Why a Libra Man Ignores You Suddenly (9 Real Reasons Why)

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Has the Libra guy you’ve been seeing gone silent? Unfortunately, this can be a typical Libra move.

Here are the major reasons why a Libra man ignores you:

  • He’s upset with something you did and he’s stewing
  • He feels like you’re throwing his life off-balance
  • He’s trying to see how needy you’ll be
  • His heart belongs to someone else
  • He doesn’t feel like relationship material right now

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Reasons a Libra Man Suddenly Ignores You and Stops Texting

1. You upset him

Yes, one of the reasons a Libra man will suddenly ignore you is pretty obvious:

His feelings have been hurt.

Since Libras don’t like confrontation, they won’t just call you to give you a piece of their mind.

Rather, they’ll shut down and retreat.

As an air sign, Libra is first a thinker, then a feeler, and he needs time to process what’s going on in his emotions.

So a little bit of space is a good thing.

The good news is, if this is why your Libra guy stopped texting, he should be texting you again soon, once he’s gotten over it.

Maybe even with an apology.

But if not, do reach out and ask him what you can do.

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2. You’re tipping the balance in his life

Libras like everything to feel orderly and just right.

They crave balance and won’t have anyone causing big waves for them.

So if they feel like you are an element of chaos in their peaceful environments, they will likely start to distance themselves from you.

Maybe the Libra felt like he was giving too much energy to some emotional drama involving you.

Or like being with you means he has to sacrifice his friendships because you all don’t get along or you demand too much of his time.

Whatever it is, “too much” is going to intimidate a Libra man.

If this is happening, you may need to just play it cool for a while or otherwise prove that you can be the easygoing partner that a Libra man needs.

3. You’re coming on too strong

Libra guys will only really be into you if they have to work for it a little.

Though initially you do want to make it clear that you want the Libra man so he knows he’s not barking up the wrong tree, you can’t be the aggressor forever.

It will make a flighty Libra man lose interest.

Let me give you an example.

I have a Libra man friend who met a woman and they were instantly attracted to each other.

They quickly fell into bed together, but the woman would not give my Libra friend any space.

She wanted to stay glued together and called him to meet up all the time.

She even tried to make him jealous by flirting heavily with one of his friends.

And guess what? My Libra friend was not into it.

The flirting didn’t even make him jealous.

If you’ve been chasing your Libra man the whole time, it’s time to let him do the chasing.

4. He’s not looking for a relationship

Straight up, a Libra man may just not want to get serious right now.

Though Libras are the “relationship” sign and are known for searching for their soulmate in pretty much every relationship, they need a break every now and then.

And by break I mean booty call.

He may like you very much, but no matter what, he’s just not ready to be your boyfriend.

Or anyone’s boyfriend.

You may have just caught your Libra man at a weird time.

5. He’s testing you

Libras aren’t huge on games, but they will give you little tests here and there to see if you can handle it.

For example, ignore you a little.

A Libra man might not do this truly deliberately, but if you start hounding him, he may feel like he needs to feel you out and see how clingy you actually are.

If you guessed that you should definitely act normal—bingo.

Keep yourself busy with friends, hobbies and your everyday life.

Show the Libra man that he hasn’t ruffled your feathers because you’re too easy-going for that.

This won’t necessarily nudge him into panic mode where he’s texting you all day, but it will make him curious about you.

6. His ex isn’t out of the picture

Libras aren’t great at cutting the cord with their exes.

If a Libra man has fallen pretty deeply in love, that love can linger and mess with his life and relationships well after the breakup.

Unfortunately, if your Libra man’s ex is still on his mind, you don’t have a ton of options.

Chasing him harder is not a good idea as it will turn him off.

As well, demanding that this famously indecisive man choose between you and his ex will just make him anxious and will probably backfire.

The truth is, the best you can do is to continue to be patient and alluring as all get out to your Libra.

This is why it’s crucial to understand how your Libra man thinks—so you can anticipate his needs and desires, which Anna Kovach teaches in Libra Man Secrets.

