Signs a Taurus Man Likes You: (17 Signals He Hopes You’ll Get)

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You think this Taurus guy likes you, but you need proof.

To summarize, here are the signs a Taurus man likes you:

  • He’s always happy to spend his time, money and energy on you
  • There’s no one else on his radar—just you!
  • He says romantic stuff “accidentally” and gets jealous of other guys
  • He puts you on a pedestal and shows you the utmost respect

A quick note: Even a Taurus man who’s crazy about you can go cold on you. 

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Signs a Taurus Man Likes You

1. He’s completely moved on from his ex

With men of some signs, you have to be prepared to deal with a little leftover feelings for the ex.

Not so with a Taurus man.

When the Bull likes you, he puts the past in the past and makes sure it doesn’t rear its head in the middle of trying to court you.

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2. He “jokes” about couple stuff

When you bump into him and he smiles and says, “Aw, were you trying to give me a hug?”

He may be teasing, but he’d die of happiness if you wrapped your arms around him.

The jokes just make it easier for him to feel out your reactions (and try to get a little cuddle).

3. He listens closely to what you say

Is it surprising how many details this man remembers from your previous conversations?

It’s not just that he has a superhuman memory.

Instead, it’s actually about the fact that he’s trying hard to be the man you want.

He’s learning about what makes you tick, what to get you and the things you always wish someone would do for you.

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4. He buys you little gifts

Get ready to be spoiled.

When a Taurus man likes a woman, he can’t resist the smile on her face when he gives her a token of his affection.

It may be expensive, inexpensive, big or small, but one thing’s for sure—a Taurus man is going to get you something thoughtful for no good reason.

5. He doesn’t let you pay

Used to splitting the dinner bill? Think you’re going to buy your own drink when you meet up?

No way, not with your starry-eyed Taurus man!

He wants to take care of you in that traditional kind of way.

6. He shares his secret foodie spots in town with you

Good food and good drink. These are things no Taurus can live without.

If you notice that he often gives you tips on where to get the best sandwich in town (and invites himself to come along), he’s trying to share his world with you.

‘Cause he likes you!

7. He doesn’t give up

Do you get the feeling that he’s trying to get your attention, even if you haven’t given him much?

He’s not deterred by the chase. In fact, he relishes it.

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8. He goes out of his way to see you

The smitten Taurus man is going to do what’s in his power to be near you as much as he possibly can.

If your favorite lunch spot isn’t even remotely near his work and he pops in on a lunch break…

If his friends complain that they never see him, yet you get one-on-one time whenever you want…

He’s all about you.

9. He doesn’t flirt with anyone else

Taurus men are sensual and sociable. It’s easy for them to chat up several different ladies in an evening.

However, the Taurus man who’s hot for you won’t bother with even the hottest women in the room.

He’ll just flirt with you relentlessly until you agree to go on a date with him.

10. He expects you not to flirt with anyone else, either

He only wants you if you only want him.

In case he’s seen you laughing and smiling flirtily with someone else, he might try to insert himself into the situation to stop it.

Later on, he’ll give you the cold shoulder.

He’s possessive that way, but at least you know for sure he’s into you.

11. He makes physical contact

Does it strike you that it’s totally unnecessary for him to put his hand on your shoulder when you’re talking, but he does it anyway?

Extra points if he touches your neck, face or hair.

He’s a physical creature and he can’t help expressing his desire for you the same way.

12. He doesn’t let anyone disrespect you

Whether it’s to your face or behind your back, if anyone dares breathe a bad word about you, this man will shut them down immediately.

He’s fiercely loyal to those he cares deeply about, including his family, closest friends…and you.

13. He gives you flowers

Don’t underestimate the spontaneous romantic gestures of a Taurus man.

He very well might send roses to your apartment.

14. He says sweet things to you

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A Taurus guy who’s into you is going to have a hard time switching off the Romance Button in his brain when you’re around.

It will come out in conversation if you listen for it.

Little remarks here and there about the way you look, how thoughtful you are or how much he enjoys being with you reveal his true feelings.

15. He compliments you

This Venusian sign has a love and appreciation for all things beautiful and pleasing to the senses.

Expect comments that are clearly meant to boost your ego.

If you don’t usually feel drop-dead gorgeous on a Wednesday afternoon, your Taurus man will make you feel like it.

16. He doesn’t want to hear about other guys

The jealousy is palpable.

As you can tell by now, Taurus men are easily riled up by the competition.

Should you talk about your ex or any guys who want some of your attention and the Taurus changes the subject or looks uncomfortable, there’s your answer.

17. You have his full attention

Tauruses aren’t particularly known for short attention spans, but they don’t give their time away to just anybody.

If they’re into you, Taurus men will clearly put you at the center of their attention.

Meaning, they’ll hold your gaze, listen and respond meaningfully when you talk.

And you’re definitely not competing with their phones.

Now that you know the signs a Taurus man likes you, start flirting back!

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