How to Make a Libra Man Fall in Love With You (and Get Him Obsessed)

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Need to know how to make a Libra man fall in love? You’re in the right place.

These are some of the most important (yet underrated) keys to do it:

  • Make people you meet like you
  • Live in the now, don’t put pressure on your relationship
  • Embrace new experiences and be adventurous
  • Get your Libra man laughing and thinking in equal parts
  • Know your own value

Unfortunately, many women accidentally push their Libra men too hard until the relationship crumbles and they’re left asking why.

You have to let go if you want him to be yours.

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How to Make a Libra Man Fall in Love

You’ll hear a ton of advice from the astrology community about making Libra men fall head over heels.

And while there are plenty of ways to get a Libra man interested and wanting you, getting him to love you is a different story.

Looking good and dressing yourself well is one thing, but the inside needs to match the outside if you want a Libra’s heart and soul.

The reality is, getting a Libra man to catch feelings is about how much you align with his personal values and desires.

He wants a fun, thoughtful, sincere partner who is interested in making the world a better, more interesting place alongside him.

Here’s how to show him you’ve got going for you.

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Charm your Libra man and everyone else, too

Lesson #1: A Libra man will fall hard for a woman who can wrap anyone around her finger with nothing but her charisma.

If this doesn’t come naturally to you, start practicing!

Take some cues from other Libras and study how they charm people.

Make your Libra man, but also the whole room, smile and laugh and hang on your every word with your entertaining stories.

Why the whole room?

Well, Libra is arguably the most social of the signs. 

Libra men are greatly affected by the group and care very much about the whole, not just the individual.

Can you make his friends laugh? 

If so, you’ll fit right in and he’ll love the dynamic between you and his buddies.

Do other people like you?

If the answer is “Yes,” the Libra man will be proud to take you everywhere with him and make every man in the room wish you were his.

Of course, lay the thickest charm on the Libra!

You don’t want him getting the wrong message that you’re not into him specifically.

Just put that wit and charm to use to work the room while he’s watching, too, and his heart will beat right out of his chest for you.

Enjoy the moment as it is

We know it can be hard to wait around for a Libra to fall in love with you.

And while you should never pressure a Libra man (or he’s liable to back out entirely), you shouldn’t just wait, either.

Waiting implies an expectation, and even though Libras are people pleasers, they resent having to kowtow to expectations.

What you really need to do is live in the moment to get a Libra man to fall in love with you.

Instead of creating an air of expectation, enjoy being with your Libra man and appreciate things the way they are now.

Have a good time together on dates and relish the butterflies you give each other.

Make every moment with your Libra man count.

Refrain from making comments about what you two are or will (or could) be.

Getting too serious too quickly or coming across as needy is sure to turn a Libra man off.

Just have fun when you’re together and your Libra man will not have to think about whether or not he should fall for you.

Because he will be too busy falling in love with you.

Try new things

A Libra man is constantly seeking new information and experiences. 

He is the perpetual student of life.

As such, he is always trying to broaden his perspective.

If you want a Libra man’s heart, be ready and willing to go on new adventures and have learning experiences with him.

Go to a philosophy group, take a dance class together, check out a renaissance fair.

Break the monotony. Try something new.

Prove to him that finally, life with a partner will never stop being an adventure.

Show that you can grow together and his love for you will grow, too.

Be thoughtful and unselfish

Libras are attracted to people with big hearts. 

Concepts like fairness and equality are high on their lists of priorities, Libra being the sign of the Scales of Justice.

They don’t like seeing others get put down, and they won’t stand idly by if you’re rude or mean for no apparent reason.

You’ve got to show a Libra that you’re a kind, courteous and giving person.

Someone who thinks about the people and the world around her because she knows it’s not all about her.

Lift up your Libra and the people around you.

Pay for the person behind you in line for a coffee.

Hold the door open for someone else.

If you’ve got a dollar in your pocket, give it to a homeless person.

Being unselfish goes beyond these acts of kindness, too.

Listen to your Libra man without waiting to jump in and talk about yourself.

Offer to help out if he’s moving or renovating.

Even if he says “No,” the offer will touch him.

Love yourself

As you may already know, Libras are big, huge flirts.

They flirt with just about everyone, it seems to the rest of us zodiac signs.

This can feel threatening if you really care for a Libra, but instead of pouting or getting aggressive you should know your value.

A Libra is most attracted to people who are totally confident in themselves.

You see, a Libra man wants his equal as his partner.

He knows why he’s a catch, and he’s only interested in women who know this about themselves, too.

If you love and appreciate what makes you you, you’re doing it right.

Don’t change yourself to please others.

