How to Make a Taurus Man Fall in Love With You Madly (10 Best Tips)

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If you want to steal a Taurus man’s heart, read on.

Here’s how to make a Taurus man fall in love with you:

  • Never stop being romantic
  • Demonstrate your loyalty to him
  • Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable with him
  • Show through actions that you care for and support him

The problem for many women is when their Tauruses go totally cold on them out of nowhere.

Making sure that doesn’t happen is much easier if you can read a Taurus man’s subtle cues, which a guide like Anna Kovach’s Taurus Man Secrets will teach you.

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Do Taurus Males Fall in Love Easily?

Although Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, Taurus men do not fall in love easily.

However, they can become almost obsessively attracted to a woman quickly.

But when it comes to matters of the heart, this man is guarded.

He thinks logically about whether or not he should let himself fall or how vulnerable he wants to become with you.

That being said, of course there are some exceptions to the rule. These are usually perfect situations where the Taurus man is in “settle down” mode and a woman seems like his ideal type in every way, shape or form.

But since Taurus men are mostly picky and stubborn, it’s best to accept going slow while he makes sure it’s really the right fit before he gets serious with you.

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How to Make a Taurus Man Fall in Love With You

The key to a Taurus man’s heart?

Making him feel nurtured in his body and soul.

Here’s how you can do that.

1. Show that he can trust you

One of the most important things you can do is to earn the trust of the Taurus man.

As early on as possible.

No matter what their past was like, Taurus guys just don’t automatically trust people.

They worry that a woman is into them for the wrong reasons, or that she’s not as devoted as they are, creating an imbalance of power.

So first, make it clear that you’re never going to do anything that would violate his trust.

Be honest with him and direct, no matter what.

When he tells you something, be sure to keep it between the two of you.

And definitely don’t try to make him jealous at any point, no matter how harmless it may seem.

That will for sure make a Taurus man more distant.

2. Be incredibly romantic

Underneath the Taurus man’s cool exterior, there is a hopeless romantic.

But he doesn’t let it out until he thinks there’s a mutual feeling there.

If you want to bring it out of him and get him truly love-struck, romance him right back.

There’s nothing like wining, dining and walking on the beach under a full moon to get his heart pumping.

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Gaze into his eyes and play with his hair.

Wear a pretty dress you know he loves when he comes over. Make him dinner and light the candles.

Compliment the little things you love about him.

You’ll be rewarded with more romance than you can handle, and a Taurus man who falls harder for you each and every day.

3. Prove your loyalty

Trust and loyalty go hand-in-hand.

If a Taurus man feels that you’re loyal, he’s more likely to trust you. And vice versa.

Show that you’re loyal by always having his back.

Listen to him attentively and empathize with him. 

If you need to pick sides—pick his side.

If you still talk to an ex, you may need to consider cutting off communication. To a possessive Taurus man, he feels that you’re either his, or you’re not.

He’s very black-and-white that way, but on the upside it’s pretty straightforward where his lines are.

There’s a formula for how to prevent your relationship from self-destructing over his jealousy and darker nature in Taurus Man Secrets.

4. Use physical touch

It’s pretty crucial to know that a Taurus man’s love language is physical touch.

This is why he doesn’t say much, but gets so handsy when he’s involved with a woman.

Gentle, sensual touching lets him feel more connected to you in a way that’s far beyond the sexual—which leads to loving feelings.

So if you want this man to cherish you, be sure to hug him, kiss him, stroke his hand and play footsie with him.

Anything that puts you in tender or playful contact with him.

5. Show him the real you

Tauruses can tell an illusion from reality, and they definitely prefer the latter.

They don’t fall in love with the idea of a person. They fall in love with what they feel is genuine.

This means you’ll need to give the Taurus man all of yourself, without holding back.

Let him see you in vulnerable states. Be comfortable in your own skin around him.

Don’t change yourself to try to fit in with him and his friends.

He’ll appreciate that you are who you are, without apology, because that’s how he is.

And he’ll feel safe catching feelings because he’ll know it’s real.

6. Be supportive

Love is no game for a Taurus man.

He’s playing for keeps, and he needs a woman who will stick by him.

A woman who won’t tear him down if his goals are different from hers, but instead build him up.