7. He’s got serious things going on

Libras won’t necessarily tell you when something big has happened to them.

They save that for their innermost circle of friends and loved ones, and if you’re just started seeing each other, you probably haven’t reached that level yet.

The major downside of this is that you won’t know what the heck is going on.

It’s possible that he could call you out of the blue one day and casually mention that he was dealing with something, and that’s all.

But you can feel free to reach out if you suspect there is no other reason for him to stop calling and ask him if everything is OK with him.

If not, he will like that you cared enough to reach out.

8. You fight

Libras DO NOT want to fight.

They will do it when backed into a corner, but it’s not their natural state.

It takes a ton of energy out of them and makes them feel all out of whack.

So if you two fight a lot, that could absolutely be the cause of your Libra man taking a step back.

As a non-confrontational person, he likely hasn’t said anything to you specifically.

He may be waiting for you to put it together.

Or, maybe you don’t let go of things.

Libras will try to move on from a fight as quickly as they can, even if it means bottling up their emotions to do so (which is not terribly healthy).

But if he is seeing someone who doesn’t do the same, it can be a hugely negative impact on his life.

9. He’s had a change of heart

Lastly, it’s definitely within the realm of possibility that your Libra man changed his mind about dating you.

Libras are indecisive, but that doesn’t mean they can’t lead their own lives.

Rather, a Libra man will take the easy way out and instead of confronting you, he’ll just stop calling and put distance between you.

If he hasn’t called in weeks, that’s not a good sign.

Other Libra Man Questions

How do Libra men react to being ignored?

It depends on how much you ignore them.

A little ignoring can be a good thing and incentivize a Libra guy to try harder to get your attention.

But you would need to do this in a way that doesn’t seem like you dislike him or don’t care, but rather that you’re just busy.

If you ice him out, that can be a move that turns against you.

You see, Libras need to gain the confidence to pursue you through knowing that they can charm you.

Completely ignoring them is tantamount to rejection and rejection makes everyone feel bad.

Instead of feeling bad, the Libra man would rather move on.

How do you know if a Libra man misses you?

Libra men will show that they miss you in pretty obvious ways. 

Namely, they will be texting you, DMing you and calling you regularly.

Especially for no good reason!

A Libra man who is really into you will have no problem being forward and telling you he wants to see you.

You can find more signs here in How to Know If a Libra Man Misses You.

What should you do when a Libra man pulls away?

When a Libra man pulls away, take a step back yourself and think about what’s happening.

Have you done anything to rub your Libra guy the wrong way?

If you come up empty, then he may just be taking a little time for himself.

Don’t crumble to pieces.

It’s good to allow him the space to take care of himself.

This will let him know that your relationship is on solid ground.

If you suspect something is up, the best thing to do is to reach out and ask, but do so with a concerned, genuinely caring tone.

When shouldn’t you chase a Libra man?

You should not chase a Libra man who is not responding to you.

If you’ve put it out there that you’re into him and he has been nice but is not biting, then he’s not interested.

Continuing to pursue him will just bug him.

Sometimes a Libra man will flirt back just because he’s enjoying the attention, but the real sign that he likes you is if he tries to get in touch with you.

How to deal with a Libra man’s emotional distance

There are plenty of reasons that your Libra man may be a little emotionally distant. 

It may have nothing to do with you!

Make sure you don’t freak out and demand instant emotional intimacy.

You should definitely have empathy, though.

Go ahead and let him know that you’re concerned and that you are there to talk if and when he wants to.

You could also open up the floor by sharing an issue of your own.

Libra’s own deep sense of compassion could push him out of his funk and encourage him to share his sympathies with you.

How will a Libra man test you?

A Libra man may test you by pulling away. 

As mentioned above, a Libra may pull away to test your reaction.

He doesn’t want to be your whole life—your Libra man gets nervous when there’s too much pressure like that.

He may pull away a little bit to see if you get angry, or fall to pieces.

Make sure you are secure enough with yourself and your relationship to let this blow over.

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