Do what you want, wear what you want and say what you want (as long as you’re being respectful!), fearlessly.

Be that type of woman who walks down the street with her head held high and making other women wish they could have just an ounce of her confidence.

If you’re still concerned about a Libra man’s flirtiness taking him away from you, check out Relationship Astrologer Anna Kovach’s tips on making him see only you in Libra Man Secrets.

Laugh together

Some say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

In the case of a Libra man, it’s more through laughter. 

Libras are extremely good at getting you to laugh. 

After all, they’re the most in tune with the crowd of any zodiac sign and they love to soak up all the praise and attention that comes their way.

If you can not only laugh and be entertained by your Libra man, but make him laugh, too, that’s the real love potion right there.

Just two funny, fun people making each other laugh.

Laughing is also a way of enjoying the moment with each other!

Nothing brings you together into the here and now like a giggle fit.

Provide mental stimulation

Another thing a Libra man needs, besides laughter and lightheartedness?

A woman who makes him think.

Libra is one of the intellectual air signs and is quite naturally intelligent, and most likely well-read.

Knowledge is very important to them, and they like to accumulate it constantly.

And they like to share it, too.

You can bring this out of a Libra man by sparking up some good old intellectually charged conversations.

Find a common ground where you both have shared interests and dive in.

Or, you can ask questions about your Libra guy’s interests and get him to tell you more.

He’ll jump to share his own knowledge and will feel more connected to you for it.

Open-ended questions are great for Libras.

“What ifs” and hypotheticals give them the opportunity to flex their intelligence, which they love!

Whatever you do, keep the conversations lively and interesting.

Smarts are sexy to Libra men and they can’t resist a woman who is a deep thinker.

Be flexible

One of the least attractive things to a Libra man is a stick in the mud.

Someone who says “No” for no good reason, from the Libra’s perspective, will probably miss out on a good time because of it.

Someone who says “Yes,” on the other hand, is a Libra’s dream.

Libra men love women who will go fine art shopping one day and play paintball the next.

In fact, Libra men are drawn like magnets to women who are sophisticated enough to enjoy the finer things, yet down to get dirty.

They want a woman who can go wine tasting or go to the local dive bar.

To a Libra, variety is the spice of life.

Embrace this concept wholeheartedly.

And go with the flow—even at a moment’s notice.

The woman who is this free and open is the one who will get a Libra man obsessed.

Other Libra Man Questions

What kind of woman does a Libra man like?

A Libra man likes a self-assured woman.

She needs to be friendly and outgoing enough to be a people person and fit well into the Libra’s active social life.

If you’re a gal who likes to have a good time and looks good doing it, you’re the Libra man’s type.

But also, do show that you’re a kind and fair person to get past a Libra’s barriers.

How do you make a Libra man chase you?

To get a Libra man to chase you, leave some room for him to get a running start.

Plant the seed and walk away.

Libra men want to know that you’re interested, but not too interested.

They steer clear of clingy partners. 

So lay a little groundwork, a little flirting here and a wink there, and make him come to you.

Find out more in How to Get a Libra Man to Chase You.

What are a Libra man’s weaknesses?

If you’ve heard Libras are indecisive, that’s because it’s probably their biggest weakness, at least if you ask people who know them.

They don’t like boxing themselves into a commitment that they’re not sure is the absolute best and right thing for them, which can take endless weighing of pros and cons.

When it comes to relationships, this can be exhausting for a Libra’s partner.

Other weaknesses include:

  • Excessively non-confrontational behavior
  • A secret fear of people disliking them
  • An openness and trusting nature that borders on naiveness and can lead to people taking advantage of them

How do you make a Libra man miss you like crazy?

Make a Libra man miss you like crazy by making him a little jealous.

Not jealous of another guy, but jealous of your life!

Post pictures of yourself out at a concert that he loves, or a museum, or a bookshop.

Libras are suckers for all things cultural.

You’ll have him wishing he was with you.

Read How to Make a Libra Man Miss You for the full story.

How to get a Libra man to open up

Getting a Libra man to open up takes patience and understanding.

Trying to pry a Libra man open will only make him clam up.

You can set the tone by opening up about something on your own.

With you leading the way, he may feel secure enough to bring his own issues to the table.

Otherwise, just let him know that you’re there if he needs an ear.

No pressure.

How to get a Libra man to commit to you

Once again, no pressure!

To get a Libra man to commit to you, show him that he is better with you than without you.

Take an interest in him and his passions and make him feel good about himself.

But also, challenge him to grow and be better.

Make decisions when he’s feeling indecisive.

Be a ray of light when he is lost in darkness.

Show him that his life is richer and more meaningful with you in it.

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