How to Win a Libra Man (9 Ways to Touch His Heart)

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So you found the perfect guy and it turns out he’s a Libra.

Here’s how to win a Libra man:

  • Be well-dressed and well-groomed
  • Tell him where you want to go on a date and be willing to make decisions
  • Turn the focus on him in a conversation
  • Be social and get his friends to like you
  • Charm him and let him charm you back

If you’re not sure how to keep a flighty Libra man, you’ll need to know how he thinks, what his fears and desires are and how to handle them.

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How to Win a Libra Man

1. “Nails done, hair done, everything did”

Okay, maybe not that exactly, but a showing of self-worth is important to a Libra. 

They can’t resist shiny, pretty things (or shiny, pretty people!). 

Libra men love to indulge themselves and feel good when around people who do the same. 

They think the value one puts on themselves says a lot about them. 

To be clear, they’re not looking for a pompous, self-important, superficial person. 

The person who catches their eye is someone who clearly takes care of themselves.

If you’re trying to win over a Libra man, take care of your mental health, get some sleep and show up to the hang looking like you’ve got a grip.

Clean, well-dressed, in a good mood and ready to flaunt it! 

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2. Make some choices

Decision-making stresses a lot of us out, but none gets more panicked at the thought than a Libra. 

The Libra man loves to sit back and go with the flow. 

This is partly because he’s so invested in other people’s happiness, he doesn’t want to make a choice that puts that in jeopardy.

But also, it’s just tough for the sign symbolized by the Scales of Justice to come to a conclusion without worrying that he hasn’t weighed every little detail.

If you’re trying to catch a Libra man’s eye, you don’t need to be bossy.

Actually, that will probably turn him off.

But DO be decisive. Make a choice! 

Being around a confident person makes a Libra feel more confident. 

Suggest a restaurant to go to, or a movie to watch. 

Weigh in when asked for an opinion. 

Show your Libra man that you can balance out his indecisiveness. 

This is sure to get his attention and win his favor. 

3. Give him the floor in a conversation 

As a true people person, a Libra man will ask a lot of questions when engaged in conversation. 

This habit stems from a couple of things: 

  1. he wants people to like him and knows people like to talk about themselves, and 
  2. he sincerely cares whether the people around him are happy and doing well.

It’s flattering to have him be so interested, but don’t get so wrapped up in talking about yourself that you forget to ask him how he’s doing, or what he’s up to.

Be aware, this can be easy to overlook with an ultra attentive Libra man.

Always concerned for the wellbeing of others, Libras will take notice and love that someone is taking an interest in them in this way. 

It is a small, but important gesture, and gives you a chance to get to know them better. 

4. Win over his friends!

Libras think by crowdsourcing. 

They take what others say to heart, particularly what their friends say.

So, if you have access to your Libra guy’s friends, make sure you make a good impression!

If even one person close to him has super positive things to say about you, this can have a big influence. 

It’s not that a Libra man will turn against you if his friends don’t like you.

Quite the opposite, in fact – a Libra man has a contrarian streak that surprises many people and he just might pursue you to prove a point.

At least, for a while.

However, it’s much better if you can get off on the right foot with his buddies.

It’s easier for a Libra man to let his guard down with someone who holds the good opinion of those he trusts.

Especially if you want it to last.

5. Laughter is the best medicine… and the biggest turn-on

Witty, clever remarks will get you far with a Libra man. 

Being a bit of a jester himself, he appreciates someone with a good sense of humor. 

It’s one thing to laugh at his jokes, but to get him to laugh at yours – that’s the ticket!

If you can entertain your Libra man, you’ll have him begging for more. 

He’s usually the charmer, but you can actually charm the PANTS off a Libra man if you demonstrate some quick wit.

Generally, Libra men are pretty booksmart and appreciate intelligence.

So don’t be afraid to make “smart” jokes.

Or silly jokes.

Really, just be your most charming self and it’ll do the trick.

