How to Turn On a Taurus Man (9 Seduction Tips You Need to Know)

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Want to turn up your Taurus guy’s passion for you?

Here are the basics of how to turn on a Taurus man:

  • Draw him to you—don’t throw yourself at him
  • Make your lips kissable and your skin, clothes and hair touchable
  • Set the right tone with music and lighting
  • Feed him a sensual dinner and dessert

Turning a Taurus man on is easier than proving you’re girlfriend material.

If being a friend with benefits doesn’t appeal, send the right signals with modesty, maturity and a deep understanding of the Taurus man’s hidden nature, which a guide like Anna Kovach’s Taurus Man Secrets can show you.

Click the link above for the guide now, or read on for ways to get a Taurus guy hot and bothered.

How do you seduce a Taurus man?

Through his senses!

Being born under the sign of Taurus makes someone extremely sensitive in their physical body.

Taurus is the first earth sign. Its focus is the material world and all of its sensations.

So naturally, if seduction is your aim, you need to play into the Taurus man’s sensitivities to sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

Seduction is much more primal and physical for a Taurus man than for other signs.

Meanwhile, your aura should be gentle and feminine.

A more aggressive or dominant approach would not work out well with a Taurus man.

You can be confident, but you always want to show him the sweeter, more romantic you.

With all of that in mind, let’s move on to ways you can turn your Taurus man on, starting tonight.

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How to Turn On a Taurus Man

1. Wear a fragrance he could eat with a spoon

They say your sense of smell is the strongest of your senses.

Well, when it comes to Taurus men, its power is times one hundred!

You want to smell so good he can taste it. Edible types of smells like vanilla, honey and spice are sure to make him crave you.

But he’s also a sucker for a pretty, floral scent.

If flowers are your thing, smell like a rose garden he could lie in for hours.

Just spritz on something mouthwatering and romantic and walk by him. He’ll stop dead in his tracks and turn around looking for more.

2. Soften your look

Looking sexy for a Taurus man means looking soft, touchable and natural.

Don’t stiffen your hair with a lot of hairspray. Let it fall around your face and give it some body with loose waves or curls he could reach out and stroke.

Do your makeup sparingly if you’re usually heavy-handed.

Use creamy blush colors that make your cheeks look healthy and consider something like a clear mascara for an alluring, natural appearance.

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Even go bare-faced if you want—a Taurus man wants to see the real you underneath the makeup anyway.

3. Accentuate your lips

If you’re going to go bold anywhere in your look, make it your lips.

A kissable mouth can make a Taurus man forget his words.

He likes juicy colors in reds and pinks as well as deeper, more purple shades.

If you can make your lips stand out and your eyes soft and doe-like, that’s a combination that can put his libido into overdrive.

4. Put on silky, elegant lingerie

When you slip into a little something, make sure it’s velvety-smooth and luxurious.

Silk is sexy, slinky and pretty. And, it’s also amazing on the Taurus man’s fingertips as he wraps his hands around your waist.

Other materials to opt for are chenille and velvet.

Stay away from neon colors and flashy or raunchy styles.

Go for underthings that look delicate and grown-up. They should play peek-a-boo with your body in an elegant way.

Corsets he can unlace, garter belts and thigh-highs and teddies all work well to spark his imagination.

5. Let him chase

The Taurus man wants to be the aggressor. Which means you turn him on through inviting him to come and get you.

Not necessarily through pouncing on him (though it’s not like he’ll push you off if he’s turned on!).

A lot of women make mistakes there.

His preferred method is to sit and watch from a distance while you effortlessly look like a dish and drive him wild with desire.

Then, without a word, he’ll scoop you up and carry you to the bedroom.

If you can, resist being the one to make the big move. Tease your Taurus until he can’t stand it anymore.

If you want some powerful information on seducing a Taurus man, check out the sextrology portion of Anna Kovach’s Taurus Man Secrets guide.

6. Make the place seduction worthy

A Taurus’s environment can make or break his mood.

So start with lighting, music and props that relax him and take him to another place.

