What Attracts a Taurus Man? (15 Instant Attraction Tips)

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Wondering what attracts a Taurus man?

Here’s what you need to know to bag one:

  • He likes a balance of softness, femininity, strength and ambition
  • He’s vulnerable to physical beauty and charm, but what’s inside counts
  • Women who have “wife potential” top his list over women he can’t see himself dating for very long

And yet, simply because a Taurus man wants you doesn’t mean you have him. If you’re getting caught up in his confusing signals, it’s a massive help to be able to read his mind. 

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What Attracts a Taurus Man?

1. Sophistication

While he loves a laid-back lady, a Taurus man appreciates someone who can also hold her own at a fancy gala.

A classy, cultured woman is a magnet for a Taurus man.

She can command a room by the power of her grace and charm.

She’s confident and classy in how she dresses and behaves, and she uses language artfully, not to curse. 

Her refined tastes bring out his own and put him in a sensual mood.

As she woos the crowds, she’ll woo him, too. He’ll compete for her attention.

2. Maturity

Any female who has a lot of growing up to do is not for the Taurus man.

He likes traits in a woman like responsibility and accountability.

He runs far away from shallowness, endless partying and emotional immaturity.

So if you’re stable and sensible, you pay your bills and you’re in full command of your life, you just may be the woman he’s searching for.

3. Femininity

A Taurus man can’t say he would never go for a super sporty or androgynous woman.

He knows what he likes when he sees it.

But he does have a general type, and that’s a feminine kind of woman.

Femininity for him is about dress and style, but it’s also about personality.

Softness, warmth, compassion and understanding all drawn him in, as does submissiveness.

Taurus men are dominant and tend to go for women who are their counterparts in this way.

4. Modest sexiness

If you want to know what clothes attract Taurus men, think chic, stylish and modest.

A Taurus man adores styles such as casual but feminine, urban sophisticate and the sweet romantic.

As long as your style is not overly complicated, flashy or skimpy, a style that shows off your best feminine attributes in a tasteful way will get him looking twice.

As for makeup, a fresh-looking, natural face will get you in the door with a Taurus man.

Read What to Wear for a Taurus Man for more tips.

5. Wife potential

The Taurus man is never opposed to meeting “the one.”

He’d much rather find the woman of his dreams and make her his wife than date a million beautiful women in the short term.

So a woman who has the qualities he’s looking for—like maturity, dependability, loyalty and a nurturing soul—makes him want to get to know her.

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However, don’t think that means he’s willing to wife her right away!

On the contrary, he’ll still take a longer time than many other men to commit.

This is why patience is also a big wife potential factor for him.

6. Neatness

Looking neat and keeping your home clean have bigger indications to the Taurus man about your dating worthiness.

If you neglect these, what else do you neglect in your life?

Sloppiness and poor personal hygiene will overtake his sensory enjoyment and ruin the mystique for a Taurus man.

7. Honesty and sincerity

In short, being “real” with a Taurus attracts him.

Showing him the real you, saying what you really mean and not trying to hide anything helps him let his guard down and want to spend time with you.

Game playing is also out—the Taurus man is too grounded for them to work.

If a woman wants to get a Taurus guy, she will need to show him that she’s trustworthy.

Because he will be looking to catch her out if he’s really interested.

There are some pretty juicy tips in Taurus Man Secrets if you want to prep yourself for some surprising ways he tests you.

8. A great perfume

Because Taurus is so connected to the senses, a pleasant fragrance can take over their attention completely.

A woman who looks attractive and also wears a delicious, understated perfume?

A deadly combination.

Soft, natural and earthy scents put him on cloud nine, including scents like rose, vanilla, cinnamon and sandalwood.

9. Inner beauty

A Taurus man can’t help but admire a beautiful woman.

But if he begins to talk to her and realizes that she’s superficial or mean-spirited, he becomes turned off.

This is why inner beauty is actually more important to a Taurus man than outer beauty.

Despite what you may have heard!

A kind, giving, thoughtful and empathetic woman enchants him, as does a woman with creativity, wonder and joy in her soul.

10. A maternal flair

Taurus men have strong ties to family and all things related.

It’s not unusual for a Taurus to know he wants children when he’s very young.

But even if he doesn’t know about kids yet, he’s very much into women who have that motherly vibe.

The caretaker’s vibe.

These men love to feel taken care of by the woman they’re with, so a nurturing touch is very alluring to them.

11. Strength

Even though a Taurus man likes to be the leader in the relationship, he doesn’t want to carry anybody.

A woman needs to have equal strength and resilience to get the Taurus man’s attention.

He likes a woman who will defend her loved ones, stand up for what’s right and won’t let anybody walk on her.

Though he takes pride in being the protector, he wants a lioness when it counts.

Together, the Taurus man and his lady would be an unstoppable duo.

12. Drive

Since a Taurus man craves stability, someone with drive and ambition suits his tastes well.

Once he sets his mind to something, he builds it, one piece at a time.

He likes a woman who can build alongside him.

This is the kind of woman he can create a good, comfortable life with.

She won’t be slacking and letting him do all the hard work while dragging him down.

13. Intelligence

Intelligence turns a Taurus guy on. He admires it and thrives on a lively debate.

If he’s having an interesting, intellectual discussion with a beautiful woman—be still his beating heart.

Throw in some friendly banter and you’re really working the Taurus man.

They like educated women who are practical and down-to-earth.

Intelligent conversation is a chance to showcase your worldliness and rationality.

14. Friendliness

Women who think that being aloof will get a Taurus man to chase them are dead wrong.

It’s having a warm and inviting personality that gets him tempted.

“Nice” gals have a much easier time attracting Taurus men because they’re easier to approach—a Taurus man can be timid if he’s really attracted.

More importantly, their mannerisms go along with the Taurus man’s love of beauty and harmony.

A soft and gentle touch reels him in.

15. Great cooking

No list of attraction tips when it comes to a Taurus man would be complete without this tip.

Since a Taurus man is very driven by his stomach, cooking something that’s delicious and just for him is a great way to appeal to him.

A woman can also impress him with her knowledge of preparing a fantastic meal. This is ideal if it’s not possible to whip something up for him.

Food is something a Taurus man is always ready to talk about.

So strike up a conversation that involves cooking or baking. Share your favorite recipe tips and talk up your own chef skills to entice him.

Other Taurus Man Questions

How do you know if a Taurus man likes you?

There are things he does in his personal life to signal to you that he’s available, a big first sign.

Like not dating or checking out other women.

But it’s easier to tell if he likes you by considering how he is when he’s around you.

For instance, listening to you attentively, being physically affectionate and acting protective.

Gifts and compliments are also sure to follow when this has a crush.

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See Signs a Taurus Man Likes You.

How to attract a Taurus man through text

You will want to bring a friendly tone to the texting conversation.

Using smiley and winky face emojis really helps.

Since a Taurus man is visually-oriented, you can also entice him with some well-chosen selfies.

Just be sure that they’re classy.

If you want more tips, check out How to Attract Taurus Man With Texting.

What turns a Taurus man on in a woman?

Beauty, grace, sophistication, intelligence and friendliness turn a Taurus man on.

If you want to know how to seduce a Taurus man sexually, use your brains and your beauty.

Entice him with a sexually charged conversation while wearing something sexy and feminine. He’ll be biting his knuckles.

Read How to Turn On a Taurus Man.

How do you get a Taurus man to chase you?

Don’t act aloof!

Show that you’re into him and reach out if you haven’t heard from him.

He has to be certain that you want him, and he’ll double and triple-check!

Then again, you don’t want to give the impression that you’re taking over.

He wants to be the chaser, so you have to use the cues he’s giving you plus your natural intuition to tell when you should call him and when you should wait.

Read How to Get a Taurus Man to Chase You for more tips.

How do you win a Taurus man’s heart?

Have trust between you first. 

Demonstrate that you’re loyal to him even when he’s not around or checking in.

Earn his love by showing that he can count on you and that you’ll never hurt him or try to change him.

It’s the less “sexy” stuff that builds the foundation of love with a Taurus.

We explain more in How to Make a Taurus Man Fall in Love With You.

How do you drive a Taurus man crazy?

If you want to know how to make a Taurus man addicted to you, use his senses.

Combine a pretty outfit with a heavenly perfume. 

Speak to him in a soft and sexy tone.

Bake cookies and give them to him fresh.

Pamper him! Show that you understand what he needs and serve it up to him.

There are ways you can do this that will give you a serious advantage in Taurus Man Secrets.

Anna Kovach has spent years studying the signs as a Relationship Astrologer and she knows Taurus men like the back of her hand.

Here’s a link to Taurus Man Secrets.

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