How to Get a Libra Man to Commit (10 Things That Make Him Want To)

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Ready for your Libra man to get serious about your relationship? 

Here is how to get a Libra man to commit:

  • Make sure your relationship is healthy and balanced
  • Make his friends your friends
  • Instead of pressuring him, spark his curiosity
  • Offer him your support and trust
  • Don’t fight!

Libra men are chronic procrastinators, but pushing them can scare them off.

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How to Get a Libra Man to Commit

Let me just say now, this is not an easy road.

If you place too much emphasis on defining your relationship in steps, the next step being the big “commitment” stage, the Libra will likely feel pressured to make a decision he isn’t ready to make.

And we all know that Libras aren’t fast decision-makers by any means.

A pressured Libra is likely to dig his heels into the ground in subtle ways.

Maybe he’ll start to disappear one day at a time.

So you don’t want to apply that sort of pressure!

You do, however, want to help things along in a way that puts the Libra in control of making his own decisions.

That’s the only way he’ll ever feel ready (and happy) to jump in with both feet.

So let’s talk about how to make that happen now.

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1. Focus on how you make each other feel

One of the most important pieces of advice you need to hear is to stop.

Forget about commitment for a minute.

Just think about the two of you, your Libra man and you, together in the moment.

Think about how wonderful he makes you feel.

About how confident you are in how much he cares for you.

That’s where you need to come from and where you need to stay if a Libra man is going to commit to you.

Libras are impressively able to live in the present and appreciate what they have.

They want to enjoy themselves and think about how good things are, how beautiful love is.

So, live there with your Libra man.

Encourage him by developing the intensity of his pleasure just being with you.

Make your time together feel meaningful and magical, without worrying about the future.

Eventually, what will feel right in the moment is to commit to each other, and the Libra will feel it with all of his heart.

2. Make sure all is equal in the relationship

We’ve talked about this before, but it’s important to reiterate in this case especially: Libra men crave balance in all aspects of their lives, including their relationships.

It doesn’t sit right with Libra, the sign of the scales, if a relationship is one-sided.

If he pays for everything for you and you never offer to reciprocate, for example.

Also, if he tries hard to amaze and romance you but you don’t seem to appreciate it or bring your own romantic gestures to the table, it’s hard for him to want to keep that up.

Ultimately, you want to mirror each other’s efforts in the relationship.

Put in what you want to get out of it.

If the Libra man does something for you, remember it and do something in return for him.

You don’t need to keep tabs on every single little thing, but if you remain aware of the balance, you’ll know when to jump in.

And the Libra man will feel truly cared for and appreciated, a necessity to make him want to commit.

3. Talk about commitment from a place of curiosity

What’s your goal?

To get married? Maybe just to get an apartment together?

Whatever direction you want to take, you are not at the mercy of the Libra man’s whims.

Libras are rational and quite logical people.

They operate from that place of rationality rather than emotion, and they can appreciate all sides of an argument rather non-judgmentally.

So if you bring up the topic of commitment to your Libra man in this light, he will definitely get the hint but will be far less likely to throw up walls.

Make it a topic to explore because it piques your curiosity and he’ll be more willing to talk about it like a hypothetical situation.

You can say something like, “In my past relationships I always moved in with my exes pretty quickly. I’m glad we didn’t do that, but how do you think things would go if we moved in together now?”

Or maybe, “My friend’s boyfriend proposed to her this weekend. Have you ever wanted to propose to me?”

And you will get an answer.

It will probably be a clear and direct answer without much room for interpretation.

But even if he’s not ready for that step you’re seeking, you will have put it in his mind to weigh and made your own intentions clear without applying direct pressure.

Let it rattle around in his brain from here on out.

4. Support him unconditionally

Something that a Libra man really needs from you is a non-judgmental attitude toward his goals and desires.

Libras often have very specific goals for their futures, and sometimes they can be rather lofty.

But he will only want to be with a woman long-term if he can see her fitting together with those goals.

If you tell him they’re unrealistic and he should focus on something different, it will not only discourage him, it will also tell him you don’t believe in him.

People often underestimate Libras.

Libra is a cardinal sign, which makes people born under it starters and leaders along with Aries, Cancer and Capricorn.

Empires are conceived and started by the cardinal signs.

So have faith in your Libra man!

Even if you have your doubts about whether he’ll be able to follow through, leave that to the Libra man to decide.

Play the unconditional support role and help him feel like you’ll be there no matter what.

Because you believe in him, and you trust him.

5. Make love, not war

No Libra wants to fight.

Libras are actually pretty skilled at diverting anger you direct at them and trying to charm you into a calmer state when you’re upset.

But it takes energy and they would rather not have to deal with looming fights in the first place.

The perpetual peacemaker, the Libra man needs you to be peaceful, too.

If you have disagreements, try not to let them escalate.

Keep emotions steady, try to use logic and reason things out before they get too heated.

If you do lose your tempers, apologize to each other and let things go.

The woman a Libra man marries will be very adept at things like compromise and showing compassion.

She will want to create beauty and happiness with her Libra man wherever they are, whether in his apartment or out for a stroll through the city.

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6. Get his friends on your side

How a Libra man’s friends feel about you is not necessarily the final determining factor in where your relationship is headed.

However, you should be aware that his friends are a huge part of his life.

He needs them not just as a social outlet, but also as the people he trusts to judge things when he can’t see.

His task is to balance his need for his friends with his need to have you in his life.

Which is much easier if there’s no friction between you and his pals.

Asking him to choose between you and his friends will wreak havoc on his heart and mind.