6. Try a little tenderness

If left to their own devices, Libra men will be silly and keep things light in most conversations.

This tendency can sometimes mean that they don’t feel like they can speak their feelings, or open up in any earnest way for fear of ruining the vibe or embarrassing themselves.

If you take the lead and give your Libra guy the opportunity to speak earnestly, he may just jump at the chance. 

Moments like these don’t come around too often for the Libra man.

Go ahead and show a little vulnerability.

Don’t hide your true feelings.

If you can get your Libra man talking, this will open the door for emotional intimacy between you. 

A little caution – getting too heavy too quickly can make a Libra man uncomfortable and become counterproductive.

Don’t overthink it. Just be honest and sincere.

If you’re not sure what the best approach is with a Libra man, I highly suggest the tips and advice in Libra Man Secrets.

7. Be an agent of positivity in his life

The last thing a Libra man who’s feeling down in the dumps needs is a Debbie Downer.

Surprisingly sensitive, Libra men tend to steer clear of these kinds of people.

I don’t mean that you have to be chipper 100% of the time. 

Remember, you can be open and honest with your Libra man, and you in fact are encouraged to be.

However, if you notice that most of your interactions with your Libra crush involve you complaining consistently, or talking poorly about a friend, you’re going to want to turn that around – fast!

Libras would rather feed the positive voice than the negative voice in their heads. 

So, they are most attracted to people who can bring light and positivity. 

8. Let your social circle work their magic

A Libra prides himself on his friendships. 

Believing that he has the highest caliber of taste, his friends are the most important people to him – because he chose them!

The social Libra man relies very heavily on his friends for their support, self-esteem and perspectives. 

If you don’t have a close-knit circle of friends, that’s a big red flag to a Libra. 

Show off your besties to him to demonstrate your loyalty, affection and social ability. 

Plus, if he gets along with them, that’s one step further into incorporating him into your life…

And maybe one of them can hint that he should ask you out!

9. Show him that he’s charmed you

As you know, charm is something that Libra men do not lack – and they know it! 

They are people pleasers at heart, and because of this, they have honed their skills in winning people over. 

If a Libran sends you a playlist, gush about his music taste. 

If he compliments your outfit, don’t shrink away. Compliment him back or giggle and touch his arm. 

Don’t be afraid to flirt! 

Like all other signs of the zodiac, Libra men aren’t mind readers.

And they L-O-V-E flirting.

Seriously, they live for it.

Demonstrate that you’re into him. Libras may fear overstepping their bounds and hold back if they worry they’ll make you uncomfortable.  

The path toward winning over your Libra man is much clearer if he can tell that you’re interested in him. 

How to Talk to a Libra Man

  • Be warm and personable
  • Ask lots of questions – they love to know you’re taking an interest in them
  • Talk about something you know will spark his artsy interest (music, art, books)
  • Be direct – fortune favors the bold, at least with Libra men!
  • Flirt, flirt, flirt!

How Do You Make a Libra Man Fall in Love With You?

  • Libra is looking for a true equal, a yin to his yang, so offer balance where he needs it – be decisive, grounded and a little mysterious!
  • Show that you’re a good match based on your mutual care for justice and fairness, your social natures and your positivity
  • Take pride in yourself
  • Show compassion for the people around you

Where Do Libras Like to Be Touched?

  • Every sign of the zodiac has its own unique rulership over a part of the body, and Libra’s is the lower back/lumbar region
  • A gentle touch here could go a long way
  • A Libra man is prone to sore back, so offer him a massage 

How to Get a Libra Man to Open Up

  • Be kind, warm and gentle
  • Don’t shut him down – provide a safe, nonjudgmental space for him to express himself
  • Open up to him first

How Do You Make a Libra Man Jealous?

  • Don’t give him the attention he craves
  • Within earshot, compliment someone else’s style
  • Go out and do something that you know he loves with someone else

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