Aries come together, there can be a clashing between these energies.

Aries might at first like taking Libra under their protective wing.

But at some point, Aries will wonder why Libra hates being alone so much and will want to force Libra to stand on their own two feet.

Of course, this will hurt the Libra, and they will not understand what they did wrong.

5. There’s a bit of a power struggle

With Aries being the leader and Libra liking to follow, they say that Aries and Libra have a good dynamic between them.

But they forget that Libra and Aries are both cardinal signs.

What this means is that they’re both “starters”—they’re the ones making ingenious plans for the rest of the group to follow.

But here’s the thing…how do they decide whose plan is better?

Aries may ultimately win much of the time simply due to their take-no-prisoners attitude.

But they shouldn’t underestimate Libra’s belief in their visions—they will fight for what they want, too.

6. Aries seems reckless to the Libra

There’s no question that Aries is an explorer, an adventurer and a maverick.

Aries lives to do everything first, regardless of the consequences.

Well, that just doesn’t sit right with the more cautious Libra.

Librans might feel like they’re always talking Aries out of some very bad judgments.

But when Aries drags Libra into it?

Libra might go along with it because they’re agreeable and they feel like someone needs to be the Aries’ conscience.

But ultimately, this exhausts the Libra and they’d rather not have to say, “I told you so.”

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Do Aries and Libras fight?

It depends.

As friends, they’re less likely to fight, but as lovers it’s almost unavoidable.

Aries doesn’t shy away from a confrontation, but Libra does and will use their charm and peacemaking skills to diffuse that bomb.

But the stakes are higher in a romantic relationship, and thus they may fight.

As emotions run high, the Libra will get swept up in the moment and forget their usual cool-headed ways.

Why are Aries so attracted to Libra?

Aries men and women are attracted to Libras because they’re beautiful, fun and lighthearted souls.

Libra, being an air sign, really fans the Aries flame and at least at first seems down for anything.

Then there’s the plain old fact that opposites do attract.

The graceful, mellow Libra is soothing and intoxicating to the passionate, lively Aries.

And the boldness of the Aries speaks to the shy and cautious Libra.

How do Aries feel about Libra?

Aries feel that Libras are friendly and easy to get along with.

Libras don’t ordinarily challenge the Aries, so they butt heads less than other signs.

Which means, Aries can really enjoy being around the Libra, without tempers flaring.

Libra and Aries female friendship

Friendship suits a Libra woman and Aries woman well.

They’re great for each other’s company, with the Aries encouraging the Libra to take risks and the Libra always being the Aries woman’s shoulder to cry on.

The Aries will lead the Libra into some adventurous nights out on the town, while the Libra creates a safe space for the Aries to chill and recharge.

They work well together and have a ton of respect for the way the other approaches life.

Aries and Libra relationship

In a relationship, Aries and Libra tend to fall into extremes.

Things are amazing and wonderful one week, only to blow up in their faces over one disagreement.

They run hot and passionate for each other, which is why they can get into trouble.

But they also provide so much balance and growth for each other, it’s well worth the risk.

At their best, Libra and Aries are madly in love with each other, devoted and sexually charged.

At their worst, they bicker, work against each other and exhaust one another.

Should Aries marry Libra?

Marriage between an Aries and a Libra will be challenging.

The good news is that Libra is very capable of compromise, but Aries, not so much.

It can’t always be on the Libra to bend around the Aries—that would be unfair, and the Scales sees that eventually.

But one thing’s for sure, the marriage is never going to get dull.

These two often feel like soulmates, and their love burns fierce and bright.

As long as they don’t burn out—that’s the key.

Aries and Libra compatibility percentage

Aries and Libra compatibility percentage is about 70%.

You can see why so many Libras and Aries people get together!

Aries and Libra sexually compatible?

Most definitely, Aries and Libra are sexually compatible.

Libra loves that Aries takes charge in bed, and Aries is all too happy to take their sexual encounters to acrobatic heights.

Libra absolutely melts in the Aries’ passionate embrace.

And Aries finds Libra an extremely adventurous partner who aims to please.

The only thing is that Libra is more sensitive and may need Aries to take it down a notch sometimes.

It doesn’t always have to be hot, heavy and athletic—sometimes the Libra just wants to go slow and cuddle.

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