Even if you don’t ask him with words, if you don’t get along with his friends, you’re creating a situation where he has to choose who to make happy.

If his friends are fans of you, you’ll fit like a puzzle piece into his social life, which is incredibly important to the highly social Libra.

But also, if his friends like you and he wants to ask their opinions on the commitment subject, they’re way more likely to approve.

Which can carry a lot of weight with the Libra.

Either way, you can’t go wrong making his friends your friends.

7. Don’t keep him on a short leash

Trust is huge to Libras.

They won’t be with you if they can’t trust you, and they certainly don’t know why you would be with them if you don’t trust them.

Simply put, a Libra man will put you at a distance or cut the cord if he thinks there’s a lack of trust in the relationship.

If you don’t give him much freedom, it can definitely come across like that.

Expecting him to be home at a certain hour every night and keeping tabs on his whereabouts are examples of being a little too strict for the Libra’s comfort.

If you trust him, why would you be doing that?

But also, there’s another element at play here: the Libra’s need for freedom.

Libras refuse to be boxed in, even if they are polite about it.

You can try, but you will fail.

It’s much better to go with the flow and let the Libra have the room he needs to stay flexible, spontaneous and in control of his life.

If you do this, he will repay you in kind.

But he will also learn that commitment to you doesn’t have to mean getting boxed in.

8. No ultimatums

If you’ve been following along, you may have seen this piece of advice coming.

Some men need ultimatums. Libra men don’t.

In fact, Libra men will take offense to an ultimatum.

Don’t be surprised if he acts hurt if you do throw one his way.

While you might be thinking that it’s a fair proposal, he will wonder what’s so wrong in your relationship that you’re resorting to a power move like that.

It will erode his confidence and make him worry that more ultimatums are in the future as this is this is how you operate.

The worst part is, there is no guarantee that he will even respond to what you’ve put forth.

He may retreat and then come back with an entirely different answer.

Or ignore it.

So do the both of you a favor and steer clear of the dreaded ultimatum!

9. Continue to look good for him

It’s hard in this busy day and age to look your best at all times.

However, that’s much different from looking like a completely different person six months into the relationship.

When Libras fall in love with you, they fall for the whole package.

That means your mind, your personality and yes, the way you look.

Stopping making an effort there is tantamount to saying to the Libra man that you don’t care enough about his experience to bother.

To him, it’s also a reflection on your self image.

Libras want a confident woman, one who radiates self-assurance from what she wears as much as how she conducts herself.

A woman who takes pride in her appearance.

If you would rather see your Libra man in a nice button-up while you’re out and about instead of sweats, he would like the same thing from you.

There’s no need to go over the top and primp in the mirror constantly.

Just maintain!

10. It’s hard, but stay patient

If you’re waiting for a Libra man to commit, you’re going to need all the patience you can muster.

Libras never make decisions they aren’t totally sure of.

In addition, Libra men won’t make a decision they feel they can put off.

So if the commitment isn’t life or death, don’t expect it to solidify within a shorter time frame.

This is why it’s important to lay the groundwork for him to start thinking about it and arriving at his own conclusions—by following the tips throughout this article.

It can be discouraging to feel like you just have to sit and wait.

Especially if your Libra man hasn’t had many relationships before yours, he’s not likely to feel certain about you for a long time.

But if you can keep supporting him and making his days better by having an absolute great time together and enriching each other’s lives, eventually he will realize he doesn’t want to live without you.

Remember: small nudges, and no ultimatums!

Other Libra Man Questions

How do you know if a Libra man is serious about you?

If it’s getting serious for the Libra man, he will show you by pulling you closer to him.

He will do this by making you a known face to his family (if they live nearby) and sharing his deepest feelings and insecurities with you.

You’ll notice that what you say to him is highly influential on him.

Learn more signs in How to Know If a Libra Man Is Serious About You.

How do you know if a Libra man misses you?

If he misses you, there will be little that will keep him away from you.

He’ll do more than say he wants to see you. He’ll move things around to make it happen.

You’ll hear from him often and he won’t play games.

Check out How to Know If a Libra Man Misses You for more info on that subject.

What is a Libra man’s weakness?

As we mentioned earlier, Libra men are slow and cautious when it comes to pulling the trigger on anything.

They can take so much time making a decision that it basically passes them by.

But Libra men are also very wary of confrontation, which means they’ll do whatever it takes to avoid it.

Conflict avoidance helps them maintain the peace.

But it also sweeps issues that need to see the light of day right under the rug.

Signs a Libra man is trying to hide his feelings

The best way to tell if a Libra man is hiding his feelings from you is to be more direct with him.

He won’t lie to you.

Ask him outright if you have a question about how he feels.

But if he’s attempting to come off like he’s cool as a cucumber, he may put off contacting you for a few days, only to give himself away by how affectionate he is when he’s with you again.

How to know if a Libra man is playing you

When a Libra man is playing you, he doesn’t put any real effort behind seeing you or keeping his promises.

He might say you’ll get together but you never do.

He won’t text you.

You won’t get calls from him and he won’t respond to you, unless it’s on his terms.

If these things are happening, watch out.

How to make a Libra man obsessed with you

If you really want to make a Libra man obsess about you, be the best person you can be.

Be fun, be easy-going and stay positive.

Embrace what makes you unique and put it on display.

Have confidence in yourself and be a fan of the arts.

But most of all, be both charming and thoughtful. 

A beautiful woman who everyone loves and who thinks for herself is a powerful force where a Libra’s attraction is concerned.

If you’re serious about making your Libra man commit, it’s a good idea to start learning more about how he thinks and views your relationship with a guide like Libra Man Secrets.

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