If you know what music he likes, put that on—choose the slower, more low-key songs that create a steamy atmosphere.

Not too loud to distract him. It should be pleasurable and soothing.

Dim the lights or light some candles.

Consider adding some pleasant-smelling fragrance diffusers or incense to the mix.

If you’re in the living room, throw a soft, knitted blanket to cuddle in on the couch. If you’re in the bedroom, put your best silk or satin sheets on the bed.

Make his surroundings romantic and he’ll get frisky in return.

7. Massage him

Touch is an important communication tool for a Taurus man.

If you’ve done your work right, by the time he’s got his hands on you, he’ll be pawing you like crazy.

But to get there, try the essentials like sensual massage.

Start at his neck and shoulder area. This is an easy target since this sign rules that area of the body and it’s a big erogenous zone.

With a Taurus man, you want to let your body (and your fingers) do the talking.

8. Make a sexy dinner

What do I mean by a sexy dinner?

I mean a beautiful dinner complete with candlelight, nice tablecloth and flowers.

Dinner should be an aphrodisiac. It should look, smell and taste amazing.

So kick the steamed cabbage and broccoli to the curb and make something like shrimp scampi or filet mignon.

Follow up with something decadent and shareable for dessert.

Chocolate, fruit and whipped cream can get him in a seriously amorous mood.

9. Invite him into the shower

Getting squeaky clean?

Why not ask the Taurus if he wants to join you?

Presenting yourself clean and fresh is a turn-on for the Taurus in itself. But you can up the hotness by casually inviting him into the shower.

Or, if you have more time and you want to really blow his mind, run a bath with luscious bath oils or salts, light the candles and set up the music.

Then get in, call to him and see what he does.

I bet you a million bucks he’ll climb in there with you and beg you to give him a good scrub.

Other Taurus Man Questions

How do you drive a Taurus man crazy?

If you’re attending to all of his senses and making yourself a walking, talking sensual bombshell, you’ll drive your Taurus out of his mind with desire.

That is, you smell divine, you look like a dish, and so on.

Be graceful and elegant, and always put your femininity on display.

These are the keys to getting him absolutely hooked.

How do you get a Taurus to chase you?

Show him that he’s important to you and that you want him, but let him come to you.

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A Taurus guy will not pursue you if you’re playing a serious game of hard-to-get.

On the other hand, he’ll lose steam if you’re acting needy.

Strike a balance and watch and wait for his reactions.

And never make him jealous!

Read more in How to Get a Taurus Man to Chase You.

Where do you touch a Taurus man?

The neck and shoulder areas are sensitive for Taurus guys.

Rubbing his shoulders can relax him and turn him on at the same time.

Neck kisses and nibbles are good when things are heating up.

How you touch a Taurus man is important, too!

Run your fingers lightly all the way down his back or through his hair.

Touch him with soft, gentle touches that gradually build in intensity.

How do you emotionally connect with a Taurus man?

Since Taurus men can be scared off by intense emotional stuff, toning it down for them is a good way to dip your toes in the water.

This will help them feel more comfortable talking and sharing their feelings.

Once they feel comfortable, they will start to spontaneously express their emotions.

So you also want to make sure their physical environments are relaxing.

Check out How to Emotionally Connect With a Taurus Man.

Do Taurus fall in love fast?

Here’s the thing. A Taurus can develop feelings quickly.

Maybe even fall in love within weeks to months. But it’s not super common.

In fact, it’s way more likely that it will take time for the Taurus to assess how they feel, what they want and if you’re a fit together.

Trust must come before love, and a Taurus doesn’t trust easily.

So generally, Tauruses will hold onto their feelings until they feel it’s safe.

If you want a Taurus man to open up to you, fall in love and see you as “the one,” show him you understand him deep down.

This is a skill that Taurus Man Secrets teaches you.

He’s a master of emotional stonewalling, yet he wants a woman to break through—or rather, he wants a woman to be worthy of breaking through.

You can get a peek at Taurus Man Secrets here.

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