12 Reasons Why Scorpio and Libra Are Attracted to Each Other

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When Scorpio meets Libra, it almost feels like a fatal attraction, it’s so powerful.

Here’s why Scorpio and Libra are attracted to each other:

  • They’re both romantic and want to be in a serious relationship
  • Libra is attracted to the danger element of the Scorpio sign
  • Scorpio is attracted to the Libra’s idealistic nature
  • Together, they make a passionate, seductive and exciting couple

Let’s dive into what makes Libra and Scorpio so drawn to each other.

Why Scorpio and Libra Are Attracted to Each Other

1. Libra loves to be desired by Scorpio

There’s nothing that Libra likes more than being admired.

When Scorpio puts their attention on Libra, it’s intense and focused.

The Scorpio’s hypnotic, hungry gaze both flatters the Libra and turns them on. 

They wonder what it’s like to be fully possessed by the possessive Scorpio, and the thought consumes them all day long.

Scorpio, being a master of psychology, knows this and plays it to their advantage, keeping Libra in suspense.

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2. Scorpio knows Libra is serious about a relationship

Scorpions rarely give their attention to anyone who isn’t ready to fully commit to them.

This is one reason why Scorpios love Libras, because Libra is all about relationships.

Libras long to be in a romantic relationship with that one, special person they can see themselves sharing their lives with.

They don’t mess around when they meet the Scorpio, who they’re already magnetically attracted to.

So Scorpio and Libra naturally click and want to be a couple.

3. Scorpio is the edgy choice for Libra

Scorpio is dark. Dangerous. Brooding and untamed.

Scorpios are exciting, intoxicating and far from the “safe” choice like a Cancer or Taurus.

And Libra eats that up.

Scorpio is the sign of both the Scorpion and the Phoenix, a mythical animal representing death, rebirth and transcendence.

With the Libra idolizing a “Twilight” kind of love affair, the promise of experiencing something almost otherworldly and a little bit dangerous with the Scorpio is too much to pass up.

4. They mentally stimulate each other

An intellectual air sign, Libra is very interested in someone who can stimulate their minds.

They like wit and intelligence in a partner, and Scorpio doesn’t disappoint.

Though the Scorpio is an emotional water sign, the Scorpion is unique because they’re fiery thanks to their Mars rulership, and also extremely intelligent.

Scorpios see through to another reality, to the spiritual dimension of things.

This bewitches Libra, and Scorpio can talk to Libra for hours thanks to Libra’s engaging humor and open-mindedness.

They fascinate each other, and certainly won’t get bored.

5. They’re both romantic

Both of these signs live for love, each in their own way.

Libra is more outward about it, and Scorpio is more inward, holding their cards close to their chest.

But all Scorpio really wants is a mad, passionate love and soul connection with someone.

So does Libra, which is why they’re so eager to prove to Scorpio that they’re what Scorpio has been waiting for all along.

These two just want to create a little world for themselves far away from the “real world,” where they can be free to explore their secret mushy sides.

6. Scorpio falls for Libra’s idealism

Libra is an idealist, which is far from the Scorpio’s skepticism.

But this is exactly why the Scorpio is so attracted to the Libra in the first place.

Scorpio yearns for someone to come along and make them believe in things like true love, hope and a better world.

Maybe this is because deep in their heart of hearts, Scorpio knows that they’re an idealist, too.

7. Scorpio’s passion makes Libra feel alive

Nothing a Scorpio does is dull or boring.

Scorpios only do things 100%, pedal-to-the-medal thanks to their passionate nature.

Libra is more laidback, but the Scorpio’s energy awakens something in them.

They feel invigorated and alive, getting a vicarious thrill from the Scorpio’s zest for life.

This is where the air element of Libra’s sign comes into play—Libra is usually like the gentle breeze, but even a breeze can get whipped up into a tornado.

With the Scorpio encouraging the Libra, they discover depths of their own passion that surprises even them.

8. Scorpio enjoys Libra fussing over them

While at some point the extremely private Scorpio could need some space from Libra, at first the Scorpio relishes the Libra’s doting.

Super supportive and love-dovey, the Libra always wants to be close to the Scorpio.

They think constantly about what the Scorpio might like, what would make them comfortable and happy.

This comes across as genuine caring to the Scorpio, whose thing is being treated like a king or queen.

Scorpio really needs to feel like their partner would do anything for them, and nobody quite gives the impression like a Libra, when they want to.

9. Libra is obsessed with unraveling the mystery that is Scorpio

Scorpios keep everyone at arm’s length.

Even in a relationship, it can take years to slowly unwrap the layers of the Scorpio to get to the core of who they are.

This is by design, as the Scorpio is not a trusting sign.

But that’s no problem for the Libra, who is absolutely dazzled by the Scorpio’s mysteriousness.

It appeals to the airy Libra in an intellectual way, and gives them a thrill to imagine being “the one” to crack that Scorpion shell.

10. Libra naturally follows Scorpio’s lead

Scorpio may not put their foot down in a forceful way, but you know with a Scorpio that you’re going to do things their way.

That’s just fine by the Libra, who is a people-pleaser and just wants to please Scorpio.

Libra is happy to live, breathe, eat and drink whatever the Scorpio says.

Scorpio takes this as extreme loyalty, and to be honest, it turns them on.

11. They’re extremely sexually compatible

The Libra and Scorpio pair has a sexual chemistry other signs dream about.

They’re seductive and passionate, and their desire for each other is desperate and bottomless.

Scorpio teaches Libra the pleasures of raw, unfiltered eroticism.

Libra is an eager student, and Scorpio likes being able to mold the flexible air sign to their desires.

The Libra’s libido is strong enough for the Scorpio, and Scorpio enjoys the way Libra teases.

Suffice it to say, these two can’t get enough of each other.

12. They love seducing one another

Taking turns playing cat and mouse is an element of this couple’s attraction.

Scorpio likes to pursue, but Libra loves reeling the Scorpio in with their charm and grace.

In the end, they both fall right into each other’s seduction tactics.

They enjoy being both hunter and hunted, giving their love affair balance and a continuous loop of excitement and intrigue.


Are Libra and Scorpio soulmates?

There’s a lot going on for Libra and Scorpio that you could call them soulmates.

While they’re very different from each other, astrology teaches that as neighboring signs, they’re developmentally similar.

Bottom line, their compatibility has to do with a spiritual progression from one sign to the next.

So they often feel like soulmates and are intensely attracted to one another.

Are Libras and Scorpios good in bed?

Libras and Scorpios are dynamite in bed together.

They’re both romantic and sensual, and they both have a weakness for pleasure.

Libra likes pleasures of all types, and Scorpio has insatiable erotic, carnal desires.

They can’t stop exploring, pleasing and thrilling each other, and sex will take up a good chunk of their relationship.

Can a Scorpio and Libra be in love?


Scorpios and Libras easily fall in love with each other, both being romantic and dreamy.

But whether that love lasts?

It comes down to how stable the Libra can ultimately be for the Scorpio, and whether Scorpio can dial down their emotional intensity at some point.

What do Libras and Scorpios have in common?

Both of these signs are deeply romantic, relationship-oriented people.

In fact, this is a big part of why they attract each other.

And although they’re not all too similar, they both leave big impressions on people they meet with their strong personalities.

Scorpios with their mystery and intensity, Libras with their charm and wit.

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