How to Get a Libra Man to Chase You (8 Ways to Get Him to Ask You Out)

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Want a Libra man to pursue you to the ends of the earth?

Here is how to get a Libra man to chase you:

  • Look fetching at all times and flirt openly with him
  • Be a fun and fun-loving type of gal
  • Pay him lots of attention, but detach when you’re not with him
  • Keep things light and expectation-free

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How to Get a Libra Man to Chase You

1. Look stunning

This may seem obvious, but for Libras it can’t be overstated.

The planet that rules Libra is Venus, the planet of beauty.

So Libras are, more than other signs (except Taurus, also ruled by Venus), moved in an almost spiritual way by physical beauty.

Clearly, then, you’ve got to rock your hottest look for a Libra man.

Don’t skip the skirt in favor of the sweats.

Look polished, neat and like you would for the ‘Gram.

You best believe, a Libra man will eat that up.

Another tip: Go for classy, feminine or magazine-type looks over skimpy ones. 

Venus is romantic and feminine, so play to that type of aesthetic for a Libra man to swoon.

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2. Make sure he knows you’re into him

Let me say this.

A Libra man will take his shot at any woman he finds attractive, but he won’t chase a woman who shows no interest in him whatsoever.

Libras have a bit of an ego, and they like to think that they’re the most charming, interesting people around.

And honestly, that’s typically the case.

But if you’re not fanning that flame, Libras will quickly lose interest from lack of attention.

So first, you want to give him enough of the right kind of attention that lets him know you want him to chase you.

Of course, I mean FLIRT!

He’ll bask in the energy you’re giving him and if he finds you attractive, he’ll be thinking about how he can get to see you next.

3. Make everything fun

A beautiful woman will catch his eye, but she’s got to be fun if she’s going to keep it.

Libras get bored by wallflowers.

They are drawn uncontrollably to women who are full of life.

Laugh and have fun!

Being able to do this gives you natural charm, and Libra is well-versed in how to be charming.

But he’s always waiting to be charmed back!

Joke around, invent games and be the center of attention.

Whatever you’re doing, have a great time doing it. 

Whether you’re chatting with your Libra man or he’s eyeing you from across the room.

4. Be sexy

Being sexy is more than what you wear.

If you can exude some major sex appeal, you can have a Libra man’s number.

Being sexy to a Libra man is all about being cute and flirty with just the right amount of forwardness, without coming off as raunchy.

Making a sexy game of cat and mouse is a Libra man’s ideal.

Do things like touching him flirtily and giving him sly looks.

This kind of behavior drives Libra men crazy.

Just remember to be sweet at the same time.

Libra men melt for the super sexy girl-next-door type of vibe.

5. Keep yourself busy

While you want to shower a Libra man in attention at the party, you don’t want to keep doing it for days after.

Fill your time with the usual stuff you would do if you weren’t waiting by the phone for him.

It’s OK to miss his call because you were just busy!

Call him back of course, but let him get the picture that you’re living your life.

Clinginess is scary to Libra men.

They like it when a woman who is attracted to them seems like she has enough going on for herself that she doesn’t have time to get bent out of shape for a man.

They want a woman with a “come get me” attitude but a full schedule.

It means she won’t be clingy, for one thing.

And it provides the drive to chase her.

6. Wait for sex

Libras have no moral qualms about jumping into bed.

And while there’s nothing wrong with two consenting adults getting busy quickly, Libra men tend to have a great attention span when there’s more mystery there.

Libra guys love being teased.

They LOVE it.

Sexual tension that builds with time is almost more gratifying to them than the actual act.

So, if you really want a Libra man to chase after you, make him wait for the sexy stuff for at least a few dates.

This will also help him to get to know you better, which can only increase your chances of winning his heart and not just his bod.

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7. Don’t demand too much of him

We talked about keeping busy so that a Libra man doesn’t fret that he’ll become your whole world.

But also, when you’re around him, try to keep things pretty light.

At least in this phase where you’re trying to entice him to chase you and keep chasing you.

Asking him to be your boyfriend too soon can put a damper on the budding romance for him.

Libras hate making on-the-spot decisions and will need time for that kind of consideration, anyway.

Just don’t push them.

8. Veer away from too much deep emotional stuff

When it comes to emotions, try to keep them neither too cool nor too hot.

Be warm and open and honest, but don’t unleash all your feelings on him.

Libra is an air sign, and the intellectual air signs aren’t the most comfortable with intense emotionality.

So while you want to be emotionally honest, you just want to temper your feelings around your Libra guy.

Any emotions—not just the ones you feel for him.

Keep things relatively light, positive and fun.

Other Libra Man Questions

How to get a Libra man to fall for you

Getting a Libra man to fall for you is more than just looking hot as heck (though you should definitely do that!).

Be confident, caring and truly invested in your Libra man’s thoughts, opinions and happiness.

Be unselfish.

Make him and his friends laugh and be the most entertaining person in the room.

Get more tips in How to Make a Libra Man Fall in Love.

How do you make a Libra man miss you?

To make a Libra man miss you, you should basically go about your business but give the Libra insight into what you’re doing without him.

Be it through Instagram or by catching you out at the club, seeing you have a great time alone makes him reminisce.

And look amazing, of course!

We go more in-depth on this topic in How to Make a Libra Man Miss You.

What’s a Libra man’s biggest weakness?

A Libra man’s biggest weakness is arguably his tendency to shy away from making decisions and commitments.

He’s obsessed with finding the most fair, balanced and equitable answer in every situation.

On the lighter side, this is definitely not conducive to snap decisions like, “Where do you want to eat lunch?”

On the darker side, a Libra man can drag his feet in a relationship for years.

When a Libra does commit, however, a Libra commits deeply and with every fiber of his being.

How to make a Libra man obsessed with you

Libra men are highly attracted to the arts and anyone who is artistic themselves.

They are taken by the beauty you create and are impressed by your creative ability, whether that’s in music or writing.

If you’re the creative type, make sure you put that on display in front of the Libra man!

If not, definitely have an active interest in art, music, etc.

Look amazing every time he sees you and be independent.

Flirt with him and give him lots of attention when you’re with him, and otherwise be busy so when he calls, he has to work for your time and attention.

How to get a Libra man to stop ignoring you

To get a Libra man to stop ignoring you, it really depends on what’s going on.

Reach out to him if you suspect he’s upset with you and ask him how you can fix it.

Just don’t flood his inbox because that can make him ignore you even more.

If he needs space because you’re chasing him too hard or he’s giving you a test to see how you’ll react, be pleasant and charming but let him come to you.

Don’t double down on your efforts to get him talking again.

You can find out more in Why a Libra Man Ignores You.

How to know if a Libra man is playing you

Look out for empty words and promises.

A Libra man will only be superficially flattering to you (“You are so hot”) if he’s in it for the physical only.

He won’t give you more meaningful compliments about your mind, your strength, etc.

And he won’t meet up with you when you want to, unless it’s on his terms and when he thinks he can get some action.

That’s about all you get from him—none of the emotional intimacy, adoration or serious attention a Libra man gives to a woman he really likes.

Signs a Libra man is not interested in you

Libra men like to discuss everything with their buddies.

If he’s talking to you about another girl, it’s likely that he sees you as just a friend.

Besides this, a Libra man will not be paying attention to you if he’s not interested.

If he doesn’t single you out, or if you see him giving his full attention to another woman, he’s probably not trying to make you jealous.

Libra men want to spoil someone they’re into with special attention.

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