How to Make a Cancer Man Happy in 10 Easy Steps

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Because Cancer men are eager to please, it can be easy to take their happiness for granted. That would be a mistake! Here’s how to make a Cancer man happy and keep your relationship strong.

How Do You Know If a Cancer Man Is Happy or Not?

Many exes of Cancers come to view them as enigmas.

Truly governed by their emotions, they’re highly sensitive. But they can hide that well and even come across as totally fine and contented when they’re offended, at least to the untrained eye.

man texting leaning against a couch with a quote about cancer men not wanting to show their feelings

A lot of it has to do with the fact that Cancers hate confrontation. Often, Cancer men try to conceal their feelings so the boat won’t rock…but at some (seemingly random) point, they will do a 180 and lose their cool.

So how do you know if your Cancer man is actually happy?


  • Be open in communication, not refusing to discuss things he used to talk about with no problem
  • Be affectionate with you, and frequently
  • Share his feelings with you 
  • Look at you and smile a lot
  • Want you to be around him a lot

If he’s not happy, you can pretty much expect the reverse of these things. He’ll be closed-off and secretive, he won’t want you to touch him as much and he’ll retreat into his crab shell for safety.

The good news is, it’s not hard to make a Cancer man happy. In fact, it’s pretty darn easy.

Really, all he wants is to feel safe with and loved by you. We’re going to get into what to do next so you know how to make a Cancer man happy today, tomorrow, next year and for the rest of your lives.

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How to Make a Cancer Man Happy in 10 Steps

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If you want to know how to make a Cancer man super happy, it’s all about details like showing him that you’re paying attention and giving him little pecks on the cheek here and there. You also want to demonstrate compatibility with his family-oriented, homebody-type nature. 

Your goal is to create a cocoon of peace, comfort, love and security. 

No grand gestures necessary. In fact, what can seem like details to you are actually magnified to him. 

He’s always sensing and analyzing your responses and actions, even if you’re not particularly aware of them.

OK, enough summarizing. Let’s talk about exactly what to do to make your Cancerian man happy.

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1. Be affectionate with him

Being consistently and openly affectionate toward your Cancer man does two things at once: It makes him feel loved, and it makes him feel secure.

Again, the Cancer’s sense of security is key if you want the relationship to last and be dreamy for both of you.

If you’ve been slacking on the affection, his mind has probably been in overdrive as to the reason why. Are you no longer interested in him? Are you interested in someone else? Do you want to break up?

See why affection is so important to him?

2. Reciprocate his love and attention

couple kissing with a quote about giving cancer men PDA

I think this is something that often flies under the radar for the significant others of Cancer men.

While the Cancer showers you with love and affection, it’s easy to accept it and forget to reflect it back to him much of the time.

But that can easily make him feel taken for granted. To make sure that doesn’t happen, pay attention to how you’re responding to him. Show him you’re actively interested in him the way he shows he’s interested in you.

Complement him and return his little PDA gestures. And don’t hesitate to gaze right back into his eyes.

3. Flex your home chef skills

Food is very important to Cancers. Almost as important as it is to Tauruses. I’m talking about good food—and especially comfort food.

Chances are, he’s been showing you how much he cares about you by cooking for you. It’s not uncommon for Cancer guys to have some impressive skills around an oven.

Make sure you feed him sometimes. Even if you’re not good at it, he’ll love that you want to cook for him.

4. Show him how important he is to you

This is another element of ensuring his comfort and security with you. You can easily do this by making sure that you spend enough time with him one-on-one.

If he seems a bit down that you’re going out without him, he’ll be fine with it if you make it clear that you can’t wait to see him later, or on the weekend.

He doesn’t need you to coddle him, but he does like little reminders of his importance in your life.

Verbal reminders are very effective, in combination with actions, of course.

If you feel like you need some help building that safety zone for him, try reading How to Get a Cancer Man to Open Up.

5. Stay in and watch Netflix together

woman feeding a man popcorn with a quote about watching netflix with your cancer man

This is a really easy one—easy but oh-so effective.

Cancer guys are pretty blissed out snuggling on the couch with you watching some good old fashioned Netflix. They get to squeeze you and smell your hair while doing their favorite thing: keeping it low-key at home.

Don’t get me wrong. Cancer men don’t necessarily want to do this every single night. Heck, most everyone needs a little adventure sometimes.

But will he melt if you say, “How about we order Chinese food and watch [whatever your favorite movie is] tonight?” Yes.

6. Hang out with his family

If the relationship is getting serious, expect to be invited to meet up with/talk to his parents, siblings or even extended family. Especially his parents.

Not really the family barbecue type? Try to compromise with him and say you’ll go for an hour or two.

The more you can get in with his family, the more trustworthy you’ll be in his eyes. And the more long-term potential he’ll see in the relationship.

7. Love his mom

Even if he’s not always gushing about his mom, trust me. Cancer guys love their mothers and have a deep connection with them.

He wants you to be a fan of his mom, too. She’ll always hold a place of importance for him, so he’ll have plenty of happy, sentimental feelings about it if you demonstrate your appreciation of her, too.

8. Be a good listener

woman and man smiling and walking with a quote about listening to a cancer man

This has to do with reciprocity again because Cancer men are good listeners. They aren’t always expected to be the ones seeking someone to listen to them, though.

But that’s just because they’re always willing (and happy) to listen to you first and foremost.

Encourage him to share his thoughts and feelings with you. Ask him open-ended questions about subjects he brings up. If something happened at work, ask him about the details of it.

Even if he doesn’t go into a long explanation about it, his takeaway will be that you care enough about him to know what’s going on with him. That means a lot to him.

9. Be strong…and let him help you in little ways

Needing to feel needed is a characteristic you’ll encounter in pretty much every Cancer man. At the same time, Cancer men want strong partners who can handle themselves and protect their families and loved ones (super sexy to them).

Leaning on him a little for certain things, however, makes him feel wanted, useful and special in your life.

Whether you like it when he takes out the trash for you or wraps his arms around you while you’re having a bad day to make you feel better, it all satisfies his desire to be the one to comfort and support you.

10. Accept his emotional nature

Confirming his emotions and allowing him to experience them is incredibly important. Unlike Geminis, Cancers can’t “logic” their feelings away. And they don’t want to, either.

Never try to drag your Cancer man out of a mood or pretend what he’s feeling is trivial, even if you think it will make him feel better. It won’t.

Instead, sympathize with him. That way, you’re not severing that emotional connection he needs with you at all times, and you’re showing him that you understand him.

He’s going to feel what he’s going to feel. It’s up to you to be there with him in it.

As you probably suspect, there’s a lot more to the subject of making a Cancer man happy and keeping the romance alive—for the rest of your lives, if you want. For that kind of deep dive, look into a guide like Cancer Man Secrets. 

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