How to Seduce a Libra Man (Flirt and Attract Him With These 8 Tips)

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If you want a Libra man to lust after you, look no further.

Here’s how to seduce a Libra man like a pro:

  • Use your eyes to flirt with him
  • Be funny, fun and upbeat, and avoid gossip
  • Show off an artistic or creative flair
  • Show interest in him by asking him questions
  • Debate with him in a friendly way

A word of caution: Libra men are flighty and indecisive!

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8 Tips to Attract, Flirt With and Seduce a Libra Man

I’ll tell you a secret: Libra men are most charmed and seduced by Libra women.

What else can you expect when you get two of THEE most charming people of the zodiac together?

A contest of who can charm the pants off the other where they BOTH win.

So what’s the lesson you can take from this?

Be like the Libra in very strategic ways.

Mirror his flirty behaviors.

We’ll show you how below.

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1. Hold his gaze

No need to go up to him, squeeze his bicep and flutter your eyelids.

A Libra man is great at picking up subtle signals from you.

For example, eye contact is an excellent way of letting your Libra man know that you’re interested and you want him to pay more attention to you.

For one thing, give him plenty of eye contact when he’s talking to you.

Use your eyes to flirt with him and throw him some under-the-radar come-hither looks.

Libras are great at dishing these out themselves without coming across as over-the-top.

When you’re out in a crowd, catch his eye.

If a Libra man is into it, he will hold your gaze.

Maybe even flash him a little smile.

This is a bold move he’ll melt for.

When Libras are attracted to you, they make it abundantly clear with the attention they give you and love it when you turn the tables.

2. Joke around

You probably won’t hear a bad joke from a Libra man!

Libras are smart, and they’re good at reading people.

They’re one of the most social signs of the zodiac and thrive on the energy from a crowd.

Even a crowd of one—so don’t be stingy with the laughter when he cracks a joke!

But also, be a comedian yourself.

Libras love to laugh as much as they love making you laugh.

Like I said before, you want to be like the Libra—specifically in the ways that they dish out the charm.

Joshing around is a big way—and gives you the opportunity to touch him while you’re getting silly.

3. Be artsy and creative

Venus, the planet of beauty, rules Libra and gives Libras plenty of artistic talent.

They’re skilled in some creative field, be it art, music or writing, because they are drawn to the aesthetic of it.

If you can bring your own artistic flair to the conversation—be still his beating heart.

A Libra man will be a puddle before you if you sing him a song or play the guitar for him.

The performance is what will move him and give him a sense of wonder about you.

Do you draw? Sketch his profile while he’s talking.

OK, so what if you’re not artistically inclined?

Be passionate about the arts.

Talk about going to the art museum or about your favorite novelist.

Show a keen interest in something creative and spark a conversation about it with the Libra man to get his creative juices flowing.

This will make him instantly fond of you.

4. Flatter him

A Libra man, when interested in you, will totally compliment the heck out of you.

So…you know what I’m going to say here.

Compliment him back!

Libras don’t need their egos fed quite like Leos do, but they are completely susceptible to flattery.

And they love it.

Don’t go overboard, though.

You don’t want to seem like you’re throwing yourself at him, which can take the fun out of flirting for a Libra man and make him not want to reciprocate.

You can’t compete by giving him the most compliments.

Rather, make your compliments mean more and make them specific to what’s unique about him.

Pay attention to his interests and the things he talks about and compliment him on his thoughtfulness.

When he shares the music he listens to, tell him he has great taste.

5. Stay upbeat

Here’s the thing.

A Libra guy appreciates gossip as much as the rest of us do.

However, you don’t want to be the deliverer of smack talk about other people in the room.

This kind of conversation is juicy, but it gives your Libra guy the impression you’re kind of catty.

Libra men like to surround themselves with positivity and harmony.

They prefer a world where people lift each other up and support each other.

While talking to your Libra guy, make sure you stay light, friendly and positive.

Stay out of heavy topics and focus on getting your Libra man to smile.

Libra guys do highly value intelligence in women and can enjoy long hours of serious, thoughtful talk, but there’s plenty of time for that later.

Right now, you want to seduce your Libra man, which takes a fun, lighthearted approach.

6. Dress to impress

To a Libra, fashion is far from superficial.

It’s an expression of beauty and creativity that this Venus-ruled man really appreciates. 

If you know you’re going to see your Libra guy, wear the fancy brand pants that you’ve been nervous to try out.

It’s not too much for the Libra.

Put on the white sneakers that have no scuffs yet.

Wear something that you know will make you stand out and look hot.

Keep it classy, though. Libra men are much more into a flirty, feminine dress on a woman than a mini dress that would make a stripper blush.

