How to Attract Taurus Man With Texting (8 Easy Ways to Get His Attention)

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Tauruses love to flirt. Seriously, they relish a good back and forth with their crushes—including via text.

Wondering how to attract Taurus man with texting?

If you’re short on time, here are the main ideas:

  • Build a friendship first
  • Show him you care about him
  • Test out some low-key flirting

Attracting a Taurus man is one thing. The next step is seducing him. Then getting him to fall harder for you than he has for anyone ever before.

Sound impossible? It’s not. That’s the beauty of using astrology to your advantage.

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In the meantime, check out these simple tips to start heating things up with the art of texting.

How to Attract Taurus Man With Texting

Every sign likes a robust round of flirty texts. What’s not to love?

As you may know, the zodiac sign Taurus adores flirting (with someone they’re into). Reeling the Bull in with the right words is one key part of igniting his passions.

As so many of us can testify, many a great modern romance starts out with a frisky round of texts.

Tongue-tied? Start typing out messages along these lines, sit back, and let the Taurus man come to you.

1. Initiate the conversation

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A lot of the time, this guy is waiting for an in to start talking to you. If you sense that there’s chemistry and you want it to go somewhere, don’t be afraid to send the first text.

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It doesn’t have to be deep. A simple “Hey there, how are ya” or a lighthearted joke will do.

You just want to show him that he’s on your mind and that you want to be pursued. See if he picks it up from there.

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2. Be friendly and go slow

Tauruses are typically good-natured people, and they like other good-natured people. So show him that you’re a nice person to start.

Creating the safety and comfort of a friendly environment where you two can banter and “hang out” via text is a step in the right direction when you’re just starting out.

Better yet, start building a friendship with him via text. Take your time and don’t rush it.

Taurus guys are notorious for moving slowly. They take a long time to make up their minds about you and need to trust you first.

So, developing a solid friendship will go a long way to building trust and understanding. Not to mention comfort.

And after all, a Taurus man wants a partner he can chill on the couch with as much as wine and dine at fancy restaurants.

3. Flirt subtly

Take your time working up to flirting over text with a Taurus man.

He wants to know you’re attracted to him. But at the same time, he likes a modest woman and the proof will be in how you interact with him.

Once the Taurus guy is texting you lots of compliments and you feel like you have a solid texting friendship going on, bring on the flirting. But keep it classy.

Just indicate to the Taurean that you think he’s good-looking, smart, etc. Be coy. Play up the innocent-but-not-totally types of texts if he bites.

But in general, toward the beginning, get your mind out of Scorpio territory. Too soon!

4. Sprinkle in plenty of hahas, lols and emojis

If he likes you, he’s certainly going to be doing this.

Ending your texts with “lol” (when appropriate of course) will make him feel more relaxed with you and show him that you’re fun, friendly and easy to talk to.

Think about it the other way around. If little expressions of interest and excitement like these are noticeably absent from your texts, they might sound a little professional or dry.

The key is to engage him and give him the green light for continuing the exchange.

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5. Check in

Taurus men like it when a woman shows her nurturing side. Deep down, a Taurean is looking to wife a woman who wants to take care of him in a traditional sort of way.

That is, paying attention to his emotional needs, supporting him and nurturing their children.

When texting a Taurus man, show concern for his welfare. See how his day at work was.

If he wasn’t feeling well yesterday, find out if he’s feeling better today. Maybe even offer to make him your famous chicken soup. (Cooking for him will earn you major brownie points.)

He’ll feel cared for, which will go a long way with him.

6. Send selfies

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woman taking a selfie with a quote about Taurus men and selfies

This is a visual man we’re dealing with when we talk about a Taurus man. An imaginative man.

Sending him a cute selfie when you’re out and about will provide some food for thought. Emphasis on “cute.” It’ll tug at his heartstrings.

Send a picture of you in a pretty dress playing with puppies. Or you hugging a pillow with a caption that says you’re watching a scary movie all alone.

7. Make dinner and snap a picture

Tauruses are culinary masters. If a Taurus man hasn’t mastered the art of cooking himself, he’ll have a refined taste and be interested in a gorgeous meal prepared with high-quality ingredients.

He’ll be impressed if you can show off your own skills around the stove.

Make your specialty and make it beautiful. Arrange it on a nice, clean table with a pretty table cloth, set some garnish on top and take a photo. Send it to your Taurus man.

This could lead to a dinner date if you’re lucky!

8. Pull back just a little

Being open to the Taurus is good. But so is retaining a little mystery.

Don’t worry if it takes you a while to respond to his texts every now and then. And don’t worry if he takes a little while to respond to yours.

If you overwhelm him with text after text asking why he hasn’t responded yet, it will likely be a turnoff. 

Create that bit of space where his imagination can continue to thrive (with you in it). With some breathing room, there’s a much better chance that he won’t go cold on you.

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