He’ll love you if you believe in him.

Encourage him to follow his passions and accommodate him as much as you can.

If he has to work late to get a promotion and will miss your dinner date, tell him that’s no problem.

Drop him off dinner at work instead.

He’ll start to see how amazing a future with you could be.

7. Be reliable

Everyone knows Tauruses are super stable and reliable. But we sometimes forget that a Taurus needs that stability from us, too.

A major reason why is because he won’t want to invite anything into his life that will throw it out of whack.

If he starts to depend on you and you’re not holding up your end by ditching him, being wish-washy or leaving him high and dry, he’ll instinctively block you out.

He’ll assume he can’t really trust you.

And if he can’t trust you, there’s no love.

So make sure you’re keeping your promises and being a rock for him if you want to win him over.

8. Have patience

If you thought you were patient already, you’re probably going to have to get some more patience with a Taurus man.

He’s slow as molasses.

He will not let any woman into his heart without a ton of consideration and tests to find out if she’s as devoted as she says she is.

To make things more challenging, any hint of pressure, and the Taurus man will disappear.

Which makes it even harder when you’ve already been waiting months and months for things to move forward.

But you’ve got to be cool, give the Taurus man the reins and trust that he’s going to come around when he’s ready to.

Once he’s made up his mind that he loves you, he’s not going to change it.

9. Give him your undivided attention

When you’re hanging out with the Taurus man, put the spotlight on him.

Put your phone down and give him meaningful eye contact.

Be an active listener—let him talk, but ask him follow-up questions so he knows you’re paying attention, and that it matters to you.

This kind of attentiveness encourages the Taurus to open up to you.

Slowly! But surely.

He has to feel like he’s a priority. 

He doesn’t demand all of your time, but he does want to make it special when you’re together.

The more you show in these little ways that you care for him, the more smitten he’ll be.

10. Appreciate him

A Taurus man is a caretaker.

Yes, he’ll get you nice gifts. But he’ll also give you his only umbrella when it’s raining out to get you to your car warm and dry.

He’ll happily help you fix up the busted heater in your apartment.

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And he’ll protect you from any and all threats.

Showing your Taurus man that you appreciate what he does for you gives him confidence.

Consider doing him a little favor too, or asking him how you can return the favor.

Send him home with a little thank-you note to find later.

Appreciating him like this makes him feel closer to you and more in sync, which helps him fall in love.

Other Taurus Man Questions

How do you get a Taurus man to chase you?

Leave him little breadcrumbs that lead to you.

Your signature perfume on a sweater in his car.

A little hello text to stay on his radar and invite him with friendly communication.

But remember, let him lead! He’ll be in control of the situation regardless.

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How do you know if a Taurus man is falling for you?

He’ll be so romantic and sweet with you, you’ll be sure of it just from the way it feels being with him.

So much so that it will confuse you that he’s not saying it.

And yet, a Taurus man takes his time on that front.

To get you even more confused, he may start to retreat a little bit, just as things are going so smoothly.

But don’t worry! It’s part of how he figures out if it’s love, or an illusion.

We explain more in How Do You Know When a Taurus Man Loves You?

Taurus man testing you

The Taurus man’s tests can be hard to identify.

But knowing what they are beforehand will help you catch into them.

For example, if he sees another man giving you attention, be ready for a test.

The Taurus may ask you questions to see if you’re attracted to that other guy and what you would do if he weren’t in the picture.

How you answer can determine whether he lets himself get attached or not.

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How do you emotionally connect with a Taurus man?

Step number one, don’t push too hard.

Connecting with a Taurus man is all about relaxing and enjoying each other’s company, stress-free and without expectations.

You’ll definitely want to pay attention to his physical comfort and surroundings.

But as we explain in How to Emotionally Connect With a Taurus Man, it’s most important to give him plenty of tender touches and try not to jump into the heavy stuff.

If you’re not sure what you should do to make your Taurus man crazy about you, or you just want to make your relationship deeper and more meaningful, read Anna Kovach’s Taurus Man Secrets.

It covers everything from keeping a Taurus man interested to getting a marriage proposal.

Here’s a peek at Taurus Man Secrets.

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