If you’re concerned about your odds of winning him over in a crowd of lovely ladies, make sure you exude confidence.

Looks will only take a Libra man’s desire so far, as it turns out.

You can also check out Anna Kovach’s tips on making a Libra man blind to every other woman but you in Libra Man Secrets.

7. Ask him about himself

Did you ever notice that Libra men are constantly asking other people about themselves?

They know people like to talk about themselves, but they are also genuinely interested in these small exchanges.

Libras have a knack for getting people to chat about things they would normally feel too self-conscious to talk about for fear of boring the other person or yapping their ear off.

Again, turn the tables and ask your Libra man about himself.

When he asks you questions, respond like you normally would, but make sure you steer it back to him.

This doesn’t often happen to a Libra man and he’ll relish it.

He’ll feel special, and he’ll think that you’re special.

Plus, it’s good to keep him wanting more.

Volunteering too much up front might be TMI for your Libra guy who just wants to be dazzled by you at first.

8. Disagree, playfully

Libras are confident in their intelligence.

Because of this, they are used to people just agreeing with them.

But contrary to what some might believe, they don’t just agree with you in return.

Libras are not afraid to cause a little bit of a stir. Especially when it puts them in a position where they look super smart.

If you want a Libra man to take notice of you, go ahead and offer your counter opinions.

This is your opportunity to introduce a bit of a brainy, sexual charge to the conversation.

The one thing is, you should make sure you don’t come across as defiant or as a know-it-all.

Libra men can get bruised egos from being smacked down and told they’re wrong.

The better way is to be playful and teasing about it—flirty even.

And follow it up with agreeing with the Libra man about something else (that you do agree with him on!).

This shows that you’re still aligned with him and your ideas are generally harmonious.

Something that’s important to him.

Other Libra Man Questions

What kind of women do Libra men like?

Libra men like intelligent, independent women who aren’t afraid to be themselves.

They want a woman who is sure-footed, happy, fun to be around and interested in getting out of the house to meet people.

Don’t be a couch potato!

Libras are highly social and need people around them, and they’d like to have a partner who is at least OK with their need to play host to parties and mingle with the crowd.

But better if you can join!

How do you turn on a Libra man in bed?

Don’t just look good (but do that, too).

Be frisky and open to trying new things, even if you’re the one who has to suggest them.

A give-and-take sexual experience is the ideal for a Libra man, one where you are both really into the other’s pleasure and willing to go the distance to give it.

A Libra man is concerned with pleasing you, so much so that it can take away from his experience if he’s not sure that you’re satisfied.

Keeping that in mind, he thrives when told what to do in bed.

Knowing you are satisfied lets him relax and fully enjoy himself, too.

More tips in How to Turn on a Libra Man Sexually.

What’s a Libra man’s favorite body part?

Each zodiac sign is aligned with a particular part of the body.

This is referred to as body rulership.

Libra’s body rulership is over the lower back, the lumbar region.

Because of this, his romantic touch will be focused on your lower back, and maybe creeping a little down south.

This is his favorite body part.

He will also appreciate massages in this area on his body, as it is prone to carry a lot of baggage and will often be sore. 

What makes a Libra man chase you?

A surefire way to get a Libra man to chase you is to leave a big impression on him and invite him to come get you.

You can do this by being funny, fun-loving and unafraid to laugh the most or the loudest in the room (act like you’re having a great time).

In general, follow the main tips above about seducing Libra men!

Just make sure you let the Libra guy pick up the chase and do the actual pursuing once you’ve hooked him.

How do you make a Libra man obsess over you?

To make your Libra man obsess over you, show that you can fit into his life perfectly and add what he didn’t even realize was missing.

Make friends with his friends.

Take care of your style and have intelligent conversations with your Libra man.

Be the life of the party wherever you go.

How do you win a Libra man’s heart?

For a Libra man, the ideal relationship consists of two halves of a whole.

He wants a relationship that’s 50/50. The real deal.

Put in the same effort you expect to get out of it.

Be balanced and fair and support your Libra man no matter what.

Create a haven of peace, harmony, love and beauty with him.

How to get a Libra man to marry you

Libras fall in love easily, but they don’t decide to commit and marry a person until every box on their “pros and cons” list has been ticked.

They have to feel in their gut that this is the right decision.

One of the most important things you can do is give a Libra man time.

Don’t harp on conversations like, “Where are we going?”

It’s hard, but really, just exercising patience and continuing to be the most loving, supportive partner you can be is key.

But as you probably suspected, this is a much bigger topic that Libra Man Secrets can handle.

It will give you the information you’re looking for to make a Libra man see you as “The One” by giving you insight into how his mind works.

Here’s what you’ll learn in Libra Man Secrets.

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