What to Wear for a Taurus Man (8 Dress Tips to Wow Him on a Date)

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Want to make a Taurus drool on his date with you?

Here’s what to wear for a Taurus man:

  • Classic, feminine dresses that are flirty but tasteful
  • Simple jewelry
  • No-fuss makeup
  • A fresh-smelling fragrance
  • Soft, touchable fabrics

Getting a Taurus man hooked isn’t easy, but you don’t have to go in blindly.

The best way to make sure you don’t fail his secret tests is to know how he actually thinks and feels, which a guide like Anna Kovach’s Taurus Man Secrets can teach you.

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What clothes attract Taurus?

Clothes that are stylish and flattering in an understated way are for sure the Taurus style.

They like luxury and beauty.

Usually, a Taurus man’s type of woman spends a little dough on her duds, i.e., not the thrift store hound. And definitely not the type who wears holey socks and lives in sweats.

You can be the sweetest person on earth, but if you don’t keep up your appearance, the Taurus man will wonder what’s going on there.

Clean, ironed clothes are a must, as are feminine pieces.

Anything that plays up your girly side or accentuates your feminine traits is a go.

A Taurus guy is very visually oriented. Think of yourself like a present done up in nice wrapping paper.

It all has to be mature and modest, yet sexy—understated.

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What colors are Taurus attracted to?

The colors for the sign of Taurus include green (like emerald, the Taurus sign gemstone), orange (closer to the color of copper, a Taurus-ruled metal), white, brown and pink.

Earth tones are big with Tauruses.

They’re attracted to any colors that look like they can be found in nature.

So when you’re thinking of what shade to wear to get a Taurus man to notice you, think soft, muted colors.

They can be deep and rich, as long as they’re earthy and sensual.

What to Wear for a Taurus Man

Put some thought into coordinating your entire look.

A Taurus man likes harmony. It appeals to his Venus rulership. 

In other words, how you dress should all be in sync, from your makeup to your jewelry.

Look classic and put together, down to the last detail.

Feminine, beautiful and a touch whimsical.

Here are some ideas for what you should slip into for your date with a Taurus guy.

1. Something that displays your neck and shoulders

There is something about a woman’s bare neck that makes a Taurus man go gaga.

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His sign rules the neck, throat and shoulder area. So it’s no surprise that he’s attracted to an elegant neckline.

Ditch the turtle necks and crew neck tops.

Instead, consider something like a scoop neck. Perhaps with a tiny bit of cleavage, but elegant and not too low-cut.

Wear your hair up to show your lovely neck off, or if you’re wearing it down, swoop it to the side behind one shoulder so that he can admire it.

2. Nothing too skimpy

A Taurus man is attracted to class. 

Nothing you wear should be considered stripper-ish.

Showing a little bit of skin is just fine. It’s all about how respectable you make it.

You don’t have to bare it all to get a Taurus man to chase you. In fact, leaving enough to his imagination is what makes him really want you.

If you feel like you need to compete with some other ladies for his attention, dress classy and sharp, and rock your look with confidence.

Anna Kovach also shares her secret tip to make sure a Taurus man never looks another woman’s way in Taurus Man Secrets.

3. A romantic dress

Dresses are a definite yes in the Taurus man’s book.

There are all kinds of styles you can wear. But the kind that really suits his taste is something sweet and elegant.

As a romantic type of guy, the Taurus man will love a dress on a woman that’s breezy and flowy.

Pretty features like laces, ruching, ruffles and flutter sleeves add to the feminine effect.

Girly, but not little girl—think flirty and charming.

4. Touchable fabrics

When choosing your outfit, don’t forget to think about how the fabric feels on your skin.

Or his skin if he touches it.

Materials like velvet, chenille, silk and suede all beg the Taurus man to come a little closer.

This earth sign is very in tune with his senses, which can help you make a dress more than just eye candy.

He can’t help but want to cuddle something oh-so soft.

Expect a longer hug just to feel your cashmere cardigan against his cheek.

5. Minimal, coordinated jewelry

Think a man is never going to notice your accessories?

Think again with the Taurus man.

He may not admire your earrings the same way you do. But what wows the Taurus man is the overall look when all these little details come together.

Match your earrings to your bracelet and make sure your jewelry doesn’t overwhelm your outfit.

In general, stay away from big, clunky jewelry (however cool it may look).

Opt for small and simple. Less is more.

The Taurus man is more impressed by how well you rock those minimalist pearl studs than how flashy your bling is.

6. Minimal makeup

Your best beauty tip when it comes to attracting a Taurus man?

Let your actual face shine through.

Heavy makeup and fake eyelashes cover up what he wants to see.

He’d rather see your features than not know what’s underneath all the highlighter and contouring.

When in doubt, go with less.

The bare minimum—some mascara, lightly done brows. Maybe a touch of blush and gloss that’s not too far off your real lip color.

He’s a nature-loving guy, and he loves natural-looking women.

7. A lush fragrance

Don’t forget to spritz on something that smells divine when you’re going to see a Taurus.

He’ll immediately lean in and let you know how delicious you smell.

Of all the signs, Taurus truly appreciates a fabulous-smelling shampoo, hand lotion or perfume the most.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s not overpowering as the Taurus man likes subtlety.

Again, think minimalist.

When picking a fragrance, go for something that’s neither overly sweet nor too musky.

A light and pretty yet balanced scent with florals, herbs and ingredients like roses, jasmine, sandalwood, vanilla and cinnamon.

The more natural, the better.

8. Pretty nail polish

Nothing goes unnoticed by a Taurus man. Paint your nails!

Just like with your jewelry, it’s not that he’s judging the color you chose.

It’s more that he likes a woman who puts effort into her appearance.

He will definitely put equal effort into his.

You’ll get extra credit if you match your nails to your dress!

Other Taurus Man Questions

How does a Taurus man test a woman?

Taurus men give women lots of little tests.

If you’re early on in dating, he’ll start with tests of compatibility, which are largely done by asking you questions about yourself and listening carefully to your answers.

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Get a little further with a Taurus, and he’ll soon start testing your loyalty and honesty.

The first tests can go on for months. 

But a Taurus man can also throw you a test now and again in a committed relationship.

Read more about it in Taurus Man Testing You.

How do you win a Taurus man’s heart?

By being patient, loyal and trustworthy.

A Taurus man can fall hard into “like” with you fairly easily.

But to fall in love with you takes a lot more effort.

To accomplish this, you have to demonstrate to him that he will never need to question your devotion to him.

Check out How to Make a Taurus Man Fall in Love With You.

What body type does a Taurus man like?

A Taurus man likes a curvy body best.

To him, this is the ultimate form of femininity.

However, if you’ve got straight hips and a small butt, that doesn’t mean he won’t be attracted to you.

Wear clothes that accentuate your body in the right places and flatter your shape.

Find a skirt that will make your butt look amazing.

Signs a Taurus man is sexually attracted to you

A Taurus man who wants you will want to touch you.

He’ll hug you, pet your hair and find teasing (but gentlemanly) ways to touch your hand, your arm or your face.

Touch is a big way that this man communicates. Especially his feelings.

If he’s got sexual feelings about you, you’ll know by how bad he wants to be close to you.

If not, he won’t touch you at all.

What is a turn off for a Taurus guy?

Being rude, lewd or immature will turn a Taurus guy off.

So be on your best behavior on your date!

Also keep in mind, a Taurus man will not like it if you’re coming on too strong and being too forward.

This kind of behavior to him means that you’re maybe not as modest as he’d like and you would flirt with any man for attention.

It doesn’t mean he’s right, but it’s important to see it from his perspective

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