How to Get a Taurus Man to Chase You (6 Dos and 3 Don’ts)

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Trying to figure out how to get a Taurus man to chase you? Wouldn’t a handy list of dos and don’ts be nice?

You’ve come to the right place, then. If you’re short on time, here are the main ideas:

  • Taurus men love domestic goddesses
  • You can nab their attention by playing to their senses (sight, touch, smell, etc.)
  • They need plenty of your attention to stay interested
  • They prefer to chase you, and not the other way around

But here’s the thing. Usually, women searching for how to get Taurus men to pursue them are looking for more than a one-night stand. If you want to develop the romance and nourish a beautiful relationship, the stakes are a little higher.

If that’s the case, you can increase your odds of success with the guide from Relationship Astrologer Anna Kovach, Taurus Man Secrets.

Anna’s actually been through it all with her Taurus man—from losing him to getting him to propose and gaining the relationship of her dreams—which is why I love this guide. She speaks from experience as well as her knowledge as an expert astrologer.

Now…about that list of dos and don’ts—keep reading for a checklist to start steering your Taurus guy in the right direction.

How to Get a Taurus Man to Chase You

Get ready. The chase is what the Taurus man lives for when the romance begins. 

And believe me, the Taurus man wants to pursue you—he wants to feel like he’s in the active role for the most part. In fact, he might shy away if you step on the gas a little too hard.

But that’s no reason you can’t draw him in in the first place. You just have to throw out the right vibes.

What Is a Taurus Man Looking for in That Special Someone?

The Taurus’s type is someone who is down-to-earth, classy, sensual but also modest. Tauruses typically go for the girl-next-door type, friendly, fun and sexy in an understated way.

Even if he doesn’t consciously know it, he’s searching for someone who can create an atmosphere of domestic bliss.

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He loves an independent partner reaching for their goals, too—especially when he’s looking to settle down.

Knowing what he seeks out in a woman will help you understand how he will make his assessment. But before we get too far ahead, let’s talk about the things you can do to spark his romantic drive in the first place.

Here are the astrology secrets on how to get a Taurus man to chase you.

What You Should Do to Get a Taurus Man Interested

1. Play up your attractiveness.

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Whatever your brand of beauty is, make it pop when the Taurus is around. You may have heard that men are visual creatures, but the Taurus lives through his senses like no other. Giving him some eye candy is a good way to stand out in his mind.

You can be subtle about it. In fact, that’s probably preferable. Being well-groomed, well-dressed and stylish is one of the first and easiest steps to grab a Taurean’s attention.

2. Pick a signature scent.

Remember when I said Tauruses live through their senses? If you don’t already have a signature scent, think about picking one. It’ll be like your trademark brand that your Taurus crush will remember.

Just a little dab that he can get a whiff of when you pass by him is enough. Or entice him to stand a little closer.

3. Send him a text every now and then.

Just to let him know you’re thinking of him. For pointers on how to text him successfully, you may want to check out our guide on How to Attract a Taurus Man with Texting.

It doesn’t have to be deep. If it can demonstrate that you care about him in some way, that’s a bonus point.

Taurus guys love any attention from someone they like. This is a great, easy way to provide it, and it can also give you the opportunity to leave the ball in his court.

4. Compliment him.

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This is one of the great flatterers of the zodiac. A Taurus man will dish out compliments left and right when they’re interested in you, but you can do the same for him.

Just make sure your compliments are sincere. Make it personalized if you can. Instead of a generic “You’re handsome,” let him know that you like the way his button-down looks on him.

It’ll get the message across that you’re checking out the goods, but in a way that’s not too overt. If he thinks you’re attractive, that just might get the wheels turning.

5. Show your softer side.

Taurus men appreciate it when you’re open, sincere and maybe just a tad bit vulnerable. In a good kind of way.

It will help to develop a more trusting bond between you. Plus, Taurus men like to feel like protectors, so this will also make you more magnetic to him.

6. Let him do the chasing.

Tauruses like traditional roles in romance. There’s a pursuer, and there’s the pursued. Guess which one the Taurus wants to be.

Even though you might be the one to start talking to the Taurus, he needs to be the one to make the major advances. It helps him maintain a sense of stability, which is high priority for all Tauruses.

Additionally, a bit of a macho streak runs through the Taurus man’s veins. So chasing him could be seen as overly aggressive on your part, which can be a bit of a mood killer for him.

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Taurus Man Secrets goes into detail about the chase, including making sure he chases just you and no one else.

What Not to Do

Now let’s talk cardinal sins in the Taurus book. 

These few simple rules will help to keep you from heading toward a dead end.

1. Don’t play hard to get.

Even if you’re used to doing this with other guys, it’s best not to with the Taurus. While a little mystery is a good thing, aloofness is probably not going to send him the right message.

The Taurus man is a practical kind of guy. If he feels like he’s going to be investing a lot of time and energy into someone who won’t send it back, odds are, he’ll look elsewhere.

2. Don’t move too quickly.

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In general, Tauruses like to take things slow. This guy wants to check you out, get to know you really well before he makes a move if he thinks you’re relationship material.

There’s no rush in the Taurus man’s mind. If he feels like he has to make a decision on the spot, it’ll make him uncomfortable. He won’t want to feel like he’s being forced into anything, so it’s best to go at his pace.

3. Don’t try to make him jealous.

This is another big one. Now, a little Taurean possessiveness will naturally appear down the line if he’s hooked and someone else starts showing you a little extra attention.

But you shouldn’t try to make this happen. It has the potential to make him deeply insecure and question your motives. He’s looking for a loyal partner, above all else.

Taurus Man Secrets is packed with relationship tips that can help you understand how your Taurus man’s mind works and what to do to from the astrology/sextrology side.

You can learn about